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15 Mar 2017
13:42guybrushhey guys! do i need to use a cloud-service to use the web push-api?
18:31clouserwmaybe I'm not understanding JS source maps at all, but the example on MDN:
18:31clouserwit's not using a minified JS file at all's not really demoing source maps I think?
18:32clouserw(on a related note, can someone link to a site that is using sourcemaps on minified JS so I can get an example plz? :D)
22:12dholbertcraigcook: hi! havi told me you might have the ability to fix typos on blog.m.o (or perhaps you know someone who could)
22:12craigcookdholbert: I can do that.
22:12dholbertcraigcook: woot. So this is for
22:12dholbert(1) last paragraph has "with the your internet appetite". Need to drop "the".
22:13dholbert(2) second paragraph has "Electrolysis (e10s), a multi-process browser functionality". The phrase "a...functionality" doesn't feel like it makes sense, because "functionality" isn't a countable thing. replace "a" with "our" (so it's "our...functionality")
22:13dholberter sorry, (2) is for third paragraph (not second)
22:13dholbertThat's all
22:13dholbertcraigcook: thank you!
22:14craigcookmake take a few minutes for cache to refresh
22:15dholbertalready fixed for me, just checked :D
22:15* dholbert out, thanks again!
16 Mar 2017
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