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18 Apr 2017
11:06zcorpanbobholt: FYI https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=710869#c2 - this test showed instability in wpt stability checker but appears stable per flakiness dashboard. I'll not investigate further myself but I guess if this sort of thing happens again we can try to figure out what's going on...
11:28bobholtzcorpan: not sure. i'm running those tests locally - the ones in the bug report aren't flaky, but others are
11:29bobholtall the `/404`, `_404`, `L404` ones are flakey on my linux Chrome unstable 59.0.3067.0
11:29bobholtbut the 405s pass
11:32zcorpanbobholt: interesting. are those asserting top/left ?
11:33bobholtassert_equals: "height=/404 begins with an invalid character and should be ignored" expected 1035 but got 999
11:34bobholtthey're the definition of flakey - sometimes they all pass, sometimes they all fail, and sometimes it's 1 or 2 of the 3
11:37bobholtzcorpan: note i only looked at /html/browsers/the-window-object/apis-for-creating-and-navigating-browsing-contexts-by-name/open-features-non-integer-height.html, not the other files
11:38zcorpanbobholt: OK. Good I guess that you can reproduce it...
11:48zcorpanAre there (working) logs for this channel?
11:58jgrahamzcorpan: Possibly not
11:59jgrahamWe should perhaps ask glob, but probably someone with ops has to
12:11bobholthttp://logs.glob.uno/?c=w3%23testing ?
12:12bobholtzcorpan: unless i'm missing your definition of working
12:13jgrahamOh apparently we already asked glob :)
12:13jgrahamI assume zcorpan meant "not the logs from Krijn"
12:20bobholtzcorpan: do you mind if i restart the Chrome job for https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/pull/5390#issuecomment-291969797?
12:20bobholti want to see if it still runs the chrome script twice in the same job (and see if we get the same flakiness)
12:27bobholtjgraham: yesterday you said "You could try that perhaps. Not really a solution, but it could help"
12:28bobholtDo you remember what the "that" was? circle-ci, browserstack...
12:28bobholti mean, i'm going to eventually try everything, including running tests via hamster-powered difference engine...
12:33jgrahambobholt: Caching the generated manifest on travis
12:33jgrahamBut I like the hamster thing
12:36bobholtah, i see - missed the conversation there with gsnedders - i'll give it a look
13:38zcorpanbobholt: thanks (re logs)
18:14gsneddersjgraham: I did mention I'm definitely in London next Monday?
18:20jgrahamgsnedders: No, so if you want to keep it a secret you're still good
18:20gsneddersjgraham: oh, okay
18:20gsneddersjgraham: then further to me asking whether you're free next Monday: I'm in London next Monday.
18:21jgrahamgsnedders: Sounds good
18:21gsneddersjgraham: tl;dr: let's try and come up with a plan for automation stuff that people will be happy with
18:25jgrahamI'm not sure I know what "automation stuff" means
18:25jgrahamIn this context at least
18:26gsneddersthe simple case of trusted clicks and similar, and the less simple case of things like Web Bluetooth
18:26jgrahamgsnedders: Sounds goodat
18:26jgrahamgsnedders: Oh, that
18:28gsneddersalmost as bad as me earlier
18:28gsneddersI kept hitting return (on a US keyboard) instead of '
19 Apr 2017
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