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28 Apr 2017
00:09ben_thatmustbemeI think there are a lot more of those value errors with the tests
01:47gRegorLoveben_thatmustbeme: Can you add them to I can rename the issue to be more general
01:47Loqi[gRegorLove] #58 Fix expected result for mf2/h-card/nested.html test
01:47gRegorLoveFixing it in php-mf2 now, could use more test cases
02:00Loqi[@lamestdomo] @usasmitty I write some mean semantic markup with microformats if you want something to whack off about (
02:03schmarty^^ haha, that is quite a thread.
02:41ben_thatmustbemegRegorLove: sure, I plan to go through all the tests in failing one by one, and I'm pretty sure I saw some others already. I have other issues I'll likely be adding too like the -v2 folder had done mf1 in it, should just move those
02:42ben_thatmustbemeAlso I know there are parsing rules that don't seem to be tested, so i may try to add some more for completeness
28 Apr 2017
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