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18 May 2017
00:07JSON_voorheessweet, I'll try that, dcoates
17:06fzzzyI think we're good to cut this sprint's release as normal today, instead of skipping one. We fixed pretty much everything softvision found. We can push to stage and then make a call on tuesday whether to release it or not.
19:20chuckMy power is out, availability will be flaky while it is. Pinging on here or Slack is best.
19:54JSON_voorheesdcoates: I'm trying to run the addon tests rn and it's failing where I am loading sdk/simple-storage into reducers/experiment.js
19:54JSON_voorheesany idea why that may be happening? it works fine in the addon, must need to do some mocking here
19:55JSON_voorheesoh nm I see, '@noCallThru'
19:55dcoatesJSON_voorhees: yeah, you'll need to mock it, but you shouldn't need to use simple-storage in the reducer at all
19:59JSON_voorheeshmm that's where you suggested I set it last night dcoates
19:59dcoatesJSON_voorhees: you can either put the state in the Experiment (class) or if you want it separate, make a new reducer for the data you want saved. all the data that comes out of the reducers are saved automatically
20:02JSON_voorheesdcoates: is an experiment object saved even after it's uninstalled?
20:02JSON_voorheesdcoates: that's what I had so far ^^
20:03JSON_voorheesBut you are saying I can just set that installDate and uninstallDate in the experiment and we can query it later?
20:07dcoatesJSON_voorhees: EXPERIMENTS_LOADED will wipe out previously uninstalled experiments from there. so we probably want to store the install state in a new spot. to do that you create something like reducers/installations.js and have a reducer function like the others
20:11JSON_voorheesAlright, I'll dig into that but I may have some more questions for ya
20:11JSON_voorheesStill have trouble with redux stuff sometimes
20:11JSON_voorheesperfect learning opportunity though
20:12dcoatesJSON_voorhees: sure. sorry, i didn't look at the code very closely yesterday
20:13JSON_voorheesno problem :) dcoates
20:23lorchardCrud. Got contractors in my house who I expected to be gone already. Might screw up my participation in the news feed meeting
20:25JSON_voorheesI'd like to hear their opinions as well
20:25lorchardIt'll just be a lot of swearing about plumbing fixtures
20:27JSON_voorheesand this meeting will be swearing about gulp and l10n so perfect
20:28lorchardThat's true, lots of .pipe() in gulp
20:36lorchardMan, they yelled for me at exactly 4:30
20:49lorchardUgh, plumbers are yelling at me, I think they just broke my shower
20:54lorchardSorry, lot of chaos here right now, and seems like folks can't hear me
20:57lorchardI'm typing up a comment on #2420 to summarize what I understand now and my questions from earlier in the issue
21:10clouserwthanks. I'm in meetings for 1.5 more hours, then will check it out
21:15lorchardAlso just to mention here, my grump on the vidyo call was mainly at my plumbers who just might have wrecked the main valve to my 100+ year old shower
21:15lorchardI think I'm copacetic with the plan discussed and just sussed out a few more things with jgruen
21:16jgruenboo on your first comment, yay on your second
21:16lorchardSo uh yeah, news feed with tiny things, blog with big things, all sounds good
21:16lorchardAnd also they were supposed to be out of the house 3 hours ago, so a little frazzled
21:16lorchardAnyway go team
21:30JSON_voorheeslorchard: will mozAddonManager work for all users?
21:32fzzzylorchard: you make me not want to buy a used house
21:32JSON_voorheesused houses r the prettiest though
21:33JSON_voorheesand most cozy
21:33lorchardJSON_voorhees: I think we're deciding it's going to work for all the users we want to work with
21:33JSON_voorheeslorchard: awesome
21:35JSON_voorheesnow I just need to find out if there is a callback for onComplete so we don't set on fail states
21:36JSON_voorheesThen mozAddonManager should work fine
23:12digitaraldsecond try for minvid; I am trying to watch in a minvid; but it starts from beginning and doesn't jump to the current position
19 May 2017
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