w3 :: #testing

25 Mar 2017
07:12jgrahamgsnedders: OK. FWIW I think that you working on the manual automation stuff would be very valuable; I'm a little worried that I haven't been paying enough attention to the work that people have started there and I'm going to be unhappy with the results
08:07jgrahamgsnedders, rbyers: BTW I have wpt coverage data for gecko (and the ability to generate more)
12:03rbyersjgraham: Does the coverage data seem useful? Eg. Could we automate finding useless / redundant tests? Can you see obvious big area of missing tests?
12:29jgrahamrbyers: Don't have per-test data at this point. I haven't looked hard for missing tests, but it seems useful if your're developing tests for X to see which parts you missed, or to get a general idea of which parts are perhaps not well tested
12:29jgrahamOf course reading it requires some knowledge of the gecko implementation
25 Mar 2017
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