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17 Jul 2017
12:46wcostadmose: with landed your issue should be fixed
12:50hassantomprince: the links on should work now
15:11dmosewcosta: awesome; thanks!
15:37Aryxpmoore: hi, yt? have there been any changes to the win 2012 config? on both autoland and inbound, win 2012 x64 pgo fails with nsprpub/lib/ds/plarena.c: fatal error C1902: Program database manager mismatch; please check your installation
16:53lizzardHi. who here is a taskcluster admin? I can also ask in #moc. Id like to know a list of people who have the correct permissions in taskcluster that would let them trigger nightly builds (sounds like, for mac, linux, and fennec builds we use taskcluster)
16:53arrlizzard: moc doesn't administer taskcluster, so this is the right place to ask
17:01dustinI think CoT prevents us from doing that
17:01dustinI've never tried obviously :)
17:02dustinbut that was the design
17:02catleedustin: they can via the hook
17:02dustinisn't that still verified back to the hg commit?
17:03catleeright now you can only trigger a nightly on tip of default branch
17:03catleeI don't know who has permission to trigger the hooko
17:04dustinso that's the whole taskcluster team
17:04dustinbut again, the design was such that we can't actually do anything other than build the tip of the default branch
17:07akiit doesn't matter who triggers, as long as the decision task is valid
17:07akiin terms of cot
17:07akiso i imagine this is a scopes question
17:10lizzardoh ok. hmm. I just emailed you dustin :)
17:11lizzardif you arent the right person to ask please forward it on
17:15pmooreAryx: not that i'm aware of
17:15dustinyeah, I just want to be clear that the scopes are only half of the protection :)
17:16Aryxpmoore: thanks, seems like it automagically fixed itself
17:18akidustin: i imagine the answer's slightly different based on the intent of the question (security oriented vs who should we ask to retrigger nightlies on request); i'm not sure which angle l.izzard is asking about
17:19dustinyeah, just read the email and it's not sec-oriented :)
17:19dustinreplying now
17:37garndtCan someone kill i-0da1d8cf2e31dc0a5 in us-east
17:40dustinI can
17:41garndtWhile youre at it, can you rewrite aufs?
17:42garndt:( it was worth a shot
17:43dustin"sure, I mean, wait, ugh damn"
18:03nalexanderjonasfj: hey! I think you gave me access to push images to taskcluster on Docker Hub, but I don't seem to be able to push a new image. Can I do that?
18:11nalexanderdustin: can you give me that access? I want to push a new `debian-build` image, to avoid the horror show that is centos6 and centos7.
18:11dustinI was hoping if I kept my mouth shut you wouldn't ask me :)
18:12nalexanderdustin: I don't really understand who owns what here.
18:12dustinI think we all have permission, but dealing with is awful
18:12* dustin looks
18:14nalexanderdustin: it's possible I'm just not logged in correctly.
18:14jonasfjlet's just add nalexander to owners...
18:14nalexanderOH THE POWER
18:14jonasfjnalexander: done..
18:14jonasfjyou can add more here:
18:14dustinhaha, thanks
18:14nalexanderThanks, y'all! /me tries to push
18:15dustinso, not to kick up a hornet's nest
18:15nalexanderLooks like that lets me push.
18:15dustinbut are we re-creating the problem of having a fixed base to which it is increasingly impossible to apply updates?
18:15nalexanderdustin: you mean in the images? Pretty much. I don't really see a way around it.
18:16jonasfja bit, with nested docker images it's hard to update
18:16jonasfjnalexander: couldn't we just duplicate rather than inherit images?
18:16nalexanderdustin: Centos 7 is already pretty old, and a bunch of things are Just Broke. For example, turns out installing Python, pip, and virtualenv is Advanced Rocket Science with Centos 7.
18:16dustinit's advanced rocket science with all RH's, yeah
18:17nalexanderjonasfj: we have been doing that. The issue is that I can't update the duplicate centos6 (or centos7!) image.
18:17nalexanderSo I'm taking g.landium's preference, which is to base on debian + snapshot.
18:17nalexanderTrying to be replicable.
18:18dustinswitching builds to debian, heh
18:18dustinif glandium's onboard, i am too
18:18nalexanderThis would be Android-only, at least for now.
18:19jonasfjstill using debian is neat - I say that because I have never used centos :)
18:20jonasfjnalexander: curious, what do you mean can't update the duplicate centos6 image?
18:21nalexanderjonasfj: yeah -- new Android toolchain requires glibc >= 2.14; centos6 is pretty hard pinned to 2.12.
18:21nalexanderjonasfj: and centos7 makes installing Python and other similar deps rocket science.
18:21dustin*advanced rocket science
18:22jonasfjnalexander: but why publish the image to docker hub at all?
