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19 Apr 2017
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13:07emorleyjgraham: thank you for the reviews. I think pressing merge leaves the review open - there's a button for review and then an option for "approve" which marks it as reviewed
13:08jgrahamemorley: Oh for some reason I thought that just merging stuff also closed the review
13:08emorleyit may still be worth keeping the workflow of "if author has push access, let them merge after approval, in case not ready etc"
13:09emorleyYeah it's all good, I just thought I'd say before there ended up being lots of open reviews adding noise to your queue :-)
13:09jgrahamemorley: OK, sorry. I was short circuiting a bit since I know this is not running in prod at the moment
13:09emorleyyeah for this it's absolutely fine :-)
13:10jgrahamemorley: It seems that they aren't on my list at anymore
13:10emorleyah ok
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16:04jgrahamApparently literally every meeting room in the office is taken and we didn't book one :/
16:06camdoops, one sec
16:06jgrahamHmm, not sure I had much for this meeting anyway; OK if I skip it? I've added a room for next time
16:08emorleyjgraham: fine with me :-)
16:54wlachyeah the new react stuff sounds neat
16:55wlachi'm told this video by lin clark is good:
17:06rbillingsemorley: thanks for the review- before I get working on it, I was curious: most of your comments seem to be about removing stuff that is needed for Jenkins to run in the new jenkins folder, shouldn't those be kept as-is ?
17:06rbillingsfor example the comments about link & flake8
17:11emorleyrbillings: all files in the treeherder repo are already linted, so there's no need to run another lint run in Jenkins
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18:18camdemorley: haha... That's awesome...
18:18camdAt first I thought it was a joke, but actually looks like it's legit, eh?
20:49AutomatedTesterjgraham: we were discussing easter over indulgence
21:18herokubotdeployed ac89962 to treeherder-prod
20 Apr 2017
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