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19 May 2017
15:42JSON_voorheesdigitarald: you are launching from the overlay icon?
15:43digitaraldJSON_voorhees: yes
15:43JSON_voorheesokay, I'll see what's going on digitarald
15:44JSON_voorheesThanks for reporting, I'm thinking they may have changed a css class or something
16:10_6a68firefox os, vindicated at last
16:11lorchardAt least the earbuds were worth it :)
16:11lorchardThat's why I disappeared off camera for awhile, digging through junk drawers some more
16:17clouserwvidyo is running, but all my connect buttons are greyed out :-/
16:17JSON_voorheespkill VidyoDesktop
16:17JSON_voorheesThat's what I have to do at least
16:17clouserwI'm pbeachballing right now
16:18JSON_voorheeswhen that happens on a mac can you still open a terminal?
16:22clouserwsigh. bad vidyo day :-/
16:23clouserwtalking about it on monday with the group sounds great
16:23clouserwfzzzy: can you lead a plow through backlog for 7min? I'm going to reboot
16:23fzzzyclouserw: sure
16:31_6a68JSON_voorhees: it depends, sometimes the beachball goes away when you switch apps, sometimes the whole system s-l-o-w-l-y collapses
16:36clouserwthanks CosminMCG !
16:37CosminMCGclouserw: no problem, have a nice weekend!
16:56clouserwjared lucked out on the vidyo bugs today
17:13_6a68clouserw: avops is investigating the issues in the TestPilot vidyo room
20:17JSON_voorheesOne thing I did not miss on testpilot is all these linters
20:31JSON_voorheesany idea how to stop this?
20:31JSON_voorheesSeems to be a babel environment variable, but I'm suprised that this would be an issue in our front end
20:32lorchardNeed to check if window exists because React / client-side code is run in gulp now too
20:33JSON_voorheesahh okay
20:33JSON_voorheeswhy is it run in gulp?
20:34lorchardThe work to remove react router added static React component rendering
20:34JSON_voorheesOh right
20:34JSON_voorheesawesome :)
20:34lorchardYeah, so stuff like this checks for typeof window !== 'undefined' now
20:35* lorchard wades through 3 pages of Pontoon commits heh
20:35JSON_voorheesjust grepped and found that
20:35JSON_voorheeshaha it's gunna be nice when those have their own branch
20:35lorchardWell.... they'll come right back when they're merged though
20:35JSON_voorheesmaybe we can squash them into one commit per release one day
20:35lorchardCan't squash without losing all the authors
20:36lorchardWhich is kind of cruddy :/
20:36JSON_voorheesCan't you have multiple authors on a commit?
20:36lorchardgit lets you specify an author and a reviewer IIRC, but that's iut
20:36JSON_voorheeswell we could put the names in a commit message right?
20:36lorchardOr rather an author and a merger
20:36JSON_voorheesCus the author is always pontoon right?
20:37lorchardNot always... we have a lot of localizers in the contributors graph
20:38JSON_voorheesI think having readable commit history might outweigh github contributions, in terms of community stuff
20:38lorchardI forget exactly how it works, but I think you can link your ponton identity with github to get a better attribution
20:38lorchardWell, I hate to wipe out the record of contributors
20:38lorchardlocalizers deserve all the credit they can get
20:39JSON_voorheesyeah, but maybe we could just generate a file with all the names and link it in the readme
20:39JSON_voorheesThat's more visible anyways
20:40lorchardYeah, might be worth a compromise hmm
20:40lorchardI wonder if there's a pontoon API to source that
20:40JSON_voorheescould be, it would probably be simple to grab them all from those commits tho if not
20:41lorchardBecause I would really like to have a process like 1) merge from master to l10n when strings are ready; 2) have f l o d review strings & get localizations; 3) merge back to master with a squashed pull request
20:42lorchard Maybe even do a PR from master to l10n instead of a merge, so as to get an explicit review of strings
20:47lorchardHmm, this isn't really an API, but maybe we could scrape this occasionally if there isn't a better source
21:44fzzzyif the contributor was listed in the individual commit message and the squash kept all the commit messages that seems like it would be enough
20 May 2017
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