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13 Jun 2012
01:09jgriffinfish+tonic, wow that sounds bad
07:12philorwhen mochitest-robocop reports a totally different number of tests passed each run, is that because it really does silently fail to run a bunch often as not?
09:20globface, tell me a story about your past
09:20* face runs
09:20Ms2gerMorning, edmorley
09:20edmorleygood morning! :-)
09:28jmaherbah, the other timezones are talking
09:36* Ms2ger kicks jmaher out
11:35AutomatedTesteredmorley: have you done your rypple feed back
11:36AutomatedTesteror do you have to skip it?
11:36edmorleyAutomatedTester: i was planning on doing it today
11:36edmorleyalthough yeah i guess it's going to be pretty much ignored due to me falling under the too new category
11:42AutomatedTesterthis stuff feels like "Look how amazabubble I am"
11:43Ms2gerThat's the point, no?
11:44AutomatedTesterMs2ger: yes but doesnt mean I like it
11:44Ms2gerOf course not, you're not a 'murrican :)
11:44* AutomatedTester is glad he isnt japanese
11:45AutomatedTester"Even with all my immense failures I have managed to these minor things"
11:45AutomatedTesterwhere minor is actually quite big
11:45Ms2gerMaybe you should send that
11:45AutomatedTesterreverse psychology on the HR people...
11:46Ms2gerWho cares about HR people anyway
11:46Ms2gerWho cares about money anyway
11:47AutomatedTesterMs2ger: did you read Nicholas Zakas blog post from yesterday
11:47* AutomatedTester finds it
11:47* Ms2ger googles
11:48AutomatedTesterMs2ger: ^
11:48AutomatedTesterthe bit about money rings true, at least for my european friends
11:48AutomatedTestercant talk for the 'murricans
11:49Ms2gerpedantic details, not pendantic, dammit
11:49* Ms2ger has a feeling he got nerd-sniped
11:51AutomatedTesterMs2ger: going to MozCamp Europe?
11:51AutomatedTesterWarsaw, Poland in September
11:51AutomatedTesterbecause you can hang out with nerds
11:52AutomatedTesterand you dont have to put your IRC nick down on docs I am sure to keep your psuedo-anonyminity
11:52AutomatedTesterwell I am sure they would at least make a special case for you
11:53Ms2gerMm, September is unlikely
11:54AutomatedTesterfair enough
11:55Ms2ger(Or, for that matter, June through August and October through January)
11:58AutomatedTesterMs2ger: when do you finish?
11:58AutomatedTesteror are you lecturing now?
11:59* Ms2ger wonders how old AutomatedTester thinks he is
12:00Ms2ger"If I need a queue or a linked list, I use the implementation thats native to the language Im using. These are all solved problems."
12:02Ms2ger(Finishing in a year or two, probably)
12:03AutomatedTesterMs2ger: I think you're ~22
12:03AutomatedTesterwell from the conversations we have had
12:03AutomatedTestercomments in bugs etc
12:03Ms2gerNot bad, turning 21
12:03sawrubhMs2ger: if I may ;), do you plan to reveal someday :P
12:04mcote*gasp* details about Ms2ger
12:04mcotewell unverifiable ones anyway
12:04Ms2germcote, for you I'm 57 and retired
12:04mcotenice, early retirement
12:04AutomatedTestersawrubh: Ms2ger has left his camera on for a second before in a meeting
12:05sawrubhAutomatedTester: so you guys have seen him ;)
12:05AutomatedTesterI havent, wasnt in that meeting
12:05Ms2gerWell, the camera happens to be covered physically :)
12:06sawrubhAutomatedTester: you can be a nice detective(given Ms2ger was correct in saying 21)
12:07mcoteomg why does adb keep going crazy
12:07Ms2germcote, what does the A stand for?
12:08mcotesaid with a bit of a drawl
12:08sawrubhMs2ger: so you started working even before entering school ?
12:11Ms2gerGmail claims I started getting involved with this stuff in October 07
12:12* Ms2ger feels old
12:15AutomatedTesterMs2ger: at least you arent like one the current contributors in the UK who is 14
12:16AutomatedTesterthink about when he gets to your age
12:16* Ms2ger tries to remember how old pavlov was when he got involved
12:17* sawrubh wishes he had gotten into this thing earlier
12:19* sawrubh they keep getting younger and making me feel bad
12:19* mcote thinks all these "linked-in is useless anyway; I'm closing my account" emails are kind of funny, considering that's how I got into Mozilla :)
12:19* sawrubh everybody now start thinking why they got here ;)
12:21sawrubhmcote: how did that happen :)
12:22* sawrubh thinks the story might be interesting
12:22Ms2ger15 or so
12:22mcoteheh not extremely interesting :)
12:22* sawrubh still wants to know :P
12:23mcoterecruiters were having a hard time finding people with the a-team's skill set, and they decided to look to "the Great White North"
12:23sawrubhMs2ger: what was that 15 or so for ?