18:22dustinrocket science is pretty easy: you put the LOX in here, you put the Hydrazine in there, and the flames come out over there
18:22jonasfjwe only need to do that if the image is used in a FROM ... statement in another dockerfile right? (which we probably should try to avoid doing)
18:23nalexanderjonasfj: oh! I see. Yeah, this is used for building and for running some other stuff for the android-gradle-build image.
18:23jonasfjso is it a base image?
18:23nalexanderjonasfj: At the time, the shared base was pretty complex. Now it might be feasible to duplicate in the sub-images.
18:24jonasfjduplicating certainly could avoid interaction with docker hub...
18:24jonasfjdustin: I think the hard part with rocket science is controlling the rocket :)
18:47tomprincedustin: Any chance you could give me a hand debugging why isn't triggering jobs? I can see mozilla-taskcluster noticing the pushlog, but no jobs being created.
18:47tomprinceI'm not sure if it something with my .taskcluster.yml or some unexplored corner case in mozilla-taskcluster.
18:48dustinyeah, give me a minute
20:55armenzgwhat are your thoughts on JSX?
20:55armenzgyes; no?
20:56armenzgAt first impression I love it
20:57dustinyou're talking about React?
21:05armenzgyes, I am
21:07dustinwe're pretty keen on it
21:07dustinmay I recommend Neutrino as a framework for building React apps
21:07dustin(not that it's limited to React)
21:08armenzgYes, I've seen it
21:09armenzgI will look into it once I figure out what I'm building :)
21:09armenzgnew project
21:09armenzg_afkI'm glad to hear that JSX is not something to avoid!
21:09armenzg_afkI wanted to get the pulse
21:09armenzg_afkty d_ustin
21:10dustinwe're pretty keen on pulse too
21:11dustinoh, tomprince i totally forgot, sorry
21:11* dustin looks now
21:11tomprincedustin: Np.
21:12dustintomprince: how do you see m-t noticing the pushlog
21:13tomprinceWatching the pulse inspector for it.
21:14tomprincedustin:[0][exchange]=exchange/taskcluster-queue/v1/task-defined&bindings[0][routingKeyPattern]=#.gecko-decision.gecko-level-1.#&bindings[1][exchange]=exchange/mozilla-taskcluster/v1/pushlog&bindings[1][routingKeyPattern]=users/ is what I was using.
21:14dustinah, nice
21:15dustin"Supplied credentials do not satisfy authorizedScopes"
21:21tomprincedustin: Does that mean the scopes are more than mozilla-taskcluster has, so it can't create the task?
21:22dustinI'm creating a role for the repo
21:22dustinsorry I missed that the first time through
21:23dustinthat should help?
21:24tomprinceNo problem.
21:24tomprinceJust pushed. Will see what results.
21:25dustinsorry I forgot :(
21:25tomprinceProbably the first time something like this has been tried, so I'm not surprised there are rough edges.
21:27dustinyeah, esp with mozilla-taskcluster :/
21:29tomprincedustin: I do see a pushlog, but not yet a build (although maybe I'm not looking in the right place for a build)?
21:31dustinwhere are you looking? I'm not sure where I'd look
21:32tomprincedustin: A task-defined pulse message for #.gecko-decision.gecko-level-1.#
21:44dustinI'll look at the logs in a sec - what's the revision of your latest push?
21:44dustin*sec = a few minutes when we're done debating
21:45tomprincedustin: Latest push is 3ea38266fad0e1f5f98c25b654952ef8b217fc85
22:21dustinauthorizedScopes are [assume:moz-tree:level:1,queue:scheduler-id:gecko-level-1,assume:project:thunderbird:*,,*]\
22:22dustincredential scopes are
22:22dustinso they have assume:moz-tree:level:1 and queue:scheduler-id:gecko-level-1 identically
22:23tomprincedustin: assume:project:thunderbird:*" from the later (note the trailing quote)
22:23dustinugh, typo
22:24dustinok, looks better
22:28tomprincedustin: That works, thanks.
22:34tomprincedustin: Could you add queue:route:notify.irc-user.tomprince.* to ?
22:40tomprincedustin: Thanks for all your help.
22:41tomprinceNow ... to figure out how to taskcluster-ify thunderbird.
22:43dustinI'm sure that's easy compared!
23:25jonasfjdustin: add to the last one and I'm happy:
23:32tomprincedustin: And now it looks like a bunch of the earlier pushes are getting triggered now. :)
23:36nalexanderWhere does the "Run locally" button live these days?
23:39nalexanderdustin: jonasfj: you two are my go tos!
23:39jonasfjhmm, I suspect it got killed
23:40jonasfjnalexander: unless you're running the ones with fake video/audio devices it should be pretty simple....
23:41jonasfjhmm may hassan knows.. ^ do we still have a "run locally button"
23:44nalexanderjonasfj: it looks like it is no more :(
23:45jonasfjlet me know if you need help guessing the right commands..
23:45jonasfjit was just an ugly template/hack when we had it..
18 Jul 2017
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