mozilla :: #bugzilla-meeting

7 Jun 2011
16:55sdaughertyTopic needs to be updated. Bugzilla isn't in #mozwebtools anymore.
16:57sdaughertyAre these meetings strictly on IRC or is there a conference call?
16:58LpSolitonly in this channel
17:21wicked40min to go?
17:26LpSolitthat's the theoretical value, yes. The experimental one is probably a bit larger ;)
17:27wickedare yiu saying mkanat will be late, as usual? ;)
17:27* glob hopes not
17:28LpSolitwicked: :-p
17:31himorinso time to bet, as usual? :-p
17:44LpSolitglob: will dkl attend the meeting?
17:45globLpSolit, i believe so
17:51LpSolitwaiting for dkl and mkanat
17:52wickedjustdave: you should start paging mkanat :)
17:53* LpSolit should send a separate email to him, with 10:30 in it
17:55justdavefunny we should mention that, he just called me to say he was going to be late
17:55justdavestuck in traffic, eta about 20 minutes
17:58LpSolitthis gives some extra time to dkl to join
17:58LpSolitsomeone wants to page him too? :)
17:58sdaughertydo we have have an agenda to look over while we wait
17:58justdavein the topic
18:07gervSomeone ping everyone when we start, oK? :-)
18:07pyrzakyes please!
18:08himorini think i will be in dream world :-)
18:08wickednow it's on ly mkanat
18:08wickedfigures :)
18:09wickedI would have thought that been a normal worker would made him more punctual.. :(
18:10glob"normal worker"? :P
18:10dklI doubt google enforces any set schedule
18:11wickedglob: and not self-employed with total control over own work schedules :)
18:12wickeddkl: one of those, "as long as you get your work load done" type of places?
18:12dklwicked, yes same as Mozilla and even Red Hat
18:12dklthe only people on any sort of set schedule was support
18:12wickedI do like working on such places :)
18:13wickeddkl: yeah, that's understandable
18:15pyrzakplace of work and your ability to attend meetings on time may or may not have anything to do with the other
18:17dklpyrzak, very true. Was definitely not making an excuse for being late to a meeting :)
18:18dklpyrzak, even at our jobs without a set schedule, if we are supposed to be in a meeting, we are expected to be on time
18:18globwell, max _did_ call to let us know he'd be late
18:21wickedhmm, now 5 min late from his estimate :)
18:22sdaughertyOn the plus side, the lateness has allowed more people to join.
18:22LpSolit... assuming they don't need to leave too early
18:22glob(or sleep)
18:23manufyi, I have to leave in 40mins
18:23manuan hour, tops
18:25pyrzaklet the meeting begin!
18:25wickedgerv: ping :)
18:25himorinhi :)
18:25mkanatgerv: BTW, I checked in that change to youtube, it should go live this week.
18:26gervmkanat: Thanks :-)
18:26gervExcept that I hope you didn't say "Firefox 4", because we release Firefox 5 in two weeks! :-)
18:26gervJust "Firefox" or "Firefox 4 or above" is fine.
18:26* gerv can't remember what he sent you
18:28LpSolitok, let's start
18:28LpSolitwe are already 30 minutes late
18:28LpSolitfirst item: # We need developers to focus on Bugzilla 4.2 and 4.0.2 blockers. They get mostly no traction.
18:28mkanatOkay. Should we go over the list?
18:29mkanatWow, that's a lot.
18:29gervjustdave, dkl, glob, pyrzak, wicked, Aleksej, Cedric, himorin, manu, reed, rowebb: meeting starting.
18:29mkanatAll the search ones are mine.
18:29LpSolitdepending on your credentials, you will see between 24 and 30 blockers
18:29* dkl sees 30
18:29LpSolit(meaning that 6 of them are security bugs)
18:29mkanatwicked: Do you want to take bug 600810?
18:29bugbotBug major, --, ---, webservice, NEW , XML-RPC fails with SOAP::Lite 0.711 and 0.712
18:30mkanatwicked: You commented on it with a possible fix already.
18:30mkanatPerhaps LpSolit or dkl could take bug 610739.
18:30bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, charting, NEW , YUI-generated tabular reports do not work if only one axis is set
18:30LpSolitto all: the point is that we won't release Bugzilla 4.2rc1 before all these blockers are fixed
18:30wickedmkanat: you mean different subclass thing?
18:30mkanatwicked: Yeah.
18:30LpSolitand we have to release 4.0.2 before we branch
18:30gervIf we want to ship, why are some enhancements marked as blockers?