12:23sawrubhMs2ger: was that when you started contributing ?
12:23mcoteso I guess they started looking around linked in and found me somehow
12:23Ms2gerNah, pavlov
12:23mcoteshot me an email asking if I was interested in an interview
12:23mcoteday before my birthday :)
12:23Ms2ger(He's interviewed in the Code Rush movie about the Netscape code release)
12:24Ms2gerAlong with his parents
12:24sawrubhmcote: seriously do people get job requests on Linked-in (I still think it's useless)
12:24mcoteI do, most of them not terribly interesting
12:24mcoteexcept Mozilla's :)
12:24mcoteI get occasional emails from Amazon as well
12:24mcotevia LinkedIn I mean
12:24sawrubhMs2ger: I can't find pavlov on Mozillian(maybe he prefers to remain anonymous too :P)
12:25mcoteGoogle too, of course, though they may have found me elsewhere
12:25Ms2gerStuart Parmenter, I don't think he's still around much
12:25sawrubhMs2ger: yes I've seen that movie :)
12:26* sawrubh thinks he won't close down his Linked-in account after all
12:26mcoteI mean it hasn't been *that* useful, but without it I may have never been hired here at the bestest job evar
12:27sawrubhMs2ger: are you under some legal obligations ?
12:27Ms2gerI'm not
12:27sawrubhMs2ger: just stop me when I'm too annoying, your anonymity just has that allure :P
12:27Ms2germcote, sounds like useful!
12:27mcoteexactly :)
12:28Ms2gerOtoh, I get job offers thrown my way without LinkedIn, so I guess I'll manage :)
12:28sawrubhMs2ger: which country are you from ? I thought you are still studying(do people get job offers while they are studying ?)
12:29sawrubhMs2ger: how do those recruiters find you :P
12:30Ms2gerI hang around on IRC ;)
12:30* sawrubh ehsan must have gotten tired of this :P
12:30AutomatedTesterMs2ger: do you get job offers outside on Mozilla?
12:30sawrubhMs2ger: from within the Mozilla irc :P
12:31Ms2gerAutomatedTester, not explicitly
12:31AutomatedTesterjust curious since there isnt much of a trail on you so thought recruiters would be scared off by that
12:31* sawrubh just thinks about how much of my information is on the interwebs
12:32sawrubhMs2ger: have you tried ? Bet they can't make a map of you
12:32* AutomatedTester does love how Ms2ger has put a little bit of fear into W3C because of his psuedo-anonyminity
12:32sawrubhI mean a cloud
12:32sawrubhAutomatedTester: why has he proposed some spec too ?
12:32Ms2gerAutomatedTester, silly legal people...
12:33AutomatedTesterMs2ger: I know
12:33mcotefor most people anonymity is virtually impossible; the best most of us can do is attempt to present ourselves the way we want to be seen
12:33AutomatedTestersawrubh: Ms2ger has made some really good changes to DOM4
12:33Ms2gerI care about Boston, MA, apparently
12:33Ms2gerAnd kickboxing?!
12:34sawrubhMs2ger: did they use your twitter account for creating your cloud, coz certainly you don't have a footprint anywhere else.
12:34AutomatedTesterMs2ger: is canadian?!?!?!
12:34* sawrubh reads about DOM4
12:35Ms2gerAlso Swedish
12:35sawrubhMs2ger: dude you've got like 0 tweets how can they create your cloud. What heuristics do they use- your followers :P
12:36AutomatedTesterMs2ger: dont worry, got me wrong too
12:36Ms2gersawrubh, I guess that's how "India" ended up in there :)
12:36AutomatedTesterwtf is Ruby there...
12:36Ms2gerI'm fascinated by the huge "java"
12:36* sawrubh seriously doubts if that India has been cause by him ;)
12:37AutomatedTester*sigh* I hate it when I find Firefox bugs when I dont really want to
12:37Ms2gerVikash too, I guess
12:38sawrubhwe are causing turbulence in your cloud :P
12:38Ms2gerThat looks about it
12:40edmorleyboo twitter
12:40edmorleyI was expecting to be something more interesting
12:42sawrubhMs2ger: why do you have a dutch tag to our mozillians account(is that for distracting people :P)
12:42* sawrubh thinks it's time to stop interrogating so much and will quite after this last question :P
12:42* sawrubh *quit
13:06Ms2gerAutomatedTester, thanks for the link, enjoyed the article
13:07AutomatedTesterMs2ger: I enjoyed it and found it quite true for a lot of Mozillians
13:37AutomatedTesterthis rypple stuff makes me a sad panda
13:38AutomatedTesterMs2ger: I think I might have to put "Even with all my immense failures I have managed to these minor things" in
13:38edmorleyAutomatedTester: what aspect specifically?
