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9 Aug 2017
00:03Noahno worries. Thanks for the sleuthing ;)
00:05Noahmight be a teenager. I remember how much I hated & despised IE back then :P I got one too many ActiveX viruses despite the many security precautions I took. Got one last nasty one then swore off IE for life. Installed Firefox and never looked back :)
00:06* Caspy7 nods
00:07Artisthi teenie-Noah - need your experience ^^
00:08Noahhaha hey Artist o/
00:08Noahplease ask away :)
00:08ArtistI wonder about a template, which has the expiry date of 07.03.2017 but is still used.
00:09Artistdo you know how expiry dates are handled - do they just get ignored?
00:10Artistit is about the plugin eol and I just made an edit to {for not fx52}
00:11Artistbecause it says "support will end in May 2017" - which is gone a long way now
00:14NoahArtist: It is a very good question. I'll confer with Joni to make sure I'm not wrong. I've also seen expiry dates elsewhere and wondered why they were there to begin with :P
00:16Artistif you actually manage to confer with Joni, pls tell me your secret. We are trying to get hold of her, mailed her (pinging does not help, since she retreated from IRC), so we guess she is well snowed under
00:16NoahAnd thanks to you, I just remembered to check to see if the plugin check page still existed & it's finally gone:
00:17NoahArtist: Hehe I'll be sure to notify you if I'm successful :D
00:18Artistthe template in question still links to all these articles - mind you, I did not check how many of these are archived already, but at least one is still active
00:22Artistglad to hear the the unreliable plugin check page finally went down the drain ... it caused a lot of frustration on the users side
00:24NoahArtist: It did! I actually tried to argue that Mozilla should not show info about any of the other plugins because they kept complaining about our page saying their plugin was out-of-date even though they had the latest version
00:25Noahmy solution was just to point people to the plugin's update page and let them confirm manually there. It was a pain in the ass for our people to keep updating that page all the time :P
00:26Artistthis was the exact reason why I edited anything connected to this page with gritted teeth and a lot of hmpf-noises
00:30NoahArtist: hahaha I only wish I was in a position of power to make that happen. I really hated that we had to deal with that :P
00:32Artistwell, this is just as in RL: nobody ever does listen to snow white and the dwarfs :D, it always is the giants that get the attention
00:34Artist(jeez - I hope nobody will read this, because then I will get even more dwarfed ^^)
05:35linuxmodderearly morning to anyone alive and functional at this hour
08:39j605It was nice to go to the supermarket early in the morning skipping long queues
09:16Tonneslate morning ;)
09:18Tonnescould anyone test this for me? trying to add a feed from a website's page and it turns out they all fails because of https -
09:19Caspy7a nice, though language nsfw, post
09:19Tonneswhen changing to http for a feed, they work. Think they should work, and either the website owner needs to link them as http, or fix a certificate issue. Since I'm about to email them, would like to know for sure, as well as what e.g. chrome does
09:20Caspy7yeah, I get a secure connection failed
09:20Tonneshi caspy
09:21Caspy7same on 55 beta
09:21Tonnesyup.. are you able to test what chroohme does?
09:21Caspy7sure, one sec
09:23Caspy7Tonnes: also does not work properly
09:23Tonnesgreat, thanks.. I'll email them
09:24Tonnesgreat, thanks!
09:24Tonnesgood thread on reddit btw :)
11:31Tonnesis the auto-update to 55 disabled due to bookmark loss (or other) issues?
11:38philippTonnes: it's switched off due to 1388370
11:39Tonnesphilipp: ok, thanks
11:45Tonnesphilipp: is it safe to mention that in forum questions, or if so, rather without the bug number? (e.g. questions/1170661)
11:45Tonnes"just because of some issues for some users"
11:46philippis there a question specifically why they are not receiving the update?
11:48philippi wouldn't directly link to the bug but you can certainly tell them that there is a crash/connectivity issue for certain configs
11:48Tonnesmyself included, :) but I'd rather wait because I fear more issues with bookmarks :/
11:48Tonnesok, mpe, thanks
11:49Caspy7philipp: how goes the regressing?
11:50philippCaspy7: more bumpy than expected
11:50Caspy7I'm also wondering how many were affected and if we want to include steps somewhere for how to recover
11:54Caspy7philipp: to expand the focus from just file:// I thought I'd leave a comment that it was seen reproduced using about:newtab as well, unless you'd like to or have objection
11:57philippCaspy7: i can fairly easily reproduce it in a portable version, but not in mozregression
11:58Caspy7well, I just mean as a general fact, even though you can't repro in mozregression
11:59Caspy7it may be something about the nature of mozregression
11:59Caspy7may be easier to bisect manually :-/
12:00philippyeah, also that it involves sessionrestore...
