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23 May 2017
02:43cpetersonHave there been any recent Photon changes to tab strip or the "Open a new tab" button? In two different profiles, the "Open a new tab" button now appears on the _left_ of the tab strip instead of the _right_ (in new windows). mozregression bisected this problem to kmag's bug 1344590, but that bug landed two months ago and I only noticed this problem today.
02:43firebot FIXED, Cache parsed and normalized JSON data in indexedDB
02:48rhelmercpeterson: hm, that bug seems like an unlikely candidate... I don't see that on my copy of nightly, is this with a fresh profile? also which build, is it 2017-05-22 ?
02:49cpetersonrhelmer: I'm using Nightly 2017-05-22 on Mac. I can't repro with a fresh profile.
02:50rhelmerah can't with fresh profile, that's interesting. yeah I don't see it, with or without browser.photon.structure.enabled on a fresh profile
02:50cpetersonbug mozregression using my dirty profile goes back to that bug. Perhaps some bad JSON state related to tabs may have gotten cached?
02:51cpetersonI do switch back and forth between Firefox versions using these profiles (for testing), so perhaps some profile state got confused.
02:51cpetersonthough I wasn't able to repro with a fresh profile used in Nightly and then older versions like that.
02:52rhelmerwell anything is possible I suppose :) the JSON data in that particular instance is just webextensions though
02:52rhelmercpeterson: tried safe mode?
02:52rhelmercould be an add-on
02:53cpetersonrhelmer: nvm. I figured out the problem. I have dietrich&#39;s &quot;Always Right&quot; add-on and disabling it fixed the problem. <:)
02:54dietrichcpeterson: which version do you have installed?
02:54dietrichthe webextension version is fubar, so i reverted to sdk version on AMO.
02:54cpetersondietrich: 2.0.2
02:55cpetersonbut AMO won&#39;t allow me to install 1.6.1 in Nightly 55.
02:55dietrich cpeterson yeah that&#39;s the f&#39;d up version
02:56rhelmerdietrich: pretty sure you can&#39;t downgrade users to a non-webextension once you&#39;ve upgraded them...
02:56rhelmer(regardless of version # etc)
02:56dietrichrhelmer: the users are reporting that they reinstalled and it worked
02:57rhelmerdietrich: reinstalled manually, or via addon update?
02:57dietrich manually
02:57dietrichyeah i know you can&#39;t update downgrade
02:57rhelmerk, yeah I think that&#39;ll work, just not via upgrade
02:57rhelmercool :)
02:57dietrichi learned about that after shipping broken addon
02:57* dietrich sobs
02:57dietrichmy add-on migration is permanently on hold
02:58rhelmerhow come, waiting on API(s)?
02:58dietrichi think that one in particular might just die. i&#39;ve already spent too long trying to figure out how to do it in WE-land.
02:58dietrichAPIs that don&#39;t work the same
02:59dietrichother stuff that i just don&#39;t have time to figure out. that 10-line SDK add-on turned into days of trying to work around WE stuff. i have a different full-time job ;)
02:59dietrichmaybe i&#39;ll set some time in SF aside to figure it out in person with WE team.
03:00aswandietrich: what&#39;s the synopsis of what you&#39;re having trouble figuring out how to do?
03:00dietrichi did rewrite the legacy-porting page on MDN out of the deal, so it&#39;s not a total loss.
03:00dietrichothers will win by my loss
03:02dietrichaswan: it&#39;s too complicated for a tl;dr. happy to chat in SF in person though. this week i don&#39;t have time for climbing back under that bus.
03:30John-GaltMaybe try climbing on top of it instead?
10:59alwudao : ping
11:00daoalwu: pong
11:02alwudao : hi! sorry to bother you, could you help me review the bug1347791 when you&#39;re in available? thanks!
11:02firebot NEW, The pinned tab shows play tab icon every time when restarts browser
11:27daoalwu: yes, it&#39;s in my review queue
14:26alwudao : thanks :)
14:39* johannh is really annoyed by bug 1355890
14:39firebot FIXED, Show UX cue when Firefox is under control by Marionette
14:39johannhwho thought that animating this robot was a good idea?
14:39AutomatedTesterjohannh: the animation is being removed
14:40johannhAutomatedTester: is there a pref to disable this?
14:40johannhthe whole thing
14:40AutomatedTesterto disable automation?
14:40johannhno, to disable the indication UI
14:41johannhthese are screenshot tests for Firefox
14:41johannhthey test primary UI regressions
14:41mconleyMattN: heya - got that list of contributes with more than one bug fixed handy?
14:41AutomatedTesterjohannh: Bug 1366366 is to remove the animation
14:41MattNyeah, I was just going to do that
14:41johannhwe recently had a lack of background in the URL bar, how would we notice that in these screenshots when it has the fun background
14:42firebot NEW, Remove animation from new robot icon as introduced in bug
14:42johannhoh MattN is around, do you have an opinion on that ^?
