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14 Mar 2017
00:01brrianis there any way in the python driver to use the actions endpoint?
00:01brrianor maybe I'll need to be sending raw JSON out.
00:01simonstewartThe latest selenium ones?
00:01brrianpython library *
00:02brriansimonstewart: in 3.3.1 I guess
00:02simonstewartLemme check
00:03simonstewartthere's "selenium.webdriver.common.actions.Interaction"
00:03simonstewartAnd a new ActionBuilder in the same package
07:10brriancool will check it out
14:09jimevansi don't want to get people's hopes up too high, but i'm making really good progress on the spec implementation for internet explorer.
14:10AutomatedTesterjimevans: <3
14:10simonstewartShip it! Ship it! Ship it!
14:11jimevanslol. &#39;tis not ready to ship yet. but a version soon. i promise. actions works; still have new session to conquer.
14:12* jimevans waits for his windows vm to finish updating.
14:14simonstewartActions is a fantastic start
15 Mar 2017
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