18:30gervAre we doing date-based releases or feature-based?
18:30wickedoh, okay
18:30Cedricthose security patches are also for 4.0.x?
18:31mkanatgerv: Date-based, but some features aren't done due to our development model.
18:31LpSolitso if you want your bugs targetted to 5.0 be checked in this year, help us with this list :)
18:31gervThen surely the way you do date-based is to slip the feature? :-)
18:31pyrzaki can look at 610739
18:31pyrzakerm bug 610739
18:31mkanatgerv: We check in partially-done things sometimes, or work that is on its way to a complete feature.
18:31LpSolitI was thinking about pyrzak for bug 610739, yes :)
18:32LpSolitCedric: back to 3.4
18:32mkanatgerv: For example, right now has been thoroughly refactored, but it has lost all of its ability to associate fields into all matching one thing. (For example, "Attachment creator" and "Attachment data" are now fully separate, they will not both restrict to one attachment if used together.)
18:32CedricLpSolit: ok, thnaks
18:32mkanatgerv: Also, our "dates" are too far apart currently to work on the "release partial feature" model.
18:33mkanatpyrzak: Okay, great. :-)
18:33mkanatLpSolit: What about bug 617676?
18:33bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, charting, NEW , Wrong URLs in the "Total" row at the bottom of tabular reports when JS is enabled
18:33gerv(Last message I saw was pyrzak: "erm bug 610739")
18:33bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, guy.pyrzak, NEW , YUI-generated tabular reports do not work if only one axis is set
18:33LpSolitmkanat: either pyrzak or I can look at it
18:34mkanatgerv: See the log, I said a few things to you.
18:34LpSolitpyrzak: taken... you mean for bug 617676?
18:34LpSolitideally, each blocker should have an assignee before the end of the meeting :)
18:35mkanatLpSolit: Sounds good.
18:35LpSolitbug 655848 is mine
18:35bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, LpSolit, ASSIGNED , Use of uninitialized value $tbl in string eq at /var/www/html/bugzilla/report.cgi line 162
18:35mkanatpyrzak: Okay, great.
18:35LpSolitI already started working on it
18:35mkanatI suppose bug 629529 is mine.
18:35bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, database, NEW , SQLite installations cannot use because they don't use our DB::SQLite driver
18:35LpSolitmkanat: no doubt about this one :-D
18:35* LpSolit refreshes the list
18:36mkanatI'm guessing bug 634812 should be me, too? Unless anybody else wants to tackle that. That could be a good way to get deeper into Bugzilla development for anybody who wants to.
18:36bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, create-and-change, NEW , Having a very large number of custom fields can make displaying show_bug.cgi slow
18:36wickedwhy do we want bug 637648 that badly it blocks?
18:36bugbotBug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 4.2, database, NEW , Rename the "tags" table to "tag"
18:37LpSolitpyrzak: want to take bug 640987?
18:37bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, charting, NEW , YUI is only used for the first tabular report when using multiple tables
18:37sdaughertydoesn't seem like it would be too hard... [good first bug] on that one?
18:37mkanatwicked: I want to fix the name before we release.
18:37wickedthat's more like WONT to me..
18:37mkanatsdaugherty: I wouldn't say it's the best possible first bug.
18:37sdaugherty(on 637648
18:37wickedmkanat: did we have a release with that table name?
18:37mkanatsdaugherty: But it's a good "first deeper dive" bug. :-)
18:37mkanatwicked: We have not.
18:38wickedmkanat: okay, so you'll do that? :)
18:38wickedor was that the thing sdaugherty wants?
18:38mkanatbugbot: bug 637648
18:38bugbotmkanat: Bug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 4.2, database, NEW , Rename the "tags" table to "tag"
18:38mkanatsdaugherty: Oh wait.
18:38mkanatsdaugherty: Yes, that's a great first bug!
18:38sdaughertymkanat: seems easy enough, find the references to it via mxr, and change them
18:38mkanatsdaugherty: Do you want to fix it?
18:38wickedsdaugherty: you also need to rename old table during upgrade
18:39mkanatsdaugherty: The Bugzilla Developers Guide explains how to change schema, though.
18:39wicked(yeah, not that hard. just reminding)
18:39LpSolitall security bugs have an assignee, and most of them also have a patch, which is good :)
18:39sdaughertyI'll take it.
18:40mkanatsdaugherty: Great!
18:40gervAwesome :-)
18:40gervWelcome to Bugzilla development :-)
18:40gerv(Ping me if you need pointers.)
18:40wickedlive long and prosper!
