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17 Apr 2017
16:35herokubotdeployed 71c7dc3 to treeherder-prototype
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18:53KWiersocamd: addressed the review comments. wonder if in the long term it'd be better to have a "can_trigger" thing in or if we could look up
18:54KWiersos/"can_trigger" thing/"can_trigger" thing for the repos that support it
18:55camdyeah, that'd be good, too. I kind of like that appoach because it's self-documenting in a way.
18:56KWiersoI don't imagine the list of supported repos changing too much
18:56camdAgreed, yeah
18:56KWiersowe could land what we have now to fix the immediate issue and I can file a followup to improve it
18:57camdSure, wfm. :)
19:09KWiersoand thus bug 1357175 is born
19:09firebot NEW, Improve the way support for "Trigger Missing Jobs" is determined.
19:13herokubotdeployed 0361b61 to treeherder-prototype
19:13herokubotdeployed 0361b61 to treeherder-stage
18 Apr 2017
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