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8 Sep 2017
00:02guigsalex_mayorga: I think I figured out how to change the link, I will just share the link to the video instead :-)
00:05hostmasterSeburo: i wonder if it could be related to the update firefox installed when i started it today
00:05hostmasterAnd they're gone
00:06guigsSeburo might be asleep?
00:06* guigs pokes Seburo
00:07hostmasterMaybe, he quit about an hour ago
02:19hostmastero nice, the theme wasn't removed from AMO like I originally thought
12:49Tonnesanyone able to give bug 1392028 an attention boost?
12:49firebot UNCONFIRMED, FF 55 doesn't show table lines after first page for table that spans multiple pages
14:56bwintonI just heard that new profiles no longer get a search bar by default!
16:19guigsbwinton - so that bug resolved? That is for version 57 in beta?
17:08bwintonguigs: Apparently so.
17:19alex_mayorgaLOL User at fathoms that moz://a ploted the demise of Flash all along.
17:19alex_mayorgaI'll probably walk away silently and give up on that one...
17:20* alex_mayorga clinges to his beloved search bar...
17:25TylerI mean.... we kinda did
17:26Tylerwe wanted to take flash out behind the shed and brutally murder it with a rusty chainsaw 5 years ago
17:34alex_mayorgaTyler: As a heavy supporter I can't confirm nor deny...
17:35alex_mayorgaTyler: Do you have Flash installed? If so, maybe you can investigate that complain...
17:36Tyleralex_mayorga: I do have it installed (unfortunately, or else I can't watch HBO :(
17:36TylerI am fairly busy though :/
17:37Tylerif I have spare time later today I can take a stab.
17:37alex_mayorgaTyler: Gracias!
17:38alex_mayorgaTonnes: You pointed me to something about disabling Kaspersky when pages show as gibberish, am I right?
17:41alex_mayorgaTonnes: Please swing that URL to me again as I can't find it =(
18:11Caspy7alex_mayorga: quick search found this
18:34alex_mayorgaCaspy7: Gracias!
18:48guigsalex_mayorga: are you all ok?
18:49guigsI just saw the news about the earthquake!
18:49alex_mayorgaI am, way up north.
18:50alex_mayorgaAll the members of the Mexico community are well and accounted for AFAIK.
18:50guigsOh good :-)
19:24nicholasdipiazzaIs there any way to build a Windows zip file based portable Firefox? Even distributes an installer. I want to be able to build a zip file that i can send with my product so that it can use firefox.exe to do certain things on the backend (now that we have headless firefox)
19:35Noahnicholasdipiazza: Hi, so basically you're asking for a zip installer version of Firefox? I mean we have that our other development builds but not release. But it shouldn't be too hard. You can inspect most installer .exe's with 7-zip or Winzip/Winrar, extract the files somewhere then repackage them as a zip
19:36nicholasdipiazzaNoah: isn't that pretty much the same as just installing firefox to a folder then using that folder?
19:36NoahI mean that should work in theory :P Since Portable Firefox installs entirely to a single folder (including the Firefox profile)
19:36nicholasdipiazzai was thinking there is more to it otherwise what is the point of etc
19:36nicholasdipiazzais it legal to redistribute that with my app?
19:37Noahah there is more. Portable Firefox I guess uses scripting to make/force Firefox to read the cache, for example and other necessary profile files from a single directory
19:38nicholasdipiazzaand i read somewhere that we cannot use's zip file within our distribution legally
19:38nicholasdipiazzaNoah: otherwise i'd just unzip the portable apps nightly and be done with it
19:38Noahyou might be able to also tweak the locations of the cache and other important areas using the prefs.js in the Firefox profile to accomplish the same things