18:41mkanatpyrzak: bug 640987 for you?
18:41bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, charting, NEW , YUI is only used for the first tabular report when using multiple tables
18:41sdaughertyok, 637648 taken.
18:41mkanatsdaugherty: Awesome.
18:41mkanatI suppose bug 644281 is mine.
18:41bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, query-and-buglist, NEW , Preference setting "Show next bug in list" for doesn't take into account a sorted list
18:41pyrzaksure i'll take bu 640987
18:41mkanatpyrzak: Awesome.
18:41wickedpyrzak sure is taking a lot, which is nice <3
18:41LpSolitmkanat: or I can take it, if you want
18:42pyrzaksorry, i will share the love
18:42mkanatLpSolit: Oh, that&#39;d be great. Then I could review it.
18:42LpSolitlet&#39;s do that
18:42mkanatpyrzak: No, we&#39;re happy that you&#39;re taking a lot.
18:42pyrzakwell they&#39;re all like &quot;oops forgot to do that&quot; bugs
18:42mkanatLpSolit: Sounds good, could you take it from me? I just took it.
18:42wickedpyrzak: that wasn&#39;t criticism, I&#39;m praising you :)
18:42LpSolitmkanat: ok :)
18:42mkanatpyrzak: Should it be you or I that does bug 652427? I&#39;m not even sure why it&#39;s happening, yet.
18:42bugbotBug major, --, Bugzilla 4.0, create-and-change, NEW , Going back to the new bug page loses the description if possible duplicates have been searched for
18:43globthat bug is very weird
18:43pyrzaki know how to fix it
18:43pyrzakso i can take it
18:43pyrzaknot weird
18:43pyrzakvery normal
18:43mkanatpyrzak: Okay, great.
18:43pyrzakman i fogot how much nicer bugzilla is compared to jira
18:43mkanatpyrzak: It&#39;s a field untouched by YUI that&#39;s being lost, which is what&#39;s weird.
18:43mkanatpyrzak: Hahahahaha. :-D
18:43wickedbug 658407 is reserved for mkanat? :)
18:43bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, installation, NEW , Bugzilla shouldn&#39;t (indirectly) depend on Crypt::Random::Source anymore due to its numerous dependencies
18:44mkanatwicked: Yes, that pretty much has to be me, I&#39;ll take it.
18:44LpSolityes, so that I can then complain when reviewing his patch :-p
18:44mkanatdkl: Can you take bug 652663?
18:44bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, extensions, NEW , When using bug_format_comment hook some replacements can happen more than once causing broken links
18:44dklmkanat, yep
18:44mkanatdkl: Awesome.
18:45mkanatI can take bug 655472, but it could be an interesting investigation into installation code for somebody else.
18:45bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.2, installation, NEW , Localized strings in localconfig are incorrectly encoded
18:45LpSolitbugbot: wake up
18:45bugbotLpSolit: Error: &quot;wake&quot; is not a valid command.
18:45pyrzakbtw love the snarky on bug 652427
18:45LpSolitmkanat: I probably can
18:45mkanatpyrzak: Haha, thanks.
18:46pyrzakbugbot is sleeeeeeeeeeeping
18:46bugbotpyrzak: Error: &quot;is&quot; is not a valid command.
18:46himorin# i could not find pointer for bug 655472.. no idea now.
18:46himorinpointer *to resolve*
18:46LpSolithimorin: but you can reproduce the issue?
18:47wickedbuggybot is not sleeping, he just doesn&#39;t want to repeat herself :)
18:47wickedoops, he and she on same sentence :D
18:48mkanatIf you address him directly, he will show you the bug again.
18:48LpSolitwho is taking bug 634812?
18:48bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, create-and-change, NEW , Having a very large number of custom fields can make displaying show_bug.cgi slow
18:48pyrzakmkanat i think
18:48LpSolitor is it not a hard blocker?
18:48mkanatIt&#39;s not a hard blocker.
18:48LpSolitmkanat: so blocking- ?
18:48mkanatLpSolit: Ah, only if it becomes the last blocker and nobody&#39;s fixed it.
18:48LpSolitmkanat: ok
18:49* wicked bets nobody fixes it
18:49mkanatI suppose I&#39;ll take bug 655912?
18:49bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, installation, NEW , is unable to install LWP::UserAgent on Perl <5.8.8, because LWP 6.0 now requires 5.8.8 as a minimum
18:49mkanatwicked: I might look into it if I have some magical &quot;extra time.&quot;
18:49LpSolitmkanat: I suppose so too :)
18:50LpSolitLWP 6.0 is painful
18:50gervHave we got a generic fix for that sort of thing?