13:39Ms2gerAutomatedTester, do it! :)
13:39AutomatedTesterI have done my accomplishments and now doing challeneges
13:40AutomatedTesterand feeling that "Everything is a challenge" might be the most valuable thing
13:42edmorleyI don't even have anything to talk about in the gaols bit, since my gaols weren't added for the last time
13:42mcoteheh gaol
13:42mcotethat is an old word for "jail" :)
13:43Ms2gerGoal: get a better job
13:50* face showed that to wlach last month :)
13:56AutomatedTestermcote: do we have to submit our rypple stuff this week
13:56mcoteyeah by Friday I believe
13:59AutomatedTesterI was hoping I could speak to ctalbert|afk before submitting
13:59AutomatedTesteroh well
14:02mcoteyou'll be speaking with him afterward :)
14:05mcotethe process is you write up a self-eval, he writes up an eval of you, then you compare and chat about it
14:05mcoteprobably best if the former is done entirely by yourself... more honest that way
14:07AutomatedTestermcote: it was more "should I put X in" type questions that I had
14:07mcoteah, well I could perhaps help with those questions :)
14:08AutomatedTestermcote: thanks for the offer
14:08AutomatedTesterI might take you up on that
14:16mcotesweet finally getting some reasonable predictions out of orange seed
14:28AutomatedTesternice mcote
14:43whimboohm is jeff not around today>
14:44mcotewell it's only 7:46 am PT
14:45whimbooheh, i always forget about the timezones :)
14:45whimbooespecially if its raining outside and it's dark
14:45whimbooi feel it's already way later
14:45jmaheryeah, jhammel usually pops on in 30-60 minutes from now
14:45mcoteI mean he's an earlybird but not normally *quite* this early :)
14:46whimbooi have a massive patch for him today to review :)
14:46whimboohe will be happy
14:46mcoteas long as you don't have "opinions"
14:46whimboono strong opinions, no
14:50wlach_jmaher: your patch looks good for bug 754873-- I take it you resolved your issues?
14:50bugbotBug normal, --, ---, jmaher, NEW , fennec automated tests should capture logcat output while test is running
14:50marshall_lawdo we have any async helpers in marionette for queueing up tests in a given order?
14:51jmaherwlach_: yes, it logs great now
14:52jmaherlogbot: you can see logs here:
14:52logbotjmaher, found 0 results
14:53wlach_jmaher: what was the problem before?
14:53jmaheroh, wlach_ ^
14:53mdasmarshall_law: no, the python marionette test runner uses unittest, and I don't think they guarantee order
14:53marshall_lawmdas: I guess I just mean on the JS side
14:53jmaherwlach_: I needed to split on \r, not \n
14:53jmaherthat was one problem
14:53marshall_lawmdas: np, just curious :)
14:53mdasmarshall_law: can you give me an example usage? Marionette itself doesn't really understand the concept of test suites
14:53mdasit just drives user actions
14:53jmaherand another was getting everything correct between devicemanager and the respective subclasses
14:54wlach_jmaher: cool. well I'm glad we figured that out-- was worried that shell() was buggy or something
14:54mdasmarshall_law: it has a mechanism for keeping track of asserts and stuff (is, isnot methods), but that's all it really knows about
14:55marshall_lawmdas: I'm really just looking for some simple helpers on the JS side I guess, nothing from the driver specifically
14:57mdasmarshall_law: well, if all your tests are js tests, you can set them in order in a unit-test.ini file and they should get run in that order. But for JS tests, people are using the test framekwork that lightsofapollo set up
14:57mdasand I'm not sure how/if it has ordering
14:58marshall_lawmdas: I didn't realize there was a higher level framework :)
14:58marshall_lawmdas: you happen to have a link?
15:00jmaherwlach_: thanks!
15:00mdasmarshall_law: I think you're looking for
15:01marshall_lawmdas: sweet, thanks!
15:02marshall_lawahh this is for general unit tests I guess
15:04marshall_lawmdas: FWIW, the suite I've been working on is an emulator-specific test suite for the mobilenetwork APIs
15:04marshall_lawprobably needs to be device/emulator specific
15:05mdasmarshall_law: what makes it emulator specific?
15:05mdasare you setting network parameters and stuff on the emulator?
15:05marshall_lawmdas: it depends on the mobile networks present in the emulator modem
15:05mdasah okay
15:05marshall_lawit's for switching networks, etc
15:05mdasthen you want one of philikon's tests
15:05mdasI'll show you
15:06* mdas needs to update docs *soon*
15:06marshall_lawmdas: FWIW it's already partially landed, but I have some updates that are coming in another patch this week
15:06mdascan I see it?
