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20 May 2017
00:10dustinthe retrigger has a different taskId
01:03sfinkyeah, I'm looking at the right taskIds
01:04sfinkI find the initial taskId, but not the retriggered ones
01:04sfinkhopefully my verbose logging caught something by now
01:05sfinkit's totally possible that I'm getting the messages and discarding them
01:19sfinkuh, hm. The latest set came through fine.
01:19sfinkok, I will pretend it never happened
01:19sfinkeverything is ok
07:16philorclosing all trees for
07:16firebotBug 1366456 NEW, Trees closed: taskcluster jobs starting and then just not doing anything
13:15Aryx!t-rex: hi, any chance that bug 1366456 (forced tree closure) will be investigated soon?
13:15firebot NEW, Trees closed: taskcluster jobs starting and then just not doing anything
13:15garndtI just woke up and checked IRC....I'll look.
13:21Aryxgarndt: tyvm
13:27garndtAryx: ok, I think I unstuck things. I'll update the bug. Unfortunately those tasks that appeared to be running forever are going to be marked as claim-expired now that things are working correctly
13:27Aryxok, will restart them. thanks
13:28garndtbtw...your use of t-rex and me responding right away was just a coincidence :) it's only an irc highlight word, not something that triggers a page. If you need to get ahold of me immediately, my phone number is in phonebook
13:29garndtalso, if they are resolved as claim-expired, they should restart automatically
14:27Aryxgarndt: hi, issue doesn't seem fixed:
14:30garndtAryx: :( yea I was just looking at the metrics, it seems like there is still a very high error rate. Not entirely sure why yet
15:27garndtLast restart seemed to make things somewhat better, I'll cross my fingers
15:43Aryxok, thanks, reopening trees
18:07* philor wonders whether phonebook has been opened to non-employees
19:40philorread-only filesystem on i-0cbfded25d3d8dd76
23:05philorgarndt: looks like things are broken like they were last night, looking at an hour-long gecko-decision job and a 2+ hour test job with the same sort of "started, nothing done" appearance
23:46jonasfjI gave the queue a restart... And see if that works...
21 May 2017
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