18:50mkanatLpSolit: It really is.
18:50gervAs time goes on, we are going to get more and more of it,
18:50mkanatgerv: A generic fix for CPAN maintainers breaking shit?
18:50gervif we want to continue supporting old Perl versions.
18:50LpSolitnot only it requires Perl 5.8.8, but it no longer supports https by default
18:50mkanatgerv: Perhaps a baseball bat.
18:50gervNo, a generic fix for the latest version of a module requiring a Perl later than the earliest Perl we support.
18:50justdaveI&#39;m actually on vacation from work this week so I normally wouldn&#39;t be distracted, but I have people here working on my yard today (digging it all up) and I keep needing to deal with them
18:51* justdave tries to catch up in scrollback
18:51wickeddon&#39;t use that&#39;s the fix
18:51LpSolitgerv: we have a fix for that: bug 655477
18:51bugbotBug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 5.0, general, NEW , Require Perl 5.10.1
18:51mkanatwicked: You have to, for many modules.
18:51wickedrather use third-party packagers :)
18:51mkanatLpSolit: Hahahaha, yeah.
18:51mkanatwicked: That is ideal, for sure. :-)
18:51mkanatI suppose I&#39;ll take it.
18:51wickedmkanat: if CPAN has a broken latest version or something that just won&#39;t work then can&#39;t be used..
18:52wickedunless we can make it install older version, that&#39;s possible
18:52mkanatwicked: That&#39;s probably what I&#39;m going to do with LWP.
18:52wickedthat could get complicated if it gets deleted from CPAN
18:52mkanatwicked: I&#39;m going to trick it into installing the last 5.x version, I think.
18:52LpSolitwicked: the latest version isn&#39;t broken, it simply requires Perl 5.8.8 or newer
18:52gervWhat I mean is,
18:52gervwe have data structures which define what modules are required,
18:52LpSolit+ LWP::Protocol::https
18:52wickedLpSolit: broken for us, if it&#39;s broken for everybody then it&#39;s probably going to get fixed :)
18:52gervand what versions are blacklisted
18:52gervand so on.
18:52gervCan&#39;t we have an extra bit which says:
18:53gerv&quot;If perl is < x.x.x, then force install of version y.y.y&quot;?
18:53mkanatgerv: That requirement is at the whim of CPAN maintainers.
18:53mkanatgerv: It could increase, it could go down.
18:53LpSolitEmail::MIME now again requires 5.8.1 instead of 5.8.5 (thanks rjbs!)
18:54mkanatYay for rjbs, who actually responds to bugs more often than not.
18:54gervincidentally, I&#39;m beginning to think that the cpan maintainer&#39;s lounge is a big empty room.
18:54mkanatgerv: Yes, yes.
18:55wickedit can&#39;t be, I&#39;m there
18:55gervIt seems quite rare to come across modules which aren&#39;t heavily, heavily used (e.g. LWP) which are still maintained.
18:55mkanatgerv: LpSolit and I have some long-term plans surrounding that fact, but I don&#39;t think we&#39;re quite ready to announce them. But probably in the coming weeks.
18:55LpSolitok, now all blockers have an assignee
18:55justdaveok, enhancement bugs which are sub-bugs of partially-committed refactors like the mentioned Search thing would become a regression rather than a remaining to-do on an enhancement
18:55mkanatjustdave: Yeah, pretty much.
18:55justdaveand thus blocker works because it&#39;s a regression
18:56wickedbug 634812 doesn&#39;t have one
18:56bugbotBug normal, --, Bugzilla 4.0, create-and-change, NEW , Having a very large number of custom fields can make displaying show_bug.cgi slow
18:56LpSolitmkanat: what do we do with bug 655910?
18:56bugbotBug normal, --, ---, installation, NEW , When using, arguments passed to one module in Bugzilla::Install::CPAN::install_module() are propagated to all its dependencies
18:56gervmkanat: you intend to find a way to maintain all of CPAN properly? Awesome :-)
18:56gervWhen did you win the lottery?
18:56LpSolitwicked: we keep it for later ;)
18:56mkanatgerv: Hahahaha.
18:56mkanatLpSolit: Good question.
18:56wickedah, yeah. that soft blocker that I&#39;m betting on
18:56mkanatLpSolit: I&#39;ll take it.
18:56LpSolitmkanat: ok
18:57LpSolit31 blockers, 8 assignees
18:58mkanatThat&#39;s pretty decent.
