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21 Apr 2017
02:06KWiersoemorley: ugh, it's the */* at the end of the list of headers rendering it useless
02:07KWiersoand the comment at the top of _request_wants_json() mentions it's doing that intentionally
11:00herokubotdeployed 7a6e293 to treeherder-prototype
11:00herokubotdeployed 7a6e293 to treeherder-stage
14:02herokubotdeployed 18e8971 to treeherder-stage
14:02herokubotdeployed 18e8971 to treeherder-prototype
16:11herokubotdeployed 6c2b9de to treeherder-stage
19:15herokubotdeployed c535637 to treeherder-prototype
19:15herokubotdeployed c535637 to treeherder-stage
23:19camdKWierso: I just sent you some feedback on that PR. Sorry to get nit-picky with syntax. :)
23:27KWiersocamd: that's okay, I assigned the review of bug 1358631 to you as punishment
23:27firebot NEW, Make sure jobs scroll into view when infobars are present.
23:27camdhaha.. Perfect... :)
22 Apr 2017
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