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17 Apr 2017
14:35BennyHyphenHello. I'd like the text on this page to not overflow:
14:36BennyHyphenHow do I do this?
14:36BennyHyphenA alternative solution is to detect and remove the text which causes the overflow.
14:36BennyHyphenBut I don't know how to detect the width a piece of text takes.
17:04b4handCould I get some help with a circleci problem I am having here?
17:10pmacb4hand: go ahead and ask. people will help if they can.
17:10b4handHey all. I could use some help with accessing a localhost nodejs server on circleci. It seems the port is already in use or something even though, sshing into the box shows that it isn't. I asked here:
17:47BennyHyphenThat ip loks wrong:
17:48BennyHyphenb4hand: Ping!
17:48b4handBennyHyphen: pong
17:48b4handthanks for looking
17:49BennyHyphenDo you have a domain where the server is running?
17:49BennyHyphenhttps generally only works with a valid domain afaik. I am not sure how it should work with ip's.
17:50b4handin the circle ci hosts file we map localhost to
17:53BennyHyphenThe test script and the server are running on same machine?
17:55BennyHyphenThen you need need to fiddle with ip's and hosts files at all. You should be able to call your service with http://localhosts:port/ from your test script. Where port is replaced by 80 or 8080 or whatever port the server uses
17:55BennyHyphenRevert your changes to the hosts file and don't use https (you will not get a certificate for localhost)
17:56b4handInteresting. I'll give it a shot
17:57BennyHyphenThen you don't need to fille with ip's...*
17:58b4handBennyHyphen: so thats the problem. I can't access just http:.... with how the nodejs server is setup. It has to be https
17:59b4handI can ignore the cert with firefox
17:59b4handaccept insecure certs
18:02BennyHyphenWhat is the server's public domain?
18:22b4handBennyHyphen: looks like it isn't the server. I was able to print the html using curl and everything is there. It seems selenium or something else is the problem, on circleci. On travis everything is fine.
18:22b4handThanks again
18 Apr 2017
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