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13 Sep 2017
13:19fzzzywow master is blazing fast
16:14jgruenlorchard|away: this is for travis
16:15lorchardYeah, I think I've seen that... kind of looking for the circleci equivalent :/
16:15lorchardhoping not to have to diy
16:15lorchardBut that's exactly the thing
16:16lorchardoh ho!
16:17lorchardOh, I remember what was up with that - it saves the sizes but doesn't do the nice little readout on the PR in github
16:17jgruenoh, that sucks
16:17lorchardSo partly diy I guess
16:19lorchardjgruen: Oh and looking at the calendar, I'm probably good to make it to the standing UX meeting next monday if that works
16:19lorchardthere's just a local makerspace member meeting thing that happens every other monday and I always forget when it is
16:25fzzzyoops sorry I was cooking and didn't get the meeting alert
16:28fzzzyI can make the ux meeting
16:28jgruenokay, cool, i'll make sure there are specific asks prior to the meeting though
16:31jgruenlorchard, actually, i think responding to morpheus on this gist would be super helpful.
16:34fzzzyoh thanks jgruen i was looking for that link and couldn't find it
16:34jgruenglad to accidently be of service
16:37chuck|pto^ the subtitle of jgruen's bio.
16:37chuck|ptoAlso, o/
16:39lorchardYeah I saw that, but didn't really have any comments because it seemed on the right track
19:35haikHi, question about developer requirements for testpilot / system addons. Temporary installs of legacy extensions that use frame scripts isn't going to work in build 56+ due to sandboxing.
19:35haikWe have bug 1393805 filed for this.
19:35firebot NEW, Changes for bug 1332190 broke temporary installations of legacy addons with framescripts
19:36haikDoes anyone have feedback on the proposed workaround there? i.e., for doing a temporary install of a system addon, you'll have to first copy the XPI to a particular directory and then load it.
19:40lorchardCould whatever code that does a temporary install just do the copying for us before loading?
19:41lorchardManual steps really start to drag down the dev process, i.e. if we have to copy the XPI every time we change a line of code
19:42lorchardor I guess we could try to script it in dev tools, though it sounds like the directory is different in different environments
19:48lorchardWait, is this just for System Add-ons that ship with Firefox? Or does it also include Mozilla Extensions? (i.e. legacy extensions sighned with the special key)
19:56fzzzydo we actually do a temporary install? with all our pref-setting we use for dev i think we just do a normal install
19:57lorchardI do temporary install all the time when I work on the add-on
19:57fzzzyI just install from the big green button
19:57lorchardYou don't want to constantly reinstall from that button when you change a line of add-on code
19:57fzzzydoes the temporary install refresh the code somehow?
19:57lorchardThere's a reload button
19:57lorchardin about:debugging
19:58lorchardIn fact, I really want to use the extension auto-installer add-on, but seems like it's days are numbered
19:58fzzzyyeah :/ was wondering what to do about that
19:58lorchardThat add-on opens a port to accept http POST from file watchers
19:58lorchardBut I think it stopped working, so I just have been using about:debugging
20:08lorchardCommented in the bug, which I hope makes sense
20:08firebotBug 1393805 NEW, Changes for bug 1332190 broke temporary installations of legacy addons with framescripts
20:36haiklorchard: this would be for any non-webextension being installed via about:debugging
21:02haikFor webextensions, we support XPI's as well as "unpacked" webextensions which are essentially an unzipped XPI.
21:02haiklorchard or fzzzy: are you always testing using an XPI?
21:03fzzzyyes, using an xpi
21:03haikOK, thanks
21:04lorchardYeah, the main Test Pilot addon is a legacy embedded webextension packaged as an XPI
21:04lorchardThat is, a webextension inside a legacy extension to get access to non-webextension bootstrap APIs
21:04haiklorchard: OK, I'll try to get someone from addon development to weight in on changing about:debugging, but I think it would be a tough sell
21:05haikah, thanks for the explanation
21:06lorchardI think the DevTools team will run into this too, because they're working on a legacy Mozilla Extension
21:06haikI assume the legacy part makes some special API's available to the webextension part that aren't normally available
21:06lorchardYeah, exactly
14 Sep 2017
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