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18 Apr 2017
15:23clouserwinstall today's nightly and toggle extensions.screenshots.system-disabled for some sweet screenshots action!
17:23fzzzylooking really good
17:27lorchardFWIW, we're looking to skip today's SnoozeTabs check in for lack of big things to talk about / plan
18:03andymwhat timezone you in these days jgruen ?
20:48jgruenfzzzy: just a heads up, design on the news feed is progressing nicely
20:49fzzzyjgruen: nice.
20:49jgruenteam is working on final visual lock up this week
21:02chuckHuh, there's a snippet for Pulse.
21:02chuckWhen did that happen?
22:33jgruenchuck: magic!
22:33jgruenchuck, not sure actually, i asked fro one awhile ago
22:33jgruensnippets are a dark art
22:33jgruenalso dcoates ping
22:41chuckHuh, thanks!
22:45dcoatesjgruen: hola
22:47jgruenhey mang, if you have a sec, would you be a good person to fill this out for test pilot:
22:47jgruendcoates: ^
22:48jgruencool, i just grepped for sdk imports; i think i got them all
22:48jgruenchuck, looks like you're already in the doc could you do the same for pulse?
22:55chuckjgruen: what's the context/who's the audience?
22:55jgruencontext is conversations about this stuff are starting up again a bit
22:56jgruenand i want to be able to say to kev and andy: jere
22:56jgruen"here's what we're using"
19 Apr 2017
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