18:58LpSolitI think we are done with blockers, yes?
18:58mkanatI think we are.
18:58mkanatLet&#39;s go on to 5.0 discussion?
18:58LpSolitso they should be our top priorities for the next few days
18:58mkanatYeah, agreed.
18:58LpSolit(or weeks if we lag)
18:59LpSolitok, next item: # Main goals for Bugzilla 5.0? (Pretty, Perl 5.10.1, ....)
18:59gervI have to go for dinner.
18:59LpSolitI have a list which I wanted to share with you:
18:59gervIt&#39;s 9pm here in Paris :-)
19:00mkanatgerv: Okay. :-)
19:00manusame here, really
19:00mkanatmanu: Okay. :-) All is well with the Fedora package? :-)
19:00mkanatLpSolit: I think rowebb may work on sightings.
19:00wickedLpSolit: we really plan to require 5.10.1?
19:00manuOne open bug
19:00LpSolitwicked: for 5.0? yes
19:00manuI&#39;m working on it :-)
19:00mkanatwicked: Yeah, see the bug. It&#39;s at least a possibility.
19:01mkanatmanu: Cool.
19:01manuso long, all
19:01globi&#39;d like to see inline history as a goal for 5.0
19:01mkanatglob: Agreed!
19:01mkanatglob: If we can get LegNeato to commit, that&#39;d be great.
19:01mkanatglob: Or if you or dkl could do it.
19:01wickedthat&#39;s only thing I use the extension for
19:01mkanatLpSolit (and rowebb): I&#39;m not sure we can actually do sightings for 5.0, though, because they&#39;re not in the Pretty mockup and will almost certainly require extra UI.
19:01globlegneato appears to want to drive it himself at this stage
19:02sdaughertyglob: inline history can&#39;t be that hard, there&#39;s already a firefox extension that adds it.
19:02LpSolitglob: bug ID?
19:02globbug 11368
19:02bugbotBug enhancement, P2, Bugzilla 5.0, clegnitto, ASSIGNED , Move all bug activity/history onto main bug screen (display it inline with comments)
19:03LpSolitI was too lazy to search for it myself :-p
19:03globmost of the work is happening in the blocker
19:03LpSolitok, added to the list above
19:03LpSolitmkanat: that&#39;s a pity
19:03sdaughertyglob: fwiw,
19:03LpSolitmkanat: this is definitely an important feature
19:03globsdaugherty, yup, i know all about that :)
19:03wickedmkanat: I agree on the CentOS 6 part, that&#39;s pretty much required
19:03LpSolitmkanat: and it would worth versioning Bugzilla 5.0 for that
19:04LpSolitmkanat: sightnings + Pretty would definitely rock and worth the bump to 5.0
19:04mkanatLpSolit: I agree it would rock. I&#39;m having an in-person meeting with rowebb on Thursday to talk about Sightings.
19:04mkanatLpSolit: So we&#39;ll see how that goes.
19:05mkanatsdaugherty: bug 55970
19:05LpSolitmkanat: ok. Try to combine sightings with Pretty :)
19:05bugbotBug enhancement, P1, Bugzilla 5.0, mkanat, NEW , Bugzilla needs to deal better with branches (implement sightings)
19:05wickedanother nice 5-digit bug :)
19:05LpSolit(not all 5-digit bugs are nice nor important)
19:06LpSolitbut this one is :)
19:06wickedbut to get such old bugs dealt with and RESO is cool :)
19:06LpSolitoh, WONTFIX is nice too :)
19:06wickedsure, &quot;nobody cared enough for this in 15 years so WONT&quot; :)
19:07mkanatI fully agree about bug 200202, and I don&#39;t think that would even be that hard.
19:07bugbotBug enhancement, P2, Bugzilla 5.0, create-and-change, NEW , Don&#39;t add a comments about duplicate bugs, instead display the info at the top of the bug
19:07LpSolitmkanat: are you looking at my list?
19:07mkanatLpSolit: I am.
19:07LpSolitok, cool :)
19:07mkanatI&#39;m skeptical about bug 218917 still. I think there&#39;s actually value in login_name = email.
19:07bugbotBug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 5.0, user-accounts, ASSIGNED , Allow login_name != email_address, so address isn&#39;t displayed (anti-spam effect too)
19:07mkanatPrimarily in that it&#39;s much easier to remember and it&#39;s much easier to understand who people are.
19:07LpSolitmkanat: yes, that&#39;s annoying. I also understand users who are worried about spam
19:08mkanatSure, I understand that too.