15:08marshall_lawmdas: lots of async madness
15:09mdasmarshall_law: ah okay, do you plan on running emulator commands during the test?
15:09mdasfor example, to shut off network access etc
15:09marshall_lawmdas: nope shouldn't need to. the test is pretty encapsulated
15:09marshall_lawmdas: at least for now. I guess it might make sense to do that, now that you mention it though ;)
15:10mdasyeah that's a good test if there are qemu/android console commands to control network, which I'm fairly certain there is
15:10marshall_lawmdas: the networks in the emulator aren't really configurable right now, they're built in to the emulator's modem
15:10mdasbut yeah from the looks of it, this can run either through marionette, or through lightsofapollo's test framework
15:10marshall_lawI've already had to fix several emulator modem bugs to get this working
15:11mdasmarshall_law: well acutally, it should probably be checked in as a marionette test, since it will fail in a desktop environment.
15:11mdasmarshall_law: ah, that sounds unpleasant.
15:11marshall_lawfair enough. with marionette I can specify that the test runs on the emulator only, though..
15:12mdasyup you can do that in the unit-test.ini
15:12marshall_lawyup I did :)
15:12marshall_lawmdas: how hard is it to get marionette running on device? ;)
15:13marshall_lawit would be nice to be able to run directly without having to go through the interactive console :)
15:13mdasmarshall_law: it runs by default on the device :_
15:14marshall_lawmdas: is there a script / args I should be aware of?
15:14marshall_lawright now I'm mostly using the b2g frontend to
15:14mdasmarshall_law: you'll need to forward the port from the device to your computer so you can talk with it
15:14Ms2gerA new guy?
15:14marshall_lawmdas: yeah, I was hoping there was something that automated that as well ;)
15:15marshall_lawMs2ger: I'm pretty new.. started on b2g platform ~3 weeks ago
15:15Ms2gerOh, pff, b2g ;)
15:15mdasmarshall_law: no but that's the only thing you need to run to get it going
15:15Ms2gerYou'll get to know me, I troll this channel
15:16Ms2ger(Well, not just *this* channel)
15:16mdasMs2ger is mozilla's very own trollbot
15:16mdasor troll something. no one quite knows
15:16marshall_lawmdas: kk fair enough. I guess if --arch (whatever) is passed that will still try to launch / use the emulator?
15:16marshall_lawMs2ger: hah nice ;)
15:17mdasmarshall_law: --arch? what is the parameter and what are oyu sending it to?
15:18mdasohhhhh, you mean --type=<arch> for the test runner?
15:18marshall_lawah eyah
15:18marshall_lawmy bad
15:18marshall_lawsorry I was pulling from memory
15:18mdasit will only launch the emulator if you don&#39;t specify an address
15:18marshall_lawlet me check the frontend in b2g
15:18mdasmarshall_law: if you specify and address, then it assumes you already have it running --emulator=$ARCH --homedir=$B2G_HOME --type=b2g
15:18marshall_lawI guess I&#39;ll need to update our frontend to support both then
15:19marshall_lawmdas: so --address=localhost:<whatever adb forward port>
15:19mdasmarshall_law: yeah and you won&#39;t nee the --emulator command either, that&#39;s for launching the emulator.
15:19mdasyeah so all you&#39;ll need is --address=localhost:<port> --type=b2g
15:19marshall_lawnice! k
15:19marshall_lawI&#39;ll update the test script
15:20marshall_lawmdas: would you accept a bug/patch to do the port forwarding part for a device or specific serial in marionette directly?
15:21marshall_lawyou guys already have the code for finding an open port and using it, it would be nice to reuse that :)
15:21jmaherwe have code in devicemanager to find an open port
15:22jmaher^ (sans windows)
15:22marshall_lawI don&#39;t think B2G has a prayer of building in Windows atm anyway :)
15:25mdasmarshall_law: hm, yeah if the you specify the address and some option like --forward, then sure you can add it and I&#39;lll accept it!
15:25mdasjmaher: marshall_law: we aren&#39;t using devicemanager in the test runner for the marionette tests
15:25mdaswe use it for the mochitest stuff
15:25jmahermdas: but you could copy that code if you wanted to as a starting piont
15:25marshall_lawjmaher: that seems a little overkill? can&#39;t you just open a socket on port 0 then get the port and close? it&#39;s not 100% fullproof but should work in most situations?
