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23 May 2017
00:25Abhihmm, I'll read up on TURN and how to set it as default
05:14clouserwAbhi: dcoates: also and the blog post it links to has some discussion
06:04Caspy7clouserw: you guys working on the file transfer thing? :)
14:38_6a68Anyone interested in giving the test pilot update in the firefox-dev meeting in about 20 minutes?
14:39_6a68fzzzy: ^^
14:39fzzzy_6a68: I'm a little unprepared this week.
14:40fzzzyi can take over again for a while starting next time though if you want
14:40_6a68sure, sounds good
14:41_6a68If anyone else is interested, give a shout! details:
23 May 2017
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