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16 Mar 2017
01:34fantasaimyles: Btw, when you get to a point with css-fonts-4 where you think it's rougly complete and not incoherent, we should publish FPWD...
02:10mylesfantasai: hrmmm
02:10mylesfantasai: i think i'll need help knowing when that point is
02:11myleslike, level 4 includes a lot of stuff from level 3 but isn't entirely comprehensive
02:11mylesso it isn't a delta spec but it isn't a superset either
02:11mylesfantasai: i'm still pretty new to the whole process thing in the W3C so i'll need some help with this stuff
02:12myles(though i'm totally on board with the idea of moving it forward)
21:44mylesChrisL: I think I got one of my test fonts working on Windows
21:44mylesChrisL: see https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=169788
21:44mylesChrisL: (at least it works in Edge)
21:48ChrisLwoohoo, will take a look
21:49mylesChrisL: looks like it works in Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10
21:49mylesChrisL: i have a couple other test fonts which we use in WebKit which I haven't gotten working but this one should at least get you started
21:49mylesChrisL: thanks for helping out with this :)
21:50ChrisLso that is a patch to the generator script. where is the built font? can I download it or do i need to build it on a mac?
21:50mylespart of the patch is a binary diff to the font file itself
21:51mylesChrisL: see the bottom of https://bug-169788-attachments.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=304696
21:51mylesChrisL: or I could just send you the completed one
21:51ChrisLyeah, please :)
21:52mylesChrisL: what's your email address?
21:53mylesChrisL: please let me know how it goes
21:53ChrisLthanks, will do
17 Mar 2017
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