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9 Sep 2017
20:14SeburoEvening :-)
20:23SeburoCaspy7: Hiya. Hows things?
20:23Caspy7fair I'd say. How about you?
20:27SeburoYeah, okay. Just tidying up a new issue using an old solution, whilst watching/listening to Last Night of the Proms.
20:28* Caspy7 nods
20:29SeburoSome of it is a bit too nationalistic, but it is the UK equivalent of the new years day concert in Vienna.
20:35Caspy7Seburo: ah, was wondering what Last Night of the Proms was
20:36Caspy7just looked it up
20:37SeburoThe Proms are a series of classical music concerts that take place each summer in London. The last one (tonight) is a grand finale and is a bit of a riot with humour and a touch of fun. Fantasia of British Sea Songs has not long started, the anarchy is soon to follow.
20:41Artisthi Seburo - did you cry for poor Tom Bowling, too ^^
20:41SeburoArtist: Hi. No, but I did enjoy the hornpipe section.
20:42ArtistI wondered if you'd be sitting there in the whole gear
20:44SeburoNo. That is going a bit too far.
20:45Artistonly if you are sober ... :D
20:47Seburolol, I think that some of the people there are have had a glass or two.
20:48Artistwell, that's par for the course (in a way, enjoying life and music)
20:49Seburovery true, very true
21:47SeburoI am going to turn in for the night. Hope to chat soon, bye :-)
10 Sep 2017
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