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17 Mar 2017
16:01groovecoderpmac: a GA rep introduced "Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act" that would "decriminalize defensive deeds that it defines as those undertaken by, or at the direction of, a victim. Such defensible defensive actions would consist of accessing, without authorization, the computer of the attacker who went after the victims network."
16:02pmacthat's the last thing I'd expect a GA rep to be thinking about...
16:03pmacwhat an odd thing to try to legislate. at first blush it just sounds very ripe for abuse in that pretty-much everyone can claim to be a victim of "hacking".
16:03* pmac looks more into it
16:05* pmac foresees a supreme court case involving people who've hacked govt. agencies in "self defense"
16:08safwanAny GSoc project related to webdev?
17:59Osmose2 minutes ya'll
18:28van2Hi guys
18:28van2Any recommended books for a newbie?
18:29ErikRose_Osmose: So that's why I couldn't figure out how I screwed up the table. You fixed it behind my back! :-)
18:37ErikRose_van2: For web dev, I can't say anything is much better than web-based resources. MDN is good. I recommend going straight to the relevant spec: like the HTML or CSS spec.
18:37van2Thank you, what is mdn
18:37ErikRose_Though if you're getting on a plane and just want a big havy paper thing to cart around, I always like The Algorithm Design Manual, not that it's web-specific.
18:38van2Ohh thank you
18:38ErikRose_Actually, here, this looks good for you:
18:38ErikRose_You can go anywhere from there.,
18:39van2Im a newbie, i looked a bit in codeacademy but it had some bugs that prevents me from going to next chapter even if i answer the question right
18:39ErikRose_That's a shame.
18:39van2Also w3 school but i think it's better as a reference, not a learning reseource
18:39ErikRose_For learning from scratch, I recommend project-based play. Try making something, and look up what you end up needing to know to do it.
18:39van2I dont know i just feel that way
18:40van2Or maybe im just dumb lol
18:40ErikRose_<- less dumb every day. That&#39;s my motto. :-)
18:40van2Where can i start doing projectbased activities like u said?
18:41van2Should i start cloning websites?
18:41ErikRose_That&#39;s a fine idea. Start with something you like, and twiddle things, and see what changes.
18:42van2Some ppl said jumping to the end like that can cause holes in my knowledge...
18:42ErikRose_Heh, you will always have holes in your knowledge.
18:42van2You r right!
18:42ErikRose_Fortunately, those can be plugged with reference documentation.
18:42van2I shouldnt fear
18:42ErikRose_Heck, I&#39;m what one might call an expert-level Python person, and I still look at reference docs all day long.
18:43ErikRose_You just can&#39;t remember all those fiddly little bits.
18:43van2Cuz im not going to classes or anything so all i hear is from people on forums and that makes me scared
18:43van2People that go to uni
18:43ErikRose_Go try to have fun. If you have fun, you&#39;ll keep at it, and that&#39;s how you get good at anything.
18:43van2They scared me to death and they r like, they got degree, they got &quot;proper&quot; training
18:44van2And i&#39;ll forever be
18:44van2You re absolutely right Erik
18:44ErikRose_A lot of our top people don&#39;t have degrees.
18:44van2By being scared by them i have been procrascinatin for long
18:44ErikRose_Degrees are nice for dragging you through a lot of stuff you wouldn&#39;t be motivated to learn otherwise.
18:45van2Cuz learning step to step and boring lesson and theory just tired me out so much
18:45ErikRose_But frankly, a CS degree is going to be very light on day-to-day knowledge like &quot;how to do web stuff&quot;.
18:45ErikRose_Yes, plus you won&#39;t remember any of it, because it will be out of context.
18:45van2What is CS?
18:46ErikRose_Computer Science
18:46van2I thought bout counterstrike, donno why
18:48jgauntvan2 mdn and firefox devtools were enough for me to get a basic understanding
18:49jgauntclick on stuff, see how it looks in the inspector, see how all the styling properties relate to different elements
18:50van2Inspector is the F12 right?
18:50jgauntErikRose_: it looks like it is non-trivial to enforce someone only visiting a webpage once and once only?
18:50jgauntvan2 you got it
18:50van2So i&#39;ll click on elements on page and tryna see how it was written and clone it
18:51van2By that i can learn to do it :D !
18:51ErikRose_jgaunt: What are you trying to do?
18:51jgauntby the bootstraps
18:51jgauntErikRose_: let me try to articulate better
18:51jgauntdoing this experiment from a js script
18:51jgauntin the interest of not confounding results
18:52jgauntideally each participant would only do the procedure once
18:52van2Instead of long boring lessons omg im gonna die sitting here learning all by myself. I hope i wont give up on webdev. I love computer and everybody is badmouthing me about how it&#39;s too late or too hard or too stupid to start now
18:52jgauntbut it doesn&#39;t seem possible to block page reloads, aside from popping one of those &quot;are you sure you want to exit this tab&quot; dialogs
18:53jgauntand to track page loads server side I&#39;d need to check the IP onthe requests and run it against some kind of timer or at least keep track of the initial requests in a db
18:53jgauntso anyone could just reload the study 1/2 way thru (not that I think people would want it to take longer, but I&#39;ve gotta be a little paranoid in the interest of data quality)
18:53ErikRose_Yeah, IPs are kinda iffy because of proxies and VPNs.
18:54jgauntI&#39;m used to an academic level of control; I may just need to get over that :)
18:54ErikRose_You can lay down cookies or localstorage bits, but those can be cleared.
18:54jgauntcookie sounds most promising, actually
18:54ErikRose_Basically, you&#39;re trying to figure out how to identify (or at least deduplicate) people on the web. If you figure that out, you can start a company and make millions.
18:55jgauntoooh yea, I used to work at NLSN
18:55ErikRose_Cookies are the canonical way, yes. It&#39;ll take care of most of your problem and not cost you much effort.
18:55jgauntthat&#39;d be a cash cow indeed
19:01vanlHey how can i register?
19:01vanlPrevent someone else using my nick
19:03vanlAwesome thanks erik
20:07ErikRose_rhelmer: sphinx-js 1.5 is out, with full-on iteration over class members. Say autoclass: Foo:members:, and walk away.
20:24jgauntOsmose, mythmon: is there a good reason docker-compose up &quot;can&#39;t open file &#39;;&quot; today when I haven&#39;t (knowingly) changed anything?
20:25mythmonjgaunt: nope, that doesn&#39;t make sense
20:25mythmoni&#39;d check git-diff, maybe try and switch to master and see if the problem is there
20:28jgauntit&#39;s my fault for rebooting
20:28jgauntno diff on master, same error regardless of branch so it&#39;s probably something to do with a windows update
20:38jgauntsomething reset my firewall settings which in turn broke docker, back in business
18 Mar 2017
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