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21 Apr 2017
10:44stasI'm trying to test a new version of l20n.js in testpilot; it uses which is built with an UMD loader. for some reason I'm getting the following error when I run `npm start`:
10:46stasdoes this look familiar to anyone?
11:36staslooks like the UMD loader that intl-pluralrules uses is broken :/
12:15flod|traveljgruen, clouserw: in case you missed, it would be useful to have visibility on this
13:56pauloiegasSVewright: crappy bug alert on Tab Center It seams that the Nightly build from yesterday introduced this regression.
13:56pauloiegasSVyou can find more details in the issue
16:03chuckWe rescheduled for an hour from now, huh?
16:04lorchardOh, huh, I missed that
16:05chuckI saw the emails, but my calendar didn't update.
16:05chuckRon Burgundy:teleprompter::Chuck:calendar
17:01ckpricetriage + retro!
17:01ckpricefzzzy: _6a68 dcoates + anyone else
19:13Seburockprice: Hiya. I really should not be doing this right now, but I am doing a few edits to the draft article. Any problems or issues, please can we arrange a vidyo call/irc chat next week?
19:25ckpriceSeburo: vidyo sounds great. i'll send you an invite. what time zone are you in?
19:27Seburockprice: I am UK and due to day job and this weekends activities, can we make it after 1930 (UK time) on a day after Tuesday (ideally Thursday)?
19:35Seburockprice: I have to head offline now. Assuming I survive the weekend, we can catch up next week. :-)
22 Apr 2017
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