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9 Aug 2017
15:12fzzzyhaha, i just saw a deprecation warning in a console screenshot that says "frame-src is deprecated, please use child-src", but when I was writing the branch I switched to frame-src because child-src was deprecated
15:20CosminMCGHi guys, as we mentioned yesterday, we run the Test Pilot deployment verification on production today and we haven't found any new issues
15:20CosminMCGso, production looks good
15:20CosminMCGwe also looked over the, but we haven't managed to reproduce it
15:28fzzzythanks CosminMCG! huge release!
15:29fzzzyeeems said that #2746 went away if they used a fresh profile so that is good. wonder what the issue was though. maybe they can provide the broken profile
15:31JSON_voorheesUpdated the description to the latest min vid pr to explain what _actually_ needs to be reviewed in it last night
15:32JSON_voorheesIf anyone can take a look today I would really appreciate it
16:41jgruenhot off twitter
16:42fzzzyjgruen: we had a discussion about this yesterday, but couldn't decide what the right thing to do was
16:42jgruenon irc?
16:42fzzzyjgruen: we add languages to the languages meta tag when they reach 100%, but don't remove them when they fall below 100%
16:43jgruenah, well seems like 1 language would be good
16:43jgruenand en should be 100%
16:43lorchardThat's actually accept-languages working as intended :/
16:43jgruenyeah i know
16:43jgruenthere used to be a process that cloned en-US to en
16:43lorchardBut what we need to do is get the l10n branch working and hold back features until there's enough languages at 100%
16:44lorchardremoving a language from the list means suddenly the *whole site* is no longer in that language
16:44lorchardcloning en-US to en wouldn't help
16:45lorchardat least, I don't think
16:45lorchardProblem is that not all locales are at 100% on new content
16:46fzzzyrussian has some of the new content translated, but not all of it. so whatever is translated shows up in russian, but whatever isn't falls back to english
16:46jgruenuser says the site used to be 100% english in the case in the bug
16:46lorchardThat's weird
16:46lorchardBecause the old l20n system would not show anything but l10n IDs before now, no fallback strings
16:47lorchardThis new fluent system at least does fallbacks at all
16:47fzzzyjgruen: we manually manage the language list, russian only would have been added to it at a point when translation coverage reached 100
16:47lorchardIt was 100% at one point
16:48lorchardBeyond there, we don't remove the language from the list, we should hold back content until it's back to 100%
16:48lorchardOr decide we're okay with fallbacks in some languages because it's more important to lauinch
16:48lorchardremoving a language from the list is way too drastic IMO
16:49fzzzyit was added jan 3
16:50fzzzyI tested that both en and en-US are working properly
16:50jgruenso with content negotiation, assuming en would be 100% too, why is that not showing up?
16:51jgruenis it a coin flip when they're at the same q value
16:51fzzzyif en is at the top it should grab en first
16:51jgruenand if so it seems like the complete locale would win?
16:51jgruenuser's accept header looks like this: en,ru;q=0.7,ja;q=0.3
16:52jgrueni am not actually sure how to read that precisely
16:52lorchardHmm, yeah, maybe it is the lack of an en locale, since q=1.0 by default
16:52jgruenthat's what i thought
16:52jgrueni think this is that, rather than a negotiation issue...
16:53lorchardDoes fluent have a way to alias a language to a locale? Seems like there should be a cleaner way to do it than just copying certain locales to respective languages
16:53lorchardI think we did that for legal page URLs or something, but not for the site in general
16:54fzzzyen is there
16:54fzzzylorchard: that was on my list to ask s t a s about soon
16:54lorchardIt's not in the production locales list though
16:54fzzzyoh, whoops
16:54fzzzyI guess that's the bug then
16:55lorchardor wait, I'm looking at snooze tabs
16:55lorchardAh yeah, nope, not on test pilot either
16:56fzzzyi think we also want to add de-de
17:01jgruenfzzzy lorchard the user from twitter posted a further screenshot. could we track the issue for that bug
17:02jgruenseems like good karma
17:02lorchardNot sure what that means... are you posting the screenshot in that issue?
17:02fzzzyit's there
17:03fzzzyyeah i can't understand that sentence either. you mean use the bug to discuss the issue?
17:03lorchardYeah, I didn't understand the sentence
17:04fzzzythe fix is adding en and de-de to this line
17:04jgruenoh, i was saying it would be good karma for us to provide an update un that bug
17:04jgruen*in that bug
17:04fzzzyi'm on a branch right now but i can do it in like 20 minutes if nobody else does
17:04lorchardWell, the update is probably going to be the fix that fzzzy is working on right now
17:04lorchardOh, thought you were actually on it
17:05lorchardI can do it real quick, so either way the update is - here's a fix for next push
17:05lorchard(assuming adding it to the production locale list fixes it)
17:06jgruenyeah commented on the bug
17:08lorchardhmm, I don't see en or de-de locales on a local build... do we only copy those on deploy?
17:09fzzzyi think so. i would like it if they worked for local too
17:09lorchardnot seeing it in :/
17:10fzzzyclouserw: do you remember where en-US gets copied to en?
17:11clouserwfzzzy: sorry, no
17:12fzzzynobody knows then! haha
17:12fzzzyis it in an ops script?
17:14lorchardMaybe? It's not present on dev
17:14fzzzymust be then
17:15lorchardUnless the en locale on prod is super stale and we don't actually generate it anymore
17:15lorchardYeah, I think it's stale. No mention of new content
17:16lorchardLast-Modified: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 18:00:36 GMT in the headers
17:16fzzzyi don't see send or notes in there
17:17lorchardSo, probably a little more to be done than just adding it to the locales list
17:18fzzzyhaving fluent-langneg support locale aliases would be nice
17:18lorchardSo yeah, I don't think I'm fixing this real quick
17:19* fzzzy nods
17:19fzzzyat least there is a bug open for it now. thanks jgruen
17:21fzzzyI was writing the exact same comment lorchard wrote but he beat me hehe
17:22fzzzyok back to removing the user counts ;)
17:23lorchardHmm, yeah, I wonder if we can just stick a conditional in the bit that loads the languages
17:23lorchardrather than copy files around
17:25fzzzywe use fluent-langneg now
17:25fzzzyit looks like it has multiple algos for matching
17:26fzzzyhmm likelySubtags looks like what we want
17:26lorchardAh okay, yeah better using that than trying to reinvent that wheel
17:50fzzzyis there a tool to simulate a slow connection over localhost?
18:20fzzzyapple devtools have the "network link conditioner"
18:38fzzzymore people are reporting this "e is null" error, but why can none of us repro it :(
18:54lorchardI see the error in Sentry, too, but it seems to be coming from a stack of React calls that don't make a lot of sense to me
21:21Caspy7In his "Security Now" video podcast Steve Gibson gives Firefox Send his full endorsement with a nice description and breakdown of how it works
22:38chuckAnd the SDK is out!
10 Aug 2017
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