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15 Mar 2017
00:18andym|ptodcoates: feedback we can make into bugs much appreciated :)
02:43moses_Is it currently not possible to resize Min Vid in Windows 10? I can do it on Arch & Ubuntu 16.04.
04:42chuckmoses_: unfortunately not, it's a different windowing system.
04:42chuck#min-vid is a good place to discuss it.
04:56chuckMy new machine's display :|
15:01ckpricepauloiegasSV: hiya, how's a prod deploy look for today?
15:16fzzzy_6a68: I wrote a patch to use sdk/request in testpilot-metrics, but I haven't tested it yet. How can I test it?
15:44CosminMCGckprice: we are good for deploy
15:45CosminMCGwe have found only a new issue:
15:45CosminMCGbut is not a blocker
15:49clouserwwoo, thanks CosminMCG
16:05cloudops-ansibletestpilot static prod #27 building
16:09clouserwIf you weren't in the meeting please read the notes @ and put your objective ideas in the google form today. thanks!
16:22cloudops-ansibletestpilot static prod #27 deploy succeeded
16:31ckpriceCosminMCG: deployed! (but you probably already saw)
16:31CosminMCGyes, already on it
17:43CosminMCGclouserw, ckprice: production looks good, I haven't encountered any issues during testing
18:02groovecoderckprice: can we get an @FxTestPilot tweet that we released 2.0.0 containers, but that it breaks 1.x custom containers?
18:02groovecoderckprice: who do we talk to about that?
18:03fzzzypost to the discourse too
18:04ckpricejgruen has access to @FxTestPilot i believe
18:15_6a68fzzzy: hey, that testpilot-metrics PR is going to be a little bit involved. what's your enthusiasm level? I can take it over if you're kinda meh about it
18:15_6a68I'll add some comments to the PR to give a sense of remaining tasks
18:15fzzzy_6a68: how come? to support bootstraped?
18:16_6a68ah, there are just a couple other spots where the hidden window is used by sdk code
18:16_6a68and Services.jsm probably no longer needs to be loaded on startup
18:16_6a68I'll add some comments to the PR, and if you're up for it, you are welcome to keep hacking
18:17fzzzyyeah i think i am up for it.
18:19fzzzythe only remaining place that uses hiddenDOMWindow is _sendBeacon, and that code will only get hit in a bootstrapped extension. I was thinking of fixing that in another bug, but it's ok to fix it all now
18:20fzzzybut the most useful feedback from you would be how to test all the different code paths
18:20fzzzydo we even have a bootstrapped extension that uses testpilot-metrics? i think snooze tabs is a webextension and minvid is a sdk
18:33_6a68good point, I think we might not have any bootstrapped extensions left
18:34fzzzyyeah i thought we might just file a bug to do the bootstrapped path later
18:35_6a68fzzzy: yeah, that's a great point! we can just require addons use the SDK, there's no reason ytou can't just require('chrome') to do whatever Gecko spelunking
18:35_6a68and it looks like embedded webextensions are agnostic about SDK vs bootstrapped, so we are fine there
18:36fzzzyoh good, i was wondering if sdk was available from bootstrapped
18:36fzzzyin that case can i just make the bootstrapped path follow the sdk path?
18:36_6a68I think we can just get rid of the bootstrapped 'type' altogether
18:37_6a68and just update the docs to say it's SDK or webextensions, and that's it
18:37_6a68this is a lot of work, so feel free to file followup bugs for anything you don't want to do
18:37fzzzyok i'll poke at it. my main concern is to get a release that doesn't trigger cpow for minvid
18:38_6a68cool, that's right, minvid has a fast approaching release. OK, maybe we can land this as is, then do the rest in a followup PR
18:38_6a68I'll look at the PR and point out any remaining CPOWs that minvid might hit, and I can land that one before we rip out bootstrapped support
18:42fzzzyI haven't even tested it yet so there could be some dumb error. should I build minvid with a newer version of testpilot-metrics to test?
18:43_6a68there's an example SDK addon in the repo
18:43_6a68I added some comments to the PR
18:44_6a68fzzzy: thanks so much for the help
18:44fzzzy_6a68: yeah no problem! glad to help
20:35lorchardFWIW, think I'm going to hold off releasing the Snooze Tabs 1.0.15 in favor of this PR (if it's in good shape)
20:36lorchardThat way maybe we don't release with intentionally broken styles because styles are hard
20:39JSON_voorheesHey do any of yall know what this format might be called? "PT1H58M43S"
20:39JSON_voorheesfor a timestamp
20:40lorchardJSON_voorhees: Hmm, maybe looks like PHP DateInterval format
20:41JSON_voorheesahhh that sounds right
20:41JSON_voorheesI knew it looked familiar
20:41lorchardYeah, like this
20:41JSON_voorheesthanks lorchard
20:41lorchardman, php
20:42JSON_voorheesIt's what the youtube data api returns for duration
20:42lorchardOh... huh, I guess that makes some sense
16 Mar 2017
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