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16 Mar 2017
00:02fzzzy_6a68: ok I tested the change and merged it, but I can't npm publish because I don't have permission
00:11_6a68fzzzy: doh! what's your npm id?
00:11_6a68I'll add you as a maintainer
00:11fzzzy_6a68: I didn't have one but I did npm adduser with the username fzzzy, i think that does it, right?
00:12_6a68yup! you're added
00:12_6a68 thanks again for your help today
00:13fzzzyJSON_voorhees: you should update to the latest version of testpilot-metrics and see if it helps get rid of "is causing firefox to run slowly" errors
00:13fzzzy_6a68: you're welcome!
17:00JSON_voorheesfzzzy: will do
17:15lorchardYay I did the release thing
17:19JSON_voorheesfzzzy: Is 2.1.3 supposed to fix that issue?
17:19JSON_voorheesI thought it was already fixed in 2.1.2
17:19fzzzyyes. does it?
17:19JSON_voorhees_6a68: ^
17:20JSON_voorheesI haven't tested, it just wasn't clear to me in the commit
17:20fzzzy2.1.2 was still using the hiddenWindow for sdk addons so we thought it would still trigger it
17:20JSON_voorheesAhh I see
17:20JSON_voorheesMakes total sense, thank you
17:21fzzzythere still could be other things triggering the warning, so we want to be on the lookout. hope there aren't any left
17:23fzzzylorchard: can you take a look at ? looks ok to merge to me
17:25lorchardSure... I can't remember why we didn't generate sourcemaps for prod
17:25lorchardI'll just merge it, since I can't think of an objection
17:26fzzzycool :)
17:27fzzzyi'm trying to run npm outdated to update the dependencies and the number of lint changes is overwhelming, maybe I'll update everything except the lint config
17:32_6a68JSON_voorhees: o hai, ping me if you have any metrics questions
17:36lorchardfzzzy: Yeah I took a swing at that linting stuff at one point and then wandered off in disgust
17:37fzzzypageshot is switching to the mozilla-central linting style, i wonder if we should switch to that
17:37lorchardI'd say unless we actually are unhappy with current linting, we could just freeze that version
17:37lorchardMaybe? Maybe not though since it's a different style of JS iirc
17:39fzzzyhmm i think dcoates also suggested switching to prettier. maybe we'll just freeze the style for a while
17:40lorchardOne of those things I'm really reticent to muck with unless we don't have anything better to do / have big benefits to gain
17:40fzzzyi think prettier actually has benefits because it does the reformatting automatically, but it's not a high priority
17:40chuckI've been using prettier from the beginning on Pulse. It's nice, but probably not worth the effort without good reason.
17:40fzzzyI can't really see the benefit of manually updating to the latest lint config though
17:41lorchardYeah, no
17:41lorchardAnd maybe I'd be wrong, but seems like frozen lint dependency doesn't lead to security issues like other dependencies
17:41lorchard(potential security issues anyway)
18:01flod(trying hard to get into vidyo)
19:00clouserwReminder: Please think about objectives and put them in to today! thanks <3
19:09fzzzywell i updated all the dependencies except the linter config, and it builds and the tests pass, but then when i run it -> &#39;e is not a function&#39;
19:09fzzzyoh and I had to also not update react-router
19:10fzzzyhow do I get sourcemaps working?
19:11fzzzymaybe i can at least turn off minification
19:13fzzzyseems like it is not supposed to uglify in development, hmm
19:14fzzzyoh, I have to run npm start to get development, not just gulp
19:16fzzzythe error is because the api of the &#39;history&#39; module changed.
19:18fzzzyyeah i guess that was the reason we couldn&#39;t update react-router
19:21fzzzyok, updating everything except eslint-config-airbnb, react-router, and history works!
19:23fzzzyexcept installing just says &quot;Error: install failed&quot; sigh
19:41fzzzyoh, that was an unrelated bug
19:47fzzzydcoates: should we just close ? I feel like we are just going to switch to requiring mozAddonManager now
19:48dcoatesfzzzy: sure, that&#39;s fine
19:48fzzzyI guess there is some code that should be saved from that branch, but in a different form later
19:52fzzzyJSON_voorhees: this pr looks really stale, what can we do to move it along?
19:57JSON_voorheesfzzzy: I&#39;ll go ahead and close it, we are going to need new screenshots for the playlist work anyway
19:57fzzzyk thx!
19:57fzzzyfinally getting the pr backlog such that there isn&#39;t a bunch of stuff that is always ignored
20:45jktAre we able to mandate eslint&#39;ing to all new experiments? Namely: as it caught an issue we had
20:54_6a68jkt: it might actually be a really nice idea to get a discourse thread going with all the experiment authors, to build a set of best practices and gotchas
20:55jkt_6a68: :)
21:03lorchardYeah, there&#39;s not a lot that we *mandate* per se
21:06_6a68I&#39;ll ping individual experiment authors to get feedback, too :-)
21:10jktlorchard: yeah, mandate maybe was too strong. This was super embarrassing when it happened though
21:10jkt_6a68: thanks&quot;
17 Mar 2017
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