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3 Dec 2016
08:29Loqi[@SejutaWisata] Kategori:Articles with 'species' microformats (
15:20dkmcan an html node have more than one root property type?
15:20dkmsorry, root class name
15:30aaronpkdkm: yes, but I'm not sure I can think of any examples in the wild where it's actually useful
15:32dkmaaronpk, thanks. Me neither, my interest is in terms of writing a parser
15:33aaronpkAh yeah
15:33aaronpkthere should be a sentence about that on the parsing algorithm
15:33dkmand as far as that goes, I think I would just create a single item with all root class names in the type array?
15:33dkmoh, let me review that
15:42Loqi[@dossy] Re: AMP (and FB Instant) - microformats are 11 yrs old now. Will AMP finally make & uF mainstream? #wcus (
3 Dec 2016
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