15:26jmahererr point
15:26mdasah true
15:26jmahermarshall_law: we write automation to kick ass :)
15:26marshall_lawfair enough :)
15:26marshall_lawlooks like that&#39;s what marionette is doing right now anyway
15:26jmaherwell, this runs on a machine with hundreds of processes and each one could be trying to open a port in the same general range
15:27marshall_lawjmaher: ahh yeah that makes sense
15:30marshall_lawmdas: I was thinking something even nicer like --device=MY_DEVICE_ID
15:30wlach_gbrown: any particular reason you set the time for sleep to 500ms in bug 764147? I&#39;m wondering if it might not be better to set it to something a bit smaller
15:30bugbotBug normal, --, ---, gbrown, NEW , SUT agent: near 100% cpu during StartPrg2
15:30marshall_law(from adb devices)
15:30wlach_gbrown: I think even a 25ms sleep should fix the CPU problems
15:30Ms2gerOh, jmaher is here
15:31gbrownwlach_: FindProcThread uses 500 ms. but you are right -- that is a long time. I&#39;ll reduce it.
15:32jmaherI am going afk to run an error, back in a while
15:32wlach_gbrown: maybe we should lower it there too. ;) I&#39;m a bit nervous about long timeouts partially because I&#39;ve been having problems with latency with eideticker lately. not sure if that applies here but I don&#39;t see any good reason to have really long timeouts
15:38mdasmarshall_law: yes, even better!
15:38mdasforgot about that. I&#39;m so used to just running one emulator
15:38marshall_lawI usually have emulator + a device
15:38mdasyeah same
15:38mdasbut I use -e
15:38marshall_lawsoon probably multiple devices
15:39mdasbut that doesn&#39;t work with multiple emus ahah
15:39marshall_lawin adb you can just use adb -s <device id>
16:11whimboojhammel: heyas
16:11jhammelwhimboo: hi; how&#39;s it going?
16:11whimboojhammel: i would need your help. do you see anything like that on windows?
16:12jhammelon windows? ;)
16:12whimbooi constantly see it on os x and windows
16:12whimboohaven&#39;t tested linux yet
16:13jhammeli have seen that though i can&#39;t recall when exactly (and not just with mozmill, with other things using sockets)
16:13jhammelany python sockets experts?
16:14whimboojhammel: would you mind to run
16:14whimboomozmill -b /Applications/Firefox/ -m mutt/mutt/tests/js/frame/tests.ini
16:14whimboojust with an updates app path
16:14whimbooafter testThree for persisted tests it always fails for me
16:14whimbooit has been started today
16:14whimboonot sure why
16:14jhammelupdates app path?
16:15jhammelsure, just a minute or two
16:15whimbooi will file the bug
16:15whimbooit blocks me from finishing the jsbridge patch
16:19whimboobug 764442
16:19bugbotBug critical, --, ---, nobody, NEW , Constant &#39;Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed&#39; errors
16:19whimbooi will try with a fresh git clone
16:22whimbooi will also try on linux now
16:22mdasted: ping
16:22jhammeli&#39;m trying too, now that i&#39;m done posting to bugzilla
16:24jhammelwhimboo: i do get INFO | Timeout: bridge.execFunction(&quot;50bcbbfc-b574-11e1-9d11-0024d7065b60&quot;, bridge.registry[&quot;{4601040d-b523-4dec-9477-8bcc006e9220}&quot;][&quot;runTestFile&quot;], [&quot;/home/jhammel/mozmill/src/mozmill/mutt/mutt/tests/js/frame/persisted.js&quot;, false, null])
16:25jhammelbetween each restart :(
16:28tedmdas: pong
16:28whimboojhammel: do you run only this test or all from frame/tests.ini?
16:28jgriffinahal: dd you get that error figured out you saw when running mochitests?
16:28jhammelwhimboo: i gave it the whole manifest
16:29jhammelwhimboo: its still running but i&#39;m having all sorts of timeouts :(
16:29jhammel(hopefully related)
16:29whimboojhammel: i assume you have&#39;t seen anything like that in the last couple of days
16:29whimboohow about /tests/js/tests.ini
16:29jhammele.g. INFO | Timeout: bridge.execFunction(&quot;0bc34cd6-b575-11e1-9d11-0024d7065b60&quot;, bridge.registry[&quot;{d5026cf6-5956-4420-b3b5-f897305055a9}&quot;][&quot;runTestFile&quot;], [&quot;/home/jhammel/mozmill/src/mozmill/mutt/mutt/tests/js/frame/stop_runner.js&quot;, false, null])
16:29whimboodo you see that for all tests?
16:29jhammeli&#39;ll run that when this run is done
16:30jhammelthe timeouts make the runs very long indeed :(
16:30whimbooi also tried with aurora down to release but all the same
16:30mdashey ted, I&#39;m having trouble getting marionette built into the package. I&#39;ve added the needed files in the package-manifest file under the [browser] section and updated the file with the ENABLE_MARIONETTE changes... but i&#39;m still not seeing it
16:30mdasdo you mind taking a look at my changes to see if you see something wrong?