19:08LpSolitmkanat: so there are pros and cons
19:08mkanatLpSolit: Yeah.
19:08mkanatI fully agree about bug 227611, and we&#39;re almost there!
19:08bugbotBug enhancement, P1, ---, create-and-change, NEW , Components list should dynamically update when changing the product on the &quot;show_bug.cgi&quot; page
19:08mkanatSo we could totally do that for 5.0.
19:08sdaughertyI&#39;ve got a few things on my wishlist for search, since I couldn&#39;t find a good way to track when a reporter comments on a unconfirmed bug the other day.
19:09justdaveusers are generally more concerned about privacy than spam these days
19:09mkanatI&#39;m adding [roadmap: 5.0] whiteboard tags to some of these.
19:10sdaughertyregarding bug 218917, maybe the ability to have some sort of a &quot;user profile&quot; would be beneficial there as well.
19:10LpSolitjustdave: ok, but we should really weigh pros and cons and decide what to do with this bug
19:10globsdaugherty, bug 243944
19:10bugbotBug enhancement, --, ---, general, NEW , Support User Bios [biography,profile,information]
19:10justdavealthough I think it&#39;s perfectly fine to let login_name keep being email address, but add a separate &quot;username&quot; to refer to people with on the site?
19:10mkanatsdaugherty: There are some advantages to that; GNOME had it for a while, it was nice.
19:10pyrzakmy chat client isn&#39;t being nice about letting me scroll back and read, do we have a release schedule for 5.0 or is it &quot;whenever we get there&quot;
19:10LpSolitsdaugherty: that&#39;s valuable only if you can validate data in this page
19:10mkanatjustdave: I think that might confuse people.
19:10justdaveor allow either the login_name or the email_address to be used to log in with?
19:10mkanatjustdave: It already does with LDAP logins.
19:11LpSolitelse I could describe myself as the Mozilla guru even if that&#39;s wrong :)
19:11globLpSolit, but that&#39;s how the internet works!
19:11sdaughertyLpSolit: Do it with usergroups?
19:11mkanatpyrzak: Pretty much the same as our other releases.
19:11mkanatpyrzak: Freezes two months after 4.2 release.
19:11pyrzak4.2 hasn&#39;t released yet has it?
19:12sdaughertyLpSolit: in the bmo case, we might soon be able to farm user profiles off to domesday though
19:12wickedpyrzak: that&#39;s what the blockers were for :)
19:12pyrzakwicked: thought so, just verifying
19:12LpSolitpyrzak: 4.2rc1 won&#39;t be released before blockers are fixed
19:12sdaughertySo, supporting some sort of external URL for user bios might be a way to get partly there for bug 243944
19:13mkanatpyrzak: Correct, not yet.
19:13mkanatsdaugherty: That sounds like a good bmo extension.
19:13sdaughertymkanat: Good generic extension, I imagine other projects may want to do similar things with user bios.
19:13mkanatsdaugherty: Yeah.
19:13mkanatAnybody want to take bug 449161 from me for 5.0?
19:13bugbotBug enhancement, P1, Bugzilla 5.0, mkanat, ASSIGNED , op_sys and platform should be custom fields with an extension for auto-selecting
19:14justdaveprofile data as a whole sounds like a job for an extension
19:14mkanatjustdave: Agreed.
19:14justdaveDrupal even uses extensions to implement that. :)
19:14mkanatdkl: Do you want to take bug 460286 for 5.0?
19:14bugbotBug enhancement, P2, Bugzilla 5.0, webservice, NEW , Implement Param.set() to set parameters from webservices
19:14LpSolitmkanat: I could take bug 449161, I suppose, but it wouldn&#39;t be a priority for now
19:15mkanatLpSolit: Okay, that sounds fine.
19:15mkanatLpSolit: It&#39;s not a priority for me, either.
19:15LpSolithaha ok :)
19:15mkanatbug 466419 would actually be relatively easy, but valuable.
19:15bugbotBug enhancement, --, ---, email-notifications, NEW , smtp authentication failed requiring ssl and non-standard SMTP port
19:15mkanatIf anybody wants to take it.
19:15pyrzaki&#39;ve got to run
19:16mkanatbug 504164 is for timello. :-)
19:16bugbotBug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 5.0, create-and-change, NEW , Display the status, resolution and bug summary of bugs in the &quot;see also&quot; field
19:16sdaughertyIt would be helpful to have an indication at the very least of who has canconfirm/editbugs
19:16pyrzaklpsolit or makant or anyone can reach me via IM if there is anything you guys want me to work on after the blockers are done
19:16LpSolitand timello isn&#39;t here to say &quot;no&quot;
19:17LpSolitexcept that pyrzak left AIM too
19:17mkanatI suppose tags in buglists is me.
