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20 Mar 2017
14:09herokubotdeployed c1dfddc to treeherder-prototype
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15:45emorleysome of our test setup code is pretty funky
15:46emorleyeach time we use just a subset of the sample_data fixture, the SampleData class reads multiple types of sample data
15:46emorleywhich I'm presuming gets binned at the end of each test
15:46emorleyno wonder the Python tests are slow
15:49wlachhmm at least it's straightforward file i.o
15:49wlachbut agree that it's weird
15:52emorleyit's still 0.5MB of reference data loaded each time any test just needs a constant (eg `get_log_path()`)
15:54emorleythere's probably some easy wins in the DB transaction stuff too
15:58camdemorley: that's a really good observation. It wasn't such a big deal when we just had a set of tests and resultsets when it was originally set up.
15:58camdbut now we have several kinds of items. :)
15:59camdNot sure how big the files are, but certainly is a place where we could be more efficient. :)
15:59camdI think the list of jobs used to be big, but we really only ever use the first 10 or 15, iirc.
16:00emorleyit's not just that - we also load sampledata just to concatenate a constant
16:00emorleyeg: log_url = SampleData().get_log_path("plain-chunked_errorsummary.log")
16:00jgrahamIf it's constant data shouldn't it be scope=session at least
16:00jgrahamSo that it only gets loaded once per testrun
16:00emorleyyeah that would help
16:04emorleySeems like "make our tests not take 10+ minutes" might be a good contributor bug
16:40emorleywlach: I've just added another commit to the vulture deadcode PR, ok for me to squash that in?
16:41emorley(means less to change in bug 1165356)
16:41firebot NEW, Use requests everywhere instead of urllib / urllib2 / httplib
16:41wlachemorley: sure
16:42emorleySwitching to requests fixes bug 1328880 and makes bug 1295997 simple :-)
16:42firebot NEW, emorley Log line numbers differ between Treeherder and the unified log viewer
16:42firebot NEW, emorley Add limit to size of log we will parse
18:16herokubotdeployed 4fcd020 to treeherder-stage
19:17herokubotdeployed 27ac27c to treeherder-prototype
19:17herokubotdeployed 27ac27c to treeherder-stage
21:04emorleyrwood: flake8 errors
21:05rwoodemorley: on it thx
21:18rwoodemorley: thanks for the reviews
21:23emorleyrwood: you're welcome :-)
21:32herokubotdeployed 9fdf5d3 to treeherder-stage
21:32herokubotdeployed 9fdf5d3 to treeherder-prototype
22:54camdEli: hey man, you still around? Got a question about filtering on my test-ui PR.
22:54Elicamd: what's up?
22:55camdEli: So I'm realizing that I completely broke the filtering in that PR, and need to move the filtering to the Redux model to make it work again.
22:55camdSo I'm working on that now
22:55camdBut would you prefer that in a later PR?
22:56camdI'm happy to do it now, but the PR would grow a bit.. :/
22:56Elicamd: I'm fine with it being in the same pr
22:56camdit won't add THAT much code. Just another method on the suites store
22:56camdok, cool. I'll finish that up, then.
22:56Elisounds good!
22:57camdI was also ripping out the retrigger / check stuff, since we've deferred that functionality
22:57camdI hope that won't offend. :)
23:14KWiersowlach/camd/emorley: relaying kudos from ryanvm:
23:14KWierso14:35:03 <RyanVM> is it just me or is TH feeling way faster than it used to?
23:14KWierso14:35:19 <RyanVM> hitting &#39;n&#39; switches between jobs with basically no perceptible lag AFAICT
23:14KWiersowell done team, nice hustle, etc
23:15camdKudos much appreciated, but... I&#39;m not sure we can take credit for it. Maybe just nightly is getting much faster? Unless something landed that I&#39;m forgetting about.
23:16camdKWierso: but it sure is nice to hear positive feedback in any capacity. And good to know he&#39;s happy. :)
21 Mar 2017
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