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17 Mar 2017
16:25clouserwReminder: Please think about objectives and put them in to today! thanks <3
16:31clouserwpauloiegasSV: ^
16:36pauloiegasSVclouserw: thanks ! Uh, some of them sound really interesting. Can&#39;t wait :)
17:30_6a68known bug?
19:09fzzzy_6a68: ios only? i think john knew about it but thought he fixed it
19:10_6a68fzzzy: ios for sure (saw it on my phone this morning), haven&#39;t tried on android, but I can dig up an android handset
19:10fzzzyit has been around for a while i think
19:11jgruen_6a68: let&#39;s deal with it today
19:12jgrueni&#39;ll grab it
19:12jgruennot feeling like sitting in spreadsheets anyway
19:12_6a68jgruen: thanks! hey btw, any chance you could put together a 1-5 minute test pilot intro video for that upcoming test pilot workshop?
19:12_6a68since you are looking for an opportunity to escape spreadsheets ;-)
19:13_6a68I think it could be pretty generic and still be useful as a mozilla activity workshop intro thing, we could put it on youtube, too
19:13jgruenyeah, i think we could do that
19:13_6a68I got an email from the QMO organizer in dhaka, he said they bumped the event to next week, so there&#39;s some time to get it together
19:13_6a68awesome! do you think it&#39;d be too much to ask experiment authors to do the same, come up with a 1-3 minute overview video that shows how to install and use their thing?
19:14_6a68I don&#39;t particularly care about having the individual videos turned around in a week, it might be cool to have those videos live on the test pilot site or a youtube channel
19:14_6a68just a thought, happy to defer till later if it seems too much
19:14jgruenerm, let&#39;s start with the test pilot video and see how it goes
19:15_6a68thanks again :-)
19:18fzzzy_6a68, dcoates: if you have any spare time i could use a few reviews
19:19_6a68fzzzy: sure, have to finish a Gecko deep dive first though
19:19fzzzyonly if you have time.
19:27jgruen_6a68: that was easy:
19:37fzzzydcoates merged my pull requests. thanks!
20:10fzzzydcoates: one more
20:32_6a68facemuted while I nom
20:34chuckAt least dcoates is repping the green today.
21:15fzzzyi have to go, that was good
21:30lorchardit&#39;s approaching dinner time so I&#39;m keeping myself from saying &quot;Test Pilot will distribute tacos to grow user engagement&quot;
21:31chuckIt would certainly grow my engagement.
21:33lorchardFeeling like a thing lurking / missing in this user engagement bucket is better vitality measures / early progress reports / better discourse integration / fuzzy things I&#39;m having trouble describing
21:34_6a68lorchard: yeah, I see what you mean
21:34lorchardLike engage users by making the place look like it&#39;s alive with the data & etc
21:35lorcharde.g. not that I want to host a game-able high score table, but it would be cool if I could share a live dashboard of popular snooze times on the experiment page
21:35lorchardand the last 5 updated discourse topics maybe
21:36chucklorchard: we could have a contributor high score table inside of a crockpot.
21:36chuckAlong with tacos?
21:36lorchardNow I&#39;m going to have to find a broken thrift store crockpot to use as a case for my retropie
21:37_6a68mmm pie
21:37* _6a68 should probably go find lunch
18 Mar 2017
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