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21 Feb 2017
21:17gitter-bot-msl(betatim) Do I know someone who knows about ESP8266s, GPS and making it all survive for a few months on a motorbike in Sierra Leone? If yes...I will send virtual cake:
21:43gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) Cool @betatim , I think @joeyklee was talking about some tools for GPS logging to me once. I'll send it to a friend of mine who also worked on tracking hiking routes for one of his side projects.
21:48gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) hey @betatim! I have experience using the arduino adafruit gps shield problem is that it isnt really low power. The resolution is fine, but sometimes has some issues grabbing satellites if it hasnt been on for awhile. Supposedly they should remember where they are and be able to find GPS fix easier, but sometimes it can take ages
21:49gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) I guess youve seen something like this:
21:51gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) if you can plug directly into the motorbike you mightwont have to worry about power.. but I guess motorbiikes dont come with a cigarette lighter plug or?
21:52gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) Ive used these Nanuk cases before and I like them. They are cheaper than the pelican cases but still rugged and weatherproof:
21:54gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) ah I see also based on your ( seems youre already protoyping a few things
21:57gitter-bot-msl(joeyklee) and have basically thought about everything I just suggested :p
22:00gitter-bot-msl(betatim) good to see that I am not going in totally the wrong direction :)
22:00gitter-bot-msl(betatim) mostly wondering how I could enthuse others to help me and then in the end have 20 units or so that we can send off to collect data
22:01gitter-bot-msl(betatim) never really done much "real" hardware stuff and for sure never as an open project
22:02gitter-bot-msl(betatim) nano cases look super shiny, much less ghetto than plastic tubing
22:05gitter-bot-msl(betatim) ultimate goal is to help a friend who wants to "create a map and gazetteer of every settlement in the project area so that a health clinic can accurately and unambiguously identify the place of origin of almost all incoming patients." Putting people on motorbikes to drive around and collect data, needs some GPS tracking
22:12gitter-bot-msl(auremoser) yay gazetteers!
22:15gitter-bot-msl(betatim) gazetteer always makes me think it is a person
22:15gitter-bot-msl(betatim) mountaineer, gazetteer, ... :)
21 Feb 2017
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