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21 Apr 2017
14:37jimevansato: what are the odds of seeing a geckodriver release within the next couple of hours?
14:38simonstewartI believe AutomatedTester is on it already
14:38atojimevans: High (-:
14:38* jimevans is getting on a plane and would really like to have the latest release bits to play with while in the air.
14:39atojimevans: Im just fiddling around with Windows, for the first time in nearly a decade, because I want to make sure we didnt break it.
14:39atojimevans: No more changes are going in unless we find we have broken something, so you are pretty good with whats on master right now!
14:39atoWindows 10 is also surprisingly much nicer than Windows 98.
14:40jimevansi can live with that. i'll pull and build just in case i don't see a posted release before take off.
14:40atoI spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to login (turns out you need to do an upwards-swooshy movement with the mouse).
14:40atoBut other than that Im impressed.
14:41atoRelated question, actually: How do I make link.exe available from the prompt?
14:43jimevansthis is link from visual studio?
14:45atoI installed something called C++/CLI support, but that didnt seem to help.
14:45jimevansi'm not entirely sure. whenever i do command-line VS stuff, i use the thoughtfully-provided "Developer Command Prompt for VS2015"
14:45jimevanswhich basically sets up all of the path and environment variables for you.
14:46atoPerfect, that has it!
14:54atoI successfully compiled a Rust program in a Windows VM on Linux for the first time. Its a brave new world.
14:55jimevansthe mind boggles
15:01atoWindows seems solid.
15:09atojimevans: 0.16.0 is out and its doing the builds now.
15:11atoI also updated the README and the changelog to say Selenium 3.4.
15:11atoSince I saw you just released that.
15:17atojimevans1: https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases/download/v0.16.0/geckodriver-v0.16.0-win64.zip
15:17jimevans1yep. i just saw that.
15:17* jimevans1 does a little dance
15:17atoI hate Travis for the record.
15:17atoThe Linux 32-bit musl build was green one commit ago.
15:24atoMarvelous. The 32-bit Linux musl build is only failing to compile in optimised mode.
15:25atoDear computers, will you just fuck off?
15:25jimevansoh, and windows defender sees the 32-bit windows exe as a false positive.
15:26atoShould I batten the hatches and expect a sudden influx of GitHub issues? :D
15:26lukeisready the auto-close bookmarklet! ;)
15:26atoThe 64-bit version raised no warnings on my Windows VM though.
15:27jimevanssomehow, i ended up with 32-bit versions of firefox on my VM>
15:28atogeckodriver 64-bit should still work with a 32-bit Firefox though.
15:28atoIt communicates by TCP socket.
15:28jimevansyeah. i'm sure.
22 Apr 2017
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