19:17globmkanat, bug?
19:18LpSolitwe can reuse the code for bug flags, no?
19:18mkanatbug 616192
19:18bugbotBug enhancement, --, Bugzilla 5.0, mkanat, NEW , Display personal tags in buglists
19:18mkanatLpSolit: Yeah, it should be similar.
19:18mkanatLpSolit: With the new architecture, adding new columns is pretty easy.
19:18LpSolitdon&#39;t we already accept all multi-select fields in buglists?
19:19mkanatLpSolit: Yeah, but not hooked to a user id. :-)
19:19LpSolitah, right
19:19mkanatLpSolit: Do you want to take the general &quot;require 5.10.1&quot; bug?
19:19mkanatLpSolit: And maybe the product group controls one too?
19:19LpSolitmkanat: sure
19:19sdaughertyGiven that bugzilla permissions are typically given out either on basis of merit or affiliation, depending on the project, an icon or something to tell you who&#39;s got bits set on their account would help identify people that should have a little more clue :)
19:19LpSolitmkanat: sure x2
19:19mkanatsdaugherty: Oh, drama. That feature exists. :-)
19:20mkanatsdaugherty: Talk to pbiggar about it, he&#39;s good at getting community traction.
19:20mkanatsdaugherty: You&#39;ll notice that the Bugzilla team has icons on their names, but nobody else does.
19:20mkanatsdaugherty: Because we requested that it stay on for us.
19:20globmkanat, sdaugherty: that&#39;s been veto&#39;d several times for bmo
19:21mkanatglob: True, but I still think it&#39;s a good idea and so does almost everybody that I talk to about it.
19:21LpSolitthe Calendar team has an icon too
19:21sdaughertycan be a seperate discussion later, it needs to get some traction.
19:21globok, how about that discussion happens at another time :)
19:21mkanatsdaugherty, glob: Sounds good. :-)
19:22mkanatThat&#39;s all for the 5.0 stuff that I wanted to go over. Oh, and I&#39;ll file &quot;implement pretty&quot; also.
19:22sdaughertymkanat: I&#39;d like to throw light on a particular use case that came up the other day for me
19:23mkanatsdaugherty: Sure, go ahead. :-)
19:23sdaughertythis is kindof bmo specific, but it&#39;s likely to come up for others
19:23sdaughertywith a lot of unconfirmed bugs, comments get &quot;forgotten&quot;
19:25sdaughertyif you were waiting on someone to add STR, and that&#39;s getting lost in thousands of other bugs, it doesn&#39;t work very well :)
19:26sdaughertyone of many examples of what I was seeing
19:26bugbotBug 350022: normal, --, ---, mounir.lamouri, ASSIGNED , Radio checked state is saved/restored even if it has not changed
19:26LpSolitto be honest, what would be useful is the ability to get bugs commented after a keyword has been set
19:27LpSolite.g. you add &quot;needinfo&quot;, and then wait till someone comments in the bug
19:27mkanatsdaugherty: Oh yeah, I&#39;ve also thought about adding a system to &quot;ask questions&quot; to people.
19:27sdaughertycomments were added, reporter responded quickly
19:27sdaughertybut, they got lost in the noise
19:29LpSolitok, any other RFE which should be added to the list for 5.0?
19:30sdaughertyTried to figure out a search strategy to be able to find unconfirmed bugs that &quot;need attention&quot; but there really isn&#39;t one.
19:30mkanatI think we&#39;re pretty good, as far as I can see.
19:30LpSolitI think the list is large enough, no need to add more
19:30wickedif we can get thsoe done, it would be a good thing
19:30mkanatsdaugherty: Are you a Moz employee in MTV?
19:30wickedlet&#39;s leave something for v6
19:30sdaughertyno, just a triager.
19:30LpSolitMTV? In Jackass? :)
19:30sdaughertyI&#39;m on the other side of the country
19:30globsdaugherty, if you can spec up a set of criteria, i can drop a custom report on bmo
19:31mkanatsdaugherty: I wanted to get together with triagers sometime and work stuff out.
19:31mkanatsdaugherty: That was the first thing I ever did for Mozilla, was triage. :-)
19:31mkanatBut yeah, for now, talk to glob; this is something that&#39;s very much needed.