16:31whimboojhammel: the whole network stack is playing wild here
16:31whimbooand i have ohter crazy behavior
16:31mdasted: I have this, plus ENABLE_MARIONETTE=1 in my mozconfig
16:32jhammelwhimboo: okay, running the whole js test suite
16:32jhammelwhimboo: fwiw i haven&#39;t run the tests in awhile
16:32mdasoh and AC_SUBST(ENABLE_MARIONETTE) is in
16:32jhammeli haven&#39;t had good results from the js tests this year and i don&#39;t think i&#39;ve had good luck with the mutt python tests since returning from london :(
16:33whimboojhammel: all tests work now!
16:33whimboothat was my work last week
16:33tedmdas: okay
16:34tedmdas: oh, crap that makefile hunk needs to be in browser/installer/
16:34jhammelwhimboo: they haven&#39;t for me yet :(
16:34whimboojhammel: are you on an old revision?
16:34jhammelwhimboo: nope
16:34jhammeljust pulled today
16:34mdasted: oh okay thanks I&#39;ll give that a shot
16:35tedmdas: yeah, that&#39;s where package-manifest gets preprocessed
16:35mdasted: gotcha
16:40jgriffinmcote|lunch: so I looked at the OrangeSeed code
16:40jgriffinbut you&#39;re at lunch, we can discuss when you get back
16:40jhammelwhimboo: do you want my log file?
16:40mcotemid way through lunch :)
16:41mcoteactually i fixed it up more
16:41jgriffinI didn&#39;t find any bugs, I think it&#39;s just more a matter of how we&#39;re using the algorithm and what we expect from it
16:41mcotei think i&#39;m getting not-too-bad results now
16:42mcoteactually one big problem was that I was using the dates of the overall first and last occurrences for extrapolation
16:42jgriffininstead of OS-specific dates?
16:42mcoteI should have been using the first & last according to each combination
16:42mcoteyeah OS/type/test/tree
16:42mcoteonce I fixed that I got much better results, at least from the one or two bugs I&#39;ve tried so far
16:43mcoteI just finished refactoring the hell out of it as well :)
16:43jgriffinI also wonder how much value there is to trying to find this per-OS, rather than in aggregate
16:43jgriffinsince persumably a given bug was actually introduced just once, and not multiple times, once per os
16:43mcotewell I think it is worthwhile to split it up into combinations; however, we don&#39;t have to display all the results
16:43mcotejust maybe the ones that make the most sense--say, with the highest number of hits and/or frequency
16:43mcoteand prefer m-i to all other trees
16:43whimboojhammel: no. i see the same on linux
16:44mcoteanyway I have to run out for an hour; I&#39;ll show you some results when I&#39;m back and get your opinions
16:44mcotealso wouldn&#39;t mind chatting about how to do this in the UI
16:44jgriffinhave fun at the SAQ
16:44mcote|lunchha CostCo actually :)
16:44mcote|lunch(though I will be buying wine there...)
16:46jmaherjgriffin: I gave you a patch to review this morning, should be about final for the android mochitests
16:48jgriffinjmaher: I just pulled it up!
16:49jgriffinnice solution
16:50jmaherjgriffin: thanks; it feels a bit hacky, but not too insane
16:53jhammeledmorley: i&#39;m guessing this is a can of worms, but it would be nice to know on TBPL if all jobs were finished
16:55jmaherjhammel: maybe a progress bar?
16:55jhammeljmaher: that would work
16:55jhammeli&#39;d even settle for <h3>You&#39;re done!</h3> ;)
16:55jhammelor <h3>This try job is over!</h3>
16:56tednot sure if TBPL has enough info to know that
16:57tedthere&#39;s probably not anything that defines &quot;the set of all jobs that would run on this push&quot;
16:57jhammelyeah :( that&#39;s why i mentioned the canned annelids
17:08edmorleyjhammel: :-)
17:11jhammeledmorley: itym bz new &#39;Tinderboxpushlog&#39;
17:11jhammelbug 764464
17:11bugbotBug normal, --, ---, nobody, NEW , Indicate if all jobs are done
17:11whimboojhammel: anything you can do on this bug today?
17:11whimboojhammel: i mean the one i have filed
17:11edmorleyjhammel: :-)
17:12jhammelwhimboo: not at the moment....looking at other bugs right now, sorry
17:12edmorleyjhammel: btw, by all done, would you be happy with &quot;no jobs in buildapi listed as pending/running&quot; or does it have to be &quot;no jobs pending/running plus none somehow omitted by the scheduler by cross referencing against a non-existent master list&quot;?
17:14jhammeledmorley: unfortunately, the latter :( I can see currently if there are any greys and know its not done but there have been several occassions where i had thought all jobs were done but i guess(?) weren&#39;t scheduled yet or lord knows what and did not show up as grey
17:15carljmsamliu: are you available at 3pm (PT) for a meeting about that mobile evangelism tool project?
17:15carljmsamliu: and what&#39;s your email?
