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22 May 2015
08:01Loqi[@neogeografen] Du har 4 arbejdsdage nste uge > at fotog. din cykeltur "Vi cykler p arb." til Mapillary projektet #grdetpcykel (
15:01Loqi[@nodenpm] microformats-tests (0.1.0): A microformat 2 testsuite (
15:41glennjonesI have just finished splitting up the microformats testsuite into pairs of html and json files
15:42glennjonesI have also built a test runner against the public APIs of parsers. It on a temporary URL
15:42glennjonesPlease dont take the current results at face value. There are some out of date test, which are now wrong
15:42glennjonesSome of the parsers look like they fail completely, this often down weather or not they have rel={} in the output
15:43glennjonesI am just about start correcting the tests, hopefully soon I will have them all updated
15:43glennjonesCode for testrunner is at
15:46Loqi[@AllTheTwits] Feeling good about explaining microformats to a room full of people from museums. (
16:01Loqi[@iboxifoo] @stephenhay @scottjehl @iandevlin sometimes i see BEM as akin to microformats. it can provide another layer of semantic value to yr HTML. (
17:46Loqi[@iboxifoo] @cameronmalek @stephenhay @scottjehl microformats would be one i think (
18:01Loqi[@cameronmalek] @iboxifoo @stephenhay @scottjehl But I would have much preferred if microformats didn't hijack class names and used a different attribute (
22 May 2015
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