19:31LpSolitok, now that we have a list for 5.0, I have another question: what&#39;s the criteria to version the next release 4.4 vs 5.0?
19:31sdaughertyneedinfo tags would help, but you need to be able to tell what was commented after it was tagged.
19:32justdavea contact form/questions thing sounds like a good job for an extension, too
19:32globi&#39;ve been chatting with tyler and tanner a lot about triage on bmo; we should talk about this at another time however
19:32sdaughertyie, it needs to be something that can be used to filter bugs out while they are waiting for info.
19:33sdaughertyand have them get through the filter when info may have been added
19:33mkanatLpSolit: As far as I&#39;m concerned, Pretty and just Pretty.
19:33mkanatglob: Awesome, maybe we should set up a triage meeting.
19:33mkanatsdaugherty: ^^^
19:34sdaughertysounds like a good idea, invite qa and expecially triagers
19:34mkanatsdaugherty: Okay, you and glob should work out a time and then he can announce it in the right places. (Perhaps dev.planning and dev.apps.bugzilla?)
19:35mkanatAlso, for all, this sounds interesting:
19:35LpSolitmkanat: what annoys me is that we won&#39;t know in the near future if the next release will be 4.4 or 5.0, and will make some discussion in bugs confusing when talking about 5.0
19:35LpSolitI would go with 4.4 first
19:36dklglob, with Red Hat I used needinfo?( flags for requesting info
19:36mkanatLpSolit: Well, it&#39;ll be called 4.3 for now, anyhow.
19:36mkanatdkl: It was mildly awkward, I think a slightly nicer solution could work.
19:37dklmkanat, true it did work though at the time. And we did some UI work to make set the flags behind the scenes
19:37sdaughertydkl: The big problem I&#39;ve seen with flags or status is that the people you usually need to grill for information aren&#39;t likely to remember to clear flags, (or even know how)
19:37dklsdaugherty, we automated it on the backend so there was no extra actions needed
19:38dklsdaugherty, if the requestee commented, it cleared the needinfo? flag automatically
19:38dklalso it was nice to use a flag as the requestee gets that extra email sent directly to them
19:39LpSolitso, are we done with the roadmap for 5.0?
19:39mkanatLpSolit: As far as I&#39;m concerned, yeah.
19:39LpSolitlast item: # Short term work of main Bugzilla developers
19:39LpSoliteasy: fix blockers!
19:40wickedI&#39;m also going to do a PatchReader update
19:40sdaughertydkl: makes sense, and even though the problem hurts bmo a lot, obviously it&#39;s seen elsewhere because a lot of other bugzilla implementations have some sort of needinfo implementation
19:40mkanatwicked: Awesome.
19:40LpSolitwicked: new features or bug fixes?
19:40mkanatLpSolit: Yeah, that&#39;s my plan. :-)
19:40sdaughertyso it might make sense to solve it in bugzilla itself somehow.
19:41dklsdaugherty, but I admit that it wasnt a perfect solution and a more widely accepted solution is needed
19:41LpSolitis this discussion really part of the meeting? :)
19:41wickedLpSolit: whatever I find, probably bug fixes mainly but SVN/git/etc support is on the list too :)
19:41LpSolitor can it take place in #bugzilla?
19:41mkanatdkl: It was pretty decent in practice, it just had a few rough edges. :-)
19:41mkanatLpSolit: I think it can happen in #bugzilla.
19:41sdaughertydkl, glob: maybe we can brainstorm a bit after this ends.
19:41dklsdaugherty, we didnt do it as an extension, but now a days, it would easily be made as an extension to do the same
19:41globsdaugherty, no, it will have to be another time. it&#39;s nearly 4am here
19:41dklsdaugherty, sure. But I think glob may be tired :)
19:42mkanatOkay, I think we&#39;re done with the meeting, unless anybody wanted to mention anything else.
19:42mkanatLpSolit: Will you do the minutes and send them out?
19:42sdaughertyWhat&#39;s a good time for both you and glob?
19:42LpSolitmkanat: I won&#39;t have a lot of time this week
19:42dklsdaugherty, I am available most days EDT to meet some other time. I live in Raleigh. glob lives in Australia
19:42globsdaugherty, dkl, let&#39;s take this to #bteam
19:42sdaughertyoooh, you are close to me
19:42dklglob, sure
19:43wickedthat&#39;s a long commute to MoCo offices for glob
19:43LpSolitok, I think the meeting is over
19:43LpSolitthanks everybody :)
19:44LpSolit(75 minutes. Pretty decent)
8 Jun 2011
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