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20 Mar 2017
11:49math-alphahi anyone there?
13:52ErikRose_rhelmer: Annnd just threw up sphinx-js 1.5.1 which alphabetizes :members: if you don't otherwise specify an order.
15:56Exagone313Hi, this may not be the appropriate channel.. I want to build a standalone graphical app (targeting GNU/Linux x86_64) using a web engine, I want to render html with css and be able to manipulate the dom, like usually done with Javascript in a web browser, but it would be more interesting in another language. I wonder if there is a "stable enough" solution with either C/C++ & Gecko or Rust & Servo? I've read about Positron as well but it's not ready
15:56Exagone313as it seems. I consider also using C/C++ & Chromium Embedded Framework, but I'd prefer to use something else. What would be the way to go? Thanks for your help.
16:00OsmoseExagone313: Electron + a compile-to-JS language is probably your best bet for a viable stack
16:00OsmoseBut that's assuming viable is important that interesting to you :P
16:09Exagone313The most viable way to go would be not using web techs, but it's for testing in the first place
16:10rhelmerErikRose_: nice :) I'll try out autoclass and push new docs up today
16:11ErikRose_rhelmer: Looking forward to hearing how it goes!
16:12ErikRose_rhelmer: Just for personal growth, I ran plain old jsdoc -x on Fathom.
16:13ErikRose_Wow, that isn't helpful *at all*. It just doesn't work with something whose inner structure doesn't reflect how users should come at it.
16:15ErikRose_JSDoc does provide for "tutorials" (, separate files you can park long passages of prose to be presented separately,
16:16ErikRose_but there's no facility for calling source-extracted comments into tutorials. There's a hard black line between API docs and prose docs.
16:17Exagone313Osmose: going into this and it would be possible to use positron in the future?
16:18OsmoseExagone313: It got discontinued recently:
16:18Exagone313oh darn
16:18ErikRose_Thought of the day: programming language idioms are a mediocracy. Discuss.
16:19Exagone313then, what if I want to stick with a mozilla engine?
16:23OsmoseExagone313: Choices are slim to none there, the embedding story for Gecko has always been a pain. Servo has a better one but I dunno how well paved of a path that is at this point.
16:24Exagone313Yeah, seems so
16:25Exagone313and I don't see any other embeddable engine than blink/webkit
16:26Exagone313maybe I drop this and I come back to a widget toolkit
17:02chuckAnybody have a project with some good first bugs suitable for a frontend/UX sort of contributor? Playing matchmaker, and whatcanidoformozilla doesn't really have an applicable category.
18:06rhelmerErikRose: hm. trying to squeeze playing w/ sphinx-js in between other stuff... I have a very basic doc now, sphinx-js is raising this exception
18:06rhelmerthe doc looks like
18:07ErikRoseHaving a look.
18:08ErikRoseAh, that makes sense.
18:08ErikRoseLet me see if I can patch that up quickly.
18:08ErikRoseIn the meantime, you can stick () after the class name in the docs to work around it.
18:08rhelmerah cool thanks
18:10rhelmerErikRose: ok that workaround seems to work around it.
18:10rhelmerhowever I think I'm at the point I need to deal with the way we do private vs. public methods... blah
18:11rhelmerthis public class forwarding to private class thing is no fun. it's a pain to have to remember to do when adding/removing/changing methods anyway since you have to remember to do it in two places.
18:12rhelmerI wonder if we shouldn't use jsdoc annotations and also something like _ prefix in method name, the latter as a hint for tools that don't understand jsdoc like the dev console
18:12ErikRoseYep. If you want, you could do real quick.
18:12ErikRoseBut yeah, it doesn't really solve anything for us doing it like that.
18:12ErikRoseHmm, I can't repro your bug.
18:13rhelmerthe bug where there's no () ?
18:14rhelmeryeah, :no-header: on autoclass would be ok, I think this is probably common enough that rewriting all the code to support it is not ideal
18:14ErikRoseI thought merely a constructor that takes no params would do it. Nope.
18:14ErikRosejsdoc --version?
18:16ErikRoseIf you can get it reduced, I can probably squash it fast.
18:16ErikRoseGoing on PTO for now.
21:00rhelmerErikRose: my jsdoc is 3.4.0, I'll try upgrading
21 Mar 2017
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