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20 Mar 2017
14:37gerard-majaxwho is working on the containers test pilot?
14:37gerard-majaxI love the addon
14:49flodif I'm not wrong baku, not sure if someone else in the channel
14:53gerard-majaxI had a bug though (filed it on github), and I need to verify pending feature request
14:54gerard-majaxone feature I would love is that one website is being remembered's its container, so that when I open a new tab to that website, it defaults to that container
15:27JSON_voorheesgerard-majax: I think that would be a good feature, but it should probably be an option set in addon prefs
15:27JSON_voorheesCus I can see how it could get annoying
15:30gerard-majaxJSON_voorhees, yep
15:32bakugerard-majax: me
15:33gerard-majaxbaku, well, thanks for the addon :)
15:34bakugerard-majax: welcome. do you use ESR52? I think containers is not supposed to work there. There are many missing patches in ESR52.
15:34bakugerard-majax: we should actually block containers in non-supported version of FF.
15:35gerard-majaxbaku, on my debian at home, I do use ESR52 since this is what is packaged :)
15:35gerard-majaxbaku, it seemed to work more or less, except for that specific case
15:36bakugerard-majax: yeah I suspect is not supported there.
15:36bakuI mean, it's just broken.
15:36gerard-majaxif you have any definitive way to suggest testing, I can verify that tonight
15:42bakugerard-majax: I'll think about it. I don't think there is an easy way to do it :/
16:17gerard-majaxbaku, sure
16:18gerard-majaxbaku, btw, maybe something others already reported, I guess the visual clues for each containers in tabs are not visible enough
16:18gerard-majax(with tab center)
16:18gerard-majaxjust a few pixels on the left of the tab, it's hardly readable
16:20jgruenfzzzy: FWIW, looks like everything's 404ing locally as well
16:22fzzzydid you do npm install?
16:23jgruengood idea
16:23jgruennpm i is basically the "try turning it off and on again" of web dev
16:24jgruenfzzzy: still
16:24jgruenlemmie nuke node_modules entirely
16:26fzzzyjgruen: ok, it happens here too. i'll fix it
16:26fzzzyfirst i gotta get some foods
16:27fzzzytests pass though haha
16:28fzzzythe index.html pages are in the appropriate frontend/build/experiments directories...
16:28fzzzyupdating dependencies shouldn't be this hard! :P
16:28fzzzyok bbiab
16:30jgruenfzzzy: everything is hard
18:42ckpricethere's a cliqz v2 launch happening this week. we're updating some assets on the experiment page, so we need a push (probably tomorrow)
20:02fzzzydcoates: can I get a review? somehow changes on friday busted things even though all the tests were still passing
20:03fzzzyckprice: i fixed em all, obvious refactor mistakes
20:03fzzzynot sure why the tests all passed. i guess i should work on adding integration tests
20:04fzzzydcoates: whoops sorry here is the branch
20:05dcoatesfzzzy: looking
20:14dcoatesfzzzy: are there cases now where state.installed is undefined?
20:15fzzzydcoates: apparently although i can't figure out how it could ever be. anyway, the site works again with those checks
20:15fzzzyit probably would be better to get state.installed not to be undefined
20:16dcoatesok. r+ if we follow up with that. i'll note on gh
20:18fzzzyok thanks
20:18fzzzyI'm planning on annotating the frontend reducers with flow next so that could help find out why
21 Mar 2017
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