17:22tedwlach_: ping
17:31wlachted: pong
17:34tedwlach: hey, if we were to get you a crappy armv6 android tablet with HDMI output, how hard would it be for you to get eideticker results for stock browser/fennec?
17:34wlachted: shouldn&#39;t be terribly hard, except for the fact that I&#39;ll be away for the next two weeks starting friday
17:35tedprobably not critical to get in that timeframe
17:36wlachted: I guess the main thing is that it be HDMI out that mirrors the screen. some android devices only do hdmi for specific apps
17:36tedyeah, i have no idea
17:36tedit&#39;s probably cheap enough that we can just buy one and find out
17:39mdasted: yeah i saw that! super cool. who designed the rack?
17:39dividehexi did
17:40tedmdas: came up again in the meeting :)
17:40mdasdividehex: nice job:)
17:40tedyeah, it&#39;s super awesome
17:41dividehexit will look really cool when we have 60 of them in SCL3
17:42jhammelhow big is it? 6u?
17:42jhammeli assume these will go in actual rack racks
17:43jhammeloh dromaeo...oh dromaeo....why dost thou take so long, dromaeo?
17:43dividehexits 4U and yes it will go into the server racks in SCL3
17:43dividehexit will be able to handle both tegras and pandas
17:44jhammel*actual* pandas? ;)
17:44tednot the kung-fu variety
17:48tedwlach: don&#39;t suppose you can tell from the crappy alibaba page whether it&#39;s likely to support display mirroring or not?
17:51wlachted: looking
17:52tedthe thing is literally like $130, so i&#39;ll just have someone order one for you unless you think it&#39;s really unlikely to work
17:53wlachted: yeah my guess is that it&#39;ll work. I bet display mirroring is the easy way of doing hdmi
17:59bugbotBug 731670: normal, --, ---, ctalbert, NEW , Figure out changing MAC address for panda boards
18:00dividehexjoduinn-mtg: also ^^
18:01teddividehex: oh ho
18:01tedwlach: filed bug 764491 FYI
18:01bugbotBug normal, --, ---, desktop-support, NEW , Hardware Request: armv6 tablet for William Lachance
18:03jhammelbeh, still no action on Bug 123456 : Hardware Request: cray XK6 for Jeff Hammel
18:03bugbotBug is not accessible.
18:03wlachted: awesome. ty
18:03wlachI&#39;m sure Diane will be thrilled to have yet another computer in our house
18:04mdasahal: the first cappuccino thing I made was the best. I keep making fail ones now:(
18:04jhammelwlach: get another cat to offset it :)
18:04mdaswlach: how many do you have at this point?
18:04ahalmdas: you&#39;ll get better with practice
18:04wlachmdas: I think between all my mobile phones and computers, something like 8-9
18:05wlachit&#39;s a bit appalling
18:05jhammelwlach: i think she meant cats
18:05jhammelwhere 8-9 is a completely acceptable number
18:05mdaswlach: yeah i have about 10 computers and phones, but also 2 xboxes and 1 ps3...
18:06mdasthen one laptop died and i gave back the tablet! so i&#39;m down to 8 or so
18:06jmaherI have 9 devices, but 3 usually are offline
18:06mdasit&#39;s kind of insane .
18:06jhammelbetween home and work i have 3 working laptops, 1 phone, one tablet, and two items in the &quot;dead hardware i should probably get rid of&quot; drawer
18:06jhammelthough, speaking of, if anyone wants a first gen iphone...
18:06mdasI do need a new doorstop
18:07jhammelmdas: it will only work with iDoors
18:07mdaswlach: do you have more than one desktop computer?
18:07mdasthose take up so much space
18:08wlachmdas: just one fortunately
18:08mdasand generate so much heat. and are loud&#39;
18:08jhammeli guess
18:08jgriffinnot to mention making one very hot in the summer
18:08mdasI dislike them generally
18:08jhammeli&#39;ve seen desktops that are pretty quiet
18:08jhammelmdas: you can give me yours ;)
18:08mdasthis one here is very quiet
18:08jhammeli actually really need a desktop
18:08mdasthe one I have at home is like, the loudest
18:08jhammellaptops are kinda annoying due to the cord factor
18:08mdasI could buy a quieter fan for it, but i don&#39;t actually use it often heh
18:09jhammelvs a desktop where you can get a wireless keyboard and mouse
18:09jhammeland store e.g. on a bookshelf
18:09tedmost of my desktops are fairly quiet nowadays
18:09tedmy MBP is louder
18:09tedwhen the fans spin up
18:09tedwlach: having more devices is awesome
18:09jhammelmy netbook is actually the loudest
18:09ahaljhammel: ew wireless mouse
18:09jhammelahal: ?
