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17 Apr 2017
13:20chuckI've got a hotfix for Pulse that I'd like to make sure ships today, if somebody would be so kind as to review:
13:21chuckVery small change.
14:19fzzzychuck: review'd
14:19chuckThanks fzzzy!
15:56JSON_voorhees_6a68: I really like your idea for that meeting
15:57JSON_voorheesEverything you are suggesting in the doc sounds great to me
15:59_6a68JSON_voorhees: awesome! thanks for the feedback. how often would you want to have a meeting like that, as an experiment author? monthly or every two weeks?
16:00JSON_voorheeshmm, I could deal with either. I would have to attend one to decide
16:01_6a68cool. we'll probably start with monthly and see if there's demand for more
16:12clouserwckprice: down for push to production?
16:12ckpriceclouserw: sure. do we need to re-stage?
16:13clouserwyeah, we should sync it up. it's just the min vid stuff
16:14Seburockprice: Hi. Almost finished the draft, but hit a slight problem. Have you got 5 minutes?
16:14JSON_voorheesclouserw: ckprice woo!
16:14ckpriceokay inc
16:15ckpriceSeburo: hiya, sure. my vidyo?
16:28cloudops-ansibletestpilot static stage #99 building
16:37cloudops-ansibletestpilot static stage #99 deploy succeeded
16:37ckpriceclouserw: stage built^ will move to production in ~30m
16:37ckpriceJSON_voorhees: ^
16:41JSON_voorheesthanks ckprice
17:53JSON_voorhees /away
17:54JSON_voorheesckprice: still not seeing it on prod
17:54ckpriceJSON_voorhees: cause i haven't pushed it yet!
17:54ckpricegoing now
17:55JSON_voorheesoh sorry! haha
17:55JSON_voorheesthank you
17:57cloudops-ansibletestpilot static prod #33 building
18:02cloudops-ansibletestpilot static prod #33 deploy succeeded
18:03ckpriceJSON_voorhees: prod is deployed, please check
18:11JSON_voorheesit's up! thanks ckprice
18:11JSON_voorheesgunna push min vid to production branch now :)
18:11JSON_voorheescc/ clouserw
18:12JSON_voorheesclouserw: just pushed :)
19:29Seburockprice: Hi. I have to head offline for the night. Can you drop me an email when it is back up and working?
19:30ckpriceSeburo: will do, thanks again!
19:30SeburoNo problem, happy to help.
19:52chuckckprice: something I can help with?
18 Apr 2017
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