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27 Mar 2017
09:39thc202morning jotes
09:43psiinonhey jotes - thanks for the python fixes :)
09:44jotespsiinon: no problem. I hope that my last pull looks better than the first one
10:12psiinonjotes: arg, tests failed again :(
10:13psiinonI had to change the code to use urllib for proxying, otherwise we get cert errors when proxying reqs to https sites :(
10:26jotespsiinon: you use urllib only because of cert errors?
10:26psiinonyeah :)
10:26psiinonhappy to use anything else, just couldnt get anything else to work :/
10:31jotespsiinon: could you paste those errors somewhere?
10:33psiinonI know importing the ZAP root cert should fix those, but thats a pain for users
10:33psiinonas I cant think of a way to do that automatically
10:35jotesdid you try to use requests.get(url, verify=False)?
10:35psiinonI think so, but I'll try again now...
10:41psiinonha! that works :D
10:41jotesHA! :D
10:41jotesthat's good.
10:42psiinondont know which combinations I tried, but obviously not that one :P
10:44psiinonugh, tests still failing :(
10:45jotespsiinon: ok, give me a moment
10:45psiinonthanks :)
10:50jotespsiinon: I still see urllib here -> is it intentional?
10:50jotesalso, src/zapv2/ -> could you remove urljoin from there?
10:51psiinonarent those in the current code, not my PR?
10:52psiinonthere is a 'from urlparse import urljoin' that isnt needed any more ;)
11:44psiinonjotes: any idea why this is failing?
11:45jotesyup, I'm looking into it right now
11:46jotespsiinon: here ya go:
11:50psiinondoh! So I just left off the 'return' :P
11:50jotesyeah :/
11:51psiinonoh great, and now I'm getting that cert error :(
11:52psiinonwait, ZAPs not running ...
11:53psiinonit works :)
11:54jotesyay :D
11:56psiinonlets see if the PR builds...
11:57psiinonso that was actually a real bug that the (very minimal) unit tests picked up :)
11:57psiinonand it now passes :D
11:57psiinonthanks again!
14:55jotespsiinon: you're welcome.
27 Mar 2017
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