18:09tedespecially when they&#39;re more crappy chinese devices
18:09mdasyeah it sounds like it&#39;s taking off on a jetpack
18:10jhammelahal: oh, i see what you mean...why have a mouse? good point ;)
18:10ahaljhammel: the battery always dies and it sucks for gaming
18:10jhammelahal: i don&#39;t game ;)
18:10* jmaher either
18:10wlachted: do crappy chinese armv6 devices make you weep for humankind?
18:10jmaherI haven&#39;t figured out how to use a mouse for &#39;head games&#39;
18:10jhammelactually, i play this text based adventure called POSIX
18:10wlachjust want to know what to expect
18:11jmaherjhammel: sounds like a fun game
18:11tedwlach: no, i just would avoid putting your hands in your mouth after handling it
18:11ahal|afkhave a doctors appointment should be back in an hour or two
18:11jhammeljmaher: ahal is offended at our non-gaming stance
18:11jmaherwell, we are bleeding edge americans
18:11wlachted: do they use melamine as an additive with these things?
18:11tedi&#39;m not sure, but it wouldn&#39;t surprise me
18:12jhammelsounds nutritious
18:15jhammeljgriffin: btw, the meeting info
18:15jgriffinjhammel: cool, thanks
18:37* AutomatedTester wonders if he should play LDAP roulette...
18:41jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: sounds &quot;fun&quot;
18:42jhammel|lunchi know Russian roulette and Polish roulette
18:42AutomatedTesterjhammel|lunch: on the news it looks like there was a riot about that last night
18:42AutomatedTesterall because of stupid football
18:43jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: i thought being English you *had* to like football...or does your SA past excuse you?
18:43AutomatedTesterjhammel|lunch: I enjoy the other English game of rugby
18:43AutomatedTesterwhich is well known in SA
18:44AutomatedTesterits like American Football but without all the protective gear
18:44dividehexted: what product and component should i file a bug under if its for you?
18:44jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: no cricket?
18:44AutomatedTesterand you cant throw the ball forward
18:44AutomatedTesternot cricket
18:45AutomatedTesterjhammel|lunch: I am thinking of staying in SF for my entire visit in just over a week and commuting down to Santa Clara for my conf
18:46jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: :)
18:46jhammel|lunchotoh, commuting :(
18:46AutomatedTesterdo you think BART to Freemont and then VTA to Santa Clara or CalTrain to MV and then VTA to Santa Clara?
18:47AutomatedTesterthe BART option also means I can use AmTrak if need be
18:47jhammel|lunchoh, the Caltrain still requires a transfer? :(
18:47AutomatedTesteryea, its not near the station :/
18:47AutomatedTesterGoogle maps wasnt helpful
18:48AutomatedTestersaid it was the same either way
18:48jhammel|lunchhmmmm.....i&#39;d do whichever is shorter. i haven&#39;t done Freemont -> VTA myself
18:48xabolcswhimboo: can i have some question about the ntt issues?
18:48jhammel|lunchunless you&#39;re staying near the caltain, though, there is the getting to the caltrain step
18:48* AutomatedTester is staying near the SF office
18:48AutomatedTesterwell, I should book that
18:49AutomatedTester2 blocks away and nearer the Market street BART
18:49jhammel|lunchyeah; i&#39;d try bart -> freemont....see how awful it is
18:50jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: looks like bart -> fremont is 46 min
18:50whimbooxabolcs: sure
18:50AutomatedTesterjhammel|lunch: total commute is up to 2hrs
18:50jhammel|lunch:( :(
18:51AutomatedTesterjhammel|lunch: 4hrs of commuting vs having multiple hotels and dragging luggage all over the bay area
18:51AutomatedTesterrock > automatedtester > hard place
18:52jhammel|lunchAutomatedTester: tell them to move the conference to somewhere more convenient to you ;)
18:52whimboojhammel|lunch: i assume you will not have any time to check the jsbridge breakage?
18:52jhammel|lunchwhimboo: probably not today
18:52xabolcswhimboo: thanks! in issue #83 the recommended &#39;if (PopupNotifications)&#39; check drops &#39;PopupNotifications is undefined&#39; :(
18:52* AutomatedTester phones Steve Souders and Tim O&#39;Reilly quicky
18:52whimboojhammel|lunch: :( so i will have to look into now. because it completely blocks my work
18:53xabolcsso i would like no to address that nit
18:56whimbooxabolcs: it&#39;s ok
19:01mcotesamliu: ping
19:01xabolcswhimboo: ok. another one. in #75 (push to tip menuitem) you wrote to remove the extra currChangeset variable in openPushlogSinceCurrentBuild()
19:01samliumcote: pong
19:01mcotesamliu: I need your hands again
19:01mcoteadb blew up again for some reason
19:01mcoteI think this time we should just leave 3 devices connected for now at least
19:01mcotesee if that&#39;s rela