14:42AutomatedTesterjohannh: raise a bug then
14:42MattNjohannh: yeah, I was reading the convo it should definitely be reverted for mozscreenshot runs
14:42johannhok, I&#39;ll make a bug then
14:43MattNjohannh: thanks for triaging recently
14:43johannhMattN: np, I&#39;m almost at the end of last week :D
14:43johannhMattN: there are a couple of awaiting-moderation emails in your queue I think
14:43johannh&quot;too large&quot;
14:44johannhAutomatedTester: thanks for the info :)
14:52mconleyfelipe: I&#39;m in High Park
15:01Gijsjohannh: we were good engineers and reused an existing icon, and didn&#39;t notice it was animated at all
15:02Gijsit&#39;s unfortunate, but I blame the people who originally introduced about:robots
15:02Gijswhich I&#39;m sure is the robots themselves, but hey
15:03* nhnt11 is locked out of Vidy
15:06nhnt11hooray for the guest link
15:41dolskeMattN: for some reason I can&#39;t stop looking the way form autofill text animates in on fill. Nice.
15:41dolskewhat bug implemented that?
15:41MattNdolske: that&#39;s actually a Shopify feature
15:41MattN(maybe a bit misleading but I also like it)
15:41dolskeoh, huh! can we steal that? :)
15:42MattNyeah, good idea, I&#39;ll ask UX
15:42dolskeI suppose that would be hard because of font sizes...
15:43dolskewell, assuming we did it with the placeholder. but maybe jsut the rest.
15:43johannhhaha I thought the same thing
15:43johannhit looks really nice
15:43johannhwe should totally steal it
16:31nhnt11can&#39;t attend the photon meeting thanks to being locked out of Vidyo, sorry :(
16:32jawsnhnt11: need a guest link?
16:32nhnt11jaws: sure, thanks!
16:33* nhnt11 wonders if guest links are easy to procure
16:35jawsnhnt11: hmmm not sure how to get a link. maybe dolske or jeangong can get one?
16:35jawsnhnt11: we&#39;re in the PhotonProgram room btw
16:35* nhnt11 knows
16:35nhnt11I can&#39;t login to Vidyo, I don&#39;t know my LDAP password
16:35nhnt11I changed it and it seems to have not gotten saved
16:36nhnt11I&#39;m waiting for #servicedesk to respond
16:36jlinhey nhnt11
16:36jlinlet me ping you
16:36nhnt11 might be helpful?
16:36nhnt11it&#39;s already 6 minutes in though :)
16:38nhnt11oh wait, I didn&#39;t know about PhotonProgram
16:41nhnt11jaws: sorry I didn&#39;t have anything more concrete to add to the toolbar button icon bug btw :D
16:42jawsnhnt11: it&#39;s okay, the fact that you were thinking the same thing at least helps me know i wasn&#39;t missing something super simple
16:42nhnt11yeah, I had a &quot;ha!&quot; moment when I saw :)
16:42nhnt11(I too was relieved I wasn&#39;t missing something)
16:43sfosterJaws: I&#39;m out in Pto today, just got your slack msg
16:45jawssfoster: oh right, sorry
16:48ddurstflorian/dolske: did Photon Perf bugs get intentionally divorced from QF?
16:49dolskeddurst: not really, they&#39;re basically different views/perspective into the same work.
16:50ddurstlast week, the intersection was 40+ bugs, this week it&#39;s 4.
16:50florianddurst: there&#39;s a lot of overlap between the two, but Photon perf is more focused on front-end bugs, and we are also including in photon perf things that improve perceived performance without improving actual measured performance.
16:50florianddurst: how do you get these counts?
16:50ddurstI made a bugzilla query using the whiteboard keys being used by those projects.
16:51ddurstIs there a good way to see the Photon Perf bugs now (that is not the bug tree)?
16:52florianoh, then you are likely getting a side effect of MarcoM changing &quot;photon-performance to &quot;reserve-photon-performance&quot; on all the bugs where we didn&#39;t commit to having either m conley or myself fix them before 57.
16:53ddurstthere it is.
17:16sfosterJaws, np I had thought I might be able to get to meetings but have been busy outside
17:24mconleyfelipe: okay, bug 1362866 patch is ready for a real review now. I have the test passing. :)
17:24firebot NEW, Fix tab switch spinner regression (re-)introduced by bug 1054740
18:32jryanswould it be acceptable to add some kind of &quot;always warn on quit&quot; pref to cover bug 52821? currently people use add-ons for this, but there is no webext API to quit the browser, and webext team is not convinced an API should be added
18:32firebot NEW, too easy to hit CTRL+Q instead of CTRL+W
18:32adwmikedeboer: my test opens the page action panel, clicks the send-to-devices item and then expects the devices subview to open, but sometimes, after clicking the item, the panel just shrinks without animation to like 20 pts tall and the subview doesn&#39;t appear. seen anything similar?
23 May 2017
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