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19 Apr 2017
02:08glandiumrandom thought: does something check that a tier n job doesn't depend on a tier >n job?
02:16philortier, or commit level?
02:17glandiumlike, a tier 1 test depending on test 2 build would be weird
02:17glandiums/test 2/tier 2/
02:17philorlike tier 1 stylo talos depending on tier 2 stylo builds?
02:17glandiumphilor: yeah, like that
02:18glandiumI guess that answers my question
02:18philorthough the talos that was actually claiming to be tier 1 was buildbot's, dunno what taskcluster's shadow of the same job would have claimed if it was in any way visible
08:35Tomcat|sheriffdutypmoore|away: jhford good morning
08:35Tomcat|sheriffdutythe sheriff question of the day is :)
08:35Tomcat|sheriffduty TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /home/worker/checkouts/gecko/taskcluster/taskgraph/test/ | TestTryOptionSyntax.test_b_d, line 95: Unknown build type(s) [debug] specified for try
08:35Tomcat|sheriffdutyany idea why this is on central now ? :)
09:00AryxTomcat|sheriffduty: and a change on inbound or so?
09:00firebotBug 591688 ASSIGNED, Push to try should validate |try:| parameters
09:03Tomcat|sheriffdutyAryx: yeah! seems also we don't run this very often
09:03Tomcat|sheriffdutyAryx: will make a comment in the bug
09:03Tomcat|sheriffdutyno need for backout i guess :)
09:14pmoore|awayAryx: nice sleuthing! :)
09:15Aryxno, just remembered bstack mentioning it here yesterday
09:15pmoore|awayah ok :)
13:11dustinI love how sometimes Travis runs a job a week after I needed it
13:12dustinsorry, 12 days -
13:23garndtBetter late than never, amirite?
13:43garndtwcosta: I think I recall you mentioning someting somewhere about the resource_usage on OS X not being that right?
13:45wcostagarndt: it fails, but it doesn't fail the task
13:45firebotBug 1357344 ASSIGNED, Some tests fail to collect resource info in macosx
13:45wcostaafaik, it doesn't upload as artifact, just logs it
13:45garndtah yes, that's the bug I was remembering
13:45garndtI've seen a resource_usage.json file on some tasks
13:46garndtlike this
13:46wcostahrm, I didn't notice it
13:46garndtI haven't noticed it on OS X tasks, but I have seen them on linux ones
13:47wcostaI need to look at BB
13:48wcostaI need to ask jmaher if this is a showstopper
13:48wcostaI guess not, but who knows
13:59garndtthanks sir
14:48ochameauit looks like I can't use win2012r2 workers from github-tc?
14:48ochameauis there any windows worker allowed from github?
14:55garndtochameau: we have setup some special cases for specific repos before on a case-by-case basis. I believe largely it was restricted because of the cost of windows instance types. What repo is this? Want to enter a bug where we can discuss it under taskcluster::service request?
14:56ochameaugarndt: ok, makes sense. it is, work in progress repo that will become the devtools repo
14:56ochameauI'm currently looking at running our test on windows
14:57ochameauI'll fill a bug
15:12pmooreochameau: you just need a role to enable a given worker type, see e.g.* - if that helps when raising the bug, to know what to ask for
15:14grenadegarndt: do you know where the cot repo lives?
15:14grenadeimplementing pr generation...
15:15garndtno problemo
15:15* rwood read that as 'cat repo'
15:25pmooregrenade: another g-w upgrade for you:
15:25pmoorehoping this might fix the black screen issue
15:27pmooregrenade: i don't mind if we upgrade g-w to 8.2.0 or not - maybe we just wait to see how 8.3.0 plays out - but try push was successful of 8.2.0 so we could roll out to prod if you like, or maybe later we have 8.3.0 ready tomorrow, and just go straight to that
15:28pmoorei'm heading off now, have a good day peeps
15:28grenadeup to you. merged 8.3.0
15:29pmoore|awaygrenade: thanks! so i think just in case there is fallout, better for us to roll out in a european morning - so maybe let's hold off, and maybe we can already go with 8.3.0 tomorrow morning if results are good
15:29grenadesure. speak tomorrow
19:01garndthey rwood I see that Joel is on PTO, I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me regarding talos testing
19:02rwoodgarndt: hey, yessir
19:03garndtso wcosta has done work with getting talos tests executed via taskcluster running against a BBB (buildbot bridge) build. Now that those can run on try, what can I do to get results to see if there is any noise or regressions?
19:03garndtI'm very cluelessw ith talos
19:03garndtthe push where he got things green is here:
19:04garndtif there are any pointers you could give, or if it's something you could check out that's great. Just let me know. I'mg oing to be switching to mobile for a bit while I run to the doc's office, but I'll try to be responsive
19:06rwoodgarndt: so when you select one of the talos jobs (i.e. 'c' in Tc-T-e10s group) in treeherder you will see a Performance tab; in there you'll see a link "compare against another revision". That will open perfherder compare
19:07rwoodthen you would select a base revision to compare against
19:08rwoodhowever note, for the results to be more certain you should retrigger the talos jobs say 5x each just to have more data for the perfherder compare
19:08rwoodgarndt: I can do the retriggers and check it out
19:08garndtrwood: I appreciate that
19:09rwoodnp :)
22:06wcostadustin: I pushed a new round of patches for you to review. After rebasing m-c, I got unittests failing, but they don't look like to be related to my changes
22:08bstackwcosta: ah, thos are my failures. being tracked in bug 1357673
22:08firebot ASSIGNED, Intermittent taskcluster/taskgraph/test/ | TestTryOptionSyntax.test_b_d, li
22:08wcostabstack: shame on you :p
22:08wcostathanks for the heads up
22:09bstackyes. I am the destroyer of green builds :)
22:10bstackinterstingly, the tg build did trigger this time, dustin. Not sure why it didn't the last time :/
20 Apr 2017
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