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21 Apr 2017
07:47mgm_rain0rIs there anything I could do to get my PR going? I need them for my work :)
07:51thc202mgm_rain0r, which one?
07:54thc202ok, will take a look at it now
08:09mgm_rain0rthx for feedback thc202
08:11mgm_rain0rwe should really agree on either tabs vs spaces :F that really makes my life harder
08:11thc202yes, it makes everyone's life harder ;)
08:12* psiinon is fine with either tabs or 4 spaces ;)
08:12thc202how about 2 spaces? ;)
08:14mgm_rain0rI don't care what as long as it's enforced system-wide :P
08:14mgm_rain0rI'm fed up with things like this
08:27psiinonyeah, auto enforcement would make all our lives easier
08:28psiinonI'm now coming down on the side of just adopting the Google stds / tools
08:28mgm_rain0ryes please :)
09:15mgm_rain0rthc202, just pushed the changes for your review comments
09:17mgm_rain0rpsiinon, please I beg you :P would be so much easier if we could just do an "Source -> Format" in eclipse before commiting
09:25psiinonI'm all for that :)
09:25psiinonBut we do need to tell everyone what we plan to do and provide the right files for formatting etc
09:25psiinonso the process wont be instantanious
09:27mgm_rain0rMaybe edit this section?
09:27psiinonthc202 is hopefully going to be posting to the ZAP dev group soon :)
09:29mgm_rain0rI vote for this:
09:54cyis there something like sonarqbe for oss projects?
09:54cylike travis but for code quality
09:55cyas in build fails if (linting) criteria not met.
09:58thc202something like ?
09:58cyreads like "code as cy"
09:59cyi dont know codacy but it does static code analysis like sonar so its probably the same
09:59cyi mean for internal projects we have sonar in our build pipeline, so the jenkins comments on changes in gitlab when sonar rules are violated
10:01cyapparently provides an enterprise service for this, but this means adding authentication to travis.yml, which is probably not applicable to open github repos;)
10:01cyLOL forget everything i said earlier
10:01cyzaproxy uses or at least as a token for that in .travis.yml
10:04thc202yeah, but that's just done weekly, not per pull request
10:05cyah ic
10:06cyim not sure about coverity, travis and github policies, and neither about zaproxy policy about linting and format, but if possioble i'd add this to the default buildchain thats build once you push to a PR
10:07cyi did some contribs to puppet voxpupuli project, there travis build is only successful if the corresponding code checks succeed
10:07cyso you can only merge PRs if the code meets thee standards
10:07thc202the reason to not run coverity per pull request is because ZAP has a very large codebase (iirc)
10:08thc202hopefully, we will check the format when building in TravisCI
10:08cywell i havent used coverity, only sonar in our own (work) projects, there sonar can be set to check only new code or changed files
10:09cyill try this in a PR, ;) maybe thats something i can help out with bigger gain than my still poor understanding of the actual code,)
10:10thc202(that's the reason)
10:38cyyeah thought about something like that
11:42mgm_rain0rthc202, dealing with the formatting is such a huge impediment
11:42mgm_rain0rsome files use tabs, some files use spaces
11:42mgm_rain0rsome use even a mix
11:42mgm_rain0rit's not like I commit formatting changes on purpose (or that I want to commit *my* format)
11:43thc202yeah, that will be sorted out really soon
11:43mgm_rain0rI'm really thinking about waiting with future PR for the formatting policy
11:45thc202ok, but that might take some days to land
11:46mgm_rain0rIt's just too frustrating (and wastes too much time)
11:54mgm_rain0rwell another try
11:54mgm_rain0rI'm waiting until you say "ok" and then I will squash all commits into one
21:43Dennis_Kthc202: are you around?
22:03thc202Dennis_K, yes
22:07Dennis_KI'am currently working on adding parameters to the "Fuzzer Message Processors Script". I added the DynamicFieldsPanel below the script-combobox. But all Label-Textbox components for the parameters are positioned vertically centered. To prevent the centered behaviour I would like to add a new JPanel below the last Label-Textbox component. And set the last rowWeights in GridBagLayout.rowWeights to 1.
22:08Dennis_KSo the Jpanel expand to all the free space and push the Label-Textbox components vertically to the top.
22:16thc202seems reasonable
22:18Dennis_K:) kk
22:20thc202oh, was going to ask you a question :(
22 Apr 2017
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