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15 Jul 2017
01:04Callekdustin: ping - so doing "Edit" now doesn't even copy in a created/deadline field :/
01:05dustinedit where?
01:09* Callek comments in
01:09firebotBug 1359468 REOPENED, In task-creator, adjust *all* timestamps relative to created
01:10Callekdustin: load that --> actions "Edit Task" we'll be missing created/deadline both before and after hitting update timestamps
01:11* Callek didn't think you were still around, and decided to take it straight to bug rather than waiting on IRC, I chose wrong for once ;-)
01:11dustinthat's weird
01:11dustingood, I was going to ask you to file a bug :)
01:11Callekdustin: oo file a new bug, rather than the one I commented in?
01:12* Callek can do that
01:12dustinoh, that's fine too
01:13dustinyeah, this got pretty messed up in making the new UI
01:14dustini'll take a look Monday if someone doesn't beat me to it
16 Jul 2017
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