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24 Oct 2014
01:54bretnice find KartikPrabhu
01:55KartikPrabhu:) they seem to be using mf1 but could be upgraded to mf2 usage
01:59bret what happened between 2006-2010?
01:59bretKartikPrabhu: i would definitely pull from that document
02:00KartikPrabhuyup! also the boom! microformat for books that the link to ALA is is written by one of the authors of CSS so they seem know what they are doing
11:10Loqi[@bloggingwizard] WP Rich Snippets By Author hReview Reviewed Create Reviews With Flare (
13:48ChiefRA!tell tantek: hi mate, there is an ambiguity regarding : on the second line, named Listing type:: it sais: "This required field" but it is not mentioned and there is no field on the above main Properties here: . However, there is a mix of properties on the second listed property
13:48ChiefRAcalled: "listing action. optional." . Please reformulate these 2 fields to be understandable.
13:48LoqiOk, I'll tell him that when I see him next
13:52ChiefRA!tell tantek: I presume this mandatory field called Item type should be added next to the other properties of the hListing here on the: ?
13:52LoqiOk, I'll tell him that when I see him next
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13:57Loqi[[User:ChiefRA]] M * ChiefRA * (+1) /* About */
13:57Loqi[[hlisting]] M * ChiefRA * (+37) /* Editors */ added my name to the editors.
21:38Loqi[@Target_Zer0] Nice feedback from my recent passive house designer course in London. Great enthusiasm from all. (
24 Oct 2014
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