12:05Tonnesouch.. sessionrestore
12:06philippTonnes: weren't you having similar issues recently as well or am i just imagining
12:06Tonnesdepends on what your issues are, so possible?
12:06Tonnesbtw also questions come up like why the website promotes upgrading while the auto update doesn't, such as q 1170691. I guess the website will stay as it is..?
12:08TonnesI keep getting sessionrestore issues when the file is about 16MB and there are a few hundred tabs opened. on win 7 32 bits that is
12:08Tonnesthere's a bug for it
12:09Tonnes - not sure of that's the issue you're talking about
12:09firebotBug 1375974 UNCONFIRMED, Could not write session state file
12:10TonnesI think it should resolve itself in newer versions due to heap size changes or so IIRC
12:12philippah ok, yeah what i'm seeing is definately different then
12:14Tonnesok.. do you think the website content (FF is out of date) will change because of the connectivity issue you mentioned?
12:14Tonnes(guess not)
12:14philippyep, firefox 55 is still our current release
16:02Tonnes ?
16:05vesper !
16:08guigsyes :-) ?!
16:08guigsWe have a link to the recording on demand as well :-)
16:21Noahthe can can?
16:21vesperI got the tip from Noah ;]
16:22Tonnesyup, take care
16:23Noahvesper: haha teamwork :D
16:35Caspy7*sigh* apparently doesn't recognize my signin as NDA...or I've got the wrong login somehow
16:52NoahCaspy7: hmm check your profile and see if you are still in the NDA group. Just to rule that out the problem
16:52Noah*as the
16:56Caspy7Noah: according to mozillians I'm still in (was told it was for a year)
17:01NoahCaspy7: yup, that's right. Hmm which video are you trying to watch or are all NDA videos not working for you? I can check on my end. Might be a universal issue
17:02Caspy7Noah: curious, do you have and NDA channel in your channels list?
17:06alex_mayorgaHola! Got a case of an uncheckable "Remember passwords" in Settings in the Spanish SuMo forum. Any clues to a fix?
17:06Caspy7Noah: according to my calendar and the email I got, there was supposed to be a call that would have started 30 min ago
17:07philippalex_mayorga: if it's uncheckable check that the user hasn't set to store no history (=permanent private browsing)
17:07philippalex_mayorga: if it can be checked but becomes unchecked after a restart it may be external interference (trend micro password manager is one piece that does that, dashlane perhaps as well)
17:19* Tonnes recalls seeing some l10n string like "Firefox + Windows 10 = ...." a while ago and forgot what it was :s
17:53Caspy7philipp: you around if I direct someone your way for a mozregression question?
17:53philippCaspy7: not in the next hour or so
17:54philippam about to cook dinner
17:54Caspy7do you know if they should choose "opt"?
17:54Caspy7I'm rusty on it
17:54Caspy7not debug guessing
17:54philippyes, stick with opt
17:54philippthose are the normal builds going out to users in the wild too
18:33guigsHey there, so some digging around for this bookmark issue after updating to 55 on windows, does anyone also know if there is any correlation to a particular addon change that was made recently?
18:48NoahCaspy7_away: you were right. There was supposed to an Internal Call today but it was cancelled
19:04Tonnessay, can users suffering issues with 55.0 simply wait for 55.0.1 and update it from there to get things fixed, or do they need to fix things beforehand?
19:12Caspy7Noah: good to know I'm not crazy
19:13Caspy7well, I'm crazy, I'm just not wrong :)
19:13Tonnesthis is the most important question I would have as a user, and I can't answer it ^
19:14Caspy7guigs: ...what bookmark issue?
19:14guigsCaspy7 FredMcD posted a thread in the forums for a number of users reporting loosing bookmarks after updating.
19:14guigsThe new one that was pointed out to me was this one:
19:15Tonnesdidn't you notice the "I lost everything" questions?
19:16Caspy7guigs: funny thing that, I have a lady who I was helping with her computer recently and she has firefox and reported her bookmarks were gone....last night I think. She figured I did something to lose them when working on it
19:16Caspy7guigs: here's another
19:17guigsCaspy7: I have not found a bug yet or an addon in the past it was an antivirus - but these are assumptions.
19:17Caspy7this is about nightmare scenario :-|
19:18philippCaspy7: do you still have access to that ladies computer?
19:18guigsCaspy7: I am going to add that to FredMcD's post
19:19Caspy7philipp: she's at work, what do you need from it?
19:19guigsphilipp: we do remote help??
19:19philippCaspy7: so far we are really stabbing in the dark with this issue. it doesn'r seem to be profile/addon/e10s/av-software related
19:20philippif it isn't it would be interesting if it's the same for a different user account on the pc, how it's in windows safe mode and if it's fine there what kind of stuff is running on the pc
19:21* Tonnes feels invisible
19:21Caspy7unfortunately I'm afraid I'll be asleep before she becomes available and can connect to it
19:21guigsTonnes - I have not looked at the I lost everything posts yet, can you point that out?
19:21guigs^sorry for the late reply
19:26Tonnesguigs: questions/1170670 is one example, questions/1170748 and questions/1170602 are others
19:27TonnesMy question was about what to advise - I know about the bug with tabs, but not about missing bookmarks
19:27Tonnes...unless you are sure this is purely add-on related
19:31Tonnesoops.. 666 replies
19:32bwintonCaspy7: Oh, that happened to me yesterday morning, too
19:32Caspy7bwinton: any clue on a cause? Was this with the 55 upgrade?
19:32bwintonAsa filed
19:32firebotBug 1388611 NEW, Refresh loses profile contents and fails with the error unable to process the backup file
19:33bwintonCaspy7: No idea. It was with a 57 update. Or more accurately, the profile refresh suggested after the update.
19:33philippbwinton: but that was after a refresh?
19:34Caspy7philipp: I did do a refresh on the lady's computer btw
19:34bwintonSadly not a lot of extra info I can give, though.
19:34Caspy7I can't remember if I double checked bookmarks, etc
19:34philippall our users from bug 1388584 are saying that firefox is slow to load pages as well
19:34firebot NEW, New Version 55, constantly freezes, not responding, bookmarks lost, all bookmark commands do not fun
19:35philippbut since even a new profile doesn't help it has to be something about their environment
19:36Tonnesalso w 7 now... (me gets scared)
19:36philippi think the refresh problem might be separate then
19:36Tonnesdid any user try a refresh in that scenario?
19:37philippthey've tried new profiles without success which is more than a refresh
19:37Tonnesah of course
19:40philippthe only thing slight lead i've come across so far is one affected person saying the problem wasn't present in a different win user account:
19:41philippoh bug present in accounts with limited rights, not present in admin account
20:02Tonneshmm I should try updating to 55 myself and keep a profile copy, to see what happens, but for some reason assume I won't suffer it
20:14firebotBug 1388584 NEW, New Version 55, constantly freezes, not responding, bookmarks lost, all bookmark commands do not fun
20:14guigsthat was the other one, would those two be duplicates?
20:15guigs^philipp already posted it, sorry firefox crashed, I had too many tabs open
20:32linuxmodderthat other ones is ?
20:37linuxmodderguigs, philipp Am I too rightfully assume this is onyl affecting Window 10?
20:38linuxmodderIf so I can run tests on my Win 10 side of this machine tonight
20:38philippno is's everywhere from win7-10
20:39philippand a mystery :-)
20:39philippobviously only a small fraction of users are affected, but nevertheless...
20:39linuxmodderI have not looked thru all the sumo comments yet but any update on the windows side to help with bisecting ?
20:42linuxmodderthe german page is useless to me I can't read it well enough to make heads or tails
20:44philippi think if you're not fortunate enough to belong to the group of unfortunates that are hit by this there is little hope to be able to get to the bottom of this
21:10philippwho wants to break the bad news to ?
21:11andrewtruongphilipp: i'll do it
21:12philippthank you, i'd probably be too sarcastic going in there
21:18Caspy7what the...
21:19Caspy7"I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with such a dishonesty. "
21:22philippyes the world is a bad place
22:09alex_mayorgaSeburo: Hola!
22:10alex_mayorgaandrewtruong: But I could use a new Galaxy =P
22:26TonnesRetired academic in ICT.. yeah right, I bet he says that to all the girls
22:44Caspy7my uncle's a retired math prof and he got taken in by a "you're infected" IT support scam
22:44Caspy7though I think he probably wouldn't fall for this one
22:47guigslinuxmodder: seems that way, sorry for the delay, though philipp added a use case for 52 - I have not tested that version outside of windows.
22:53alex_mayorgaAny other "Ubuntians" besides Seburo that could give a run, pleasE?
22:58alex_mayorgaThis user claims it is not possible to download Excel or Word attachments from directly to the Ubuntu drive and that it is forced to store in One Drive 1st.
10 Aug 2017
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