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20 Mar 2017
11:22AutomatedTesterbrrian: all commands are synchronous
11:22AutomatedTesterso the UA would need to keep hold of it until the command has finished and then process it
11:39jgrahamSo am I unable to read or is new session terribly broken? Won't https://w3c.github.io/webdriver/webdriver-spec.html#dfn-matching-capabilities reject any set of capabilities with e.g. proxy or timeouts in the keys?
11:40jgrahamBecause they fall thorugh to the "otherwise" clause which notices they aren't extension properties and rejects them
11:41jgrahamI don't think that algorithm should do any validation at all since the alidating capabilities step did that
13:45jgraham!summon simonstewart
13:46jimevanssimonstewart simonstewart simonstewart
13:46jimevansone would be surprised how often that works :)
15:48jgrahamAutomatedTester: Do you have time to land #855 I think that clarifies one of my two blockers for new session tests
16:03brrianAutomatedTester: ah okay. i guess another bug to fix...
18:10jgrahamBrowsers are really verry slow to start :/
20:04AutomatedTesterjgraham: will do it sortly
20:05AutomatedTesterWe are officially in CR
20:08* AutomatedTester needs that... but for other reasons
20:50jgrahamAutomatedTester: Thanks!
20:54jgrahamOh look this test is failing because I implemented what the spec says
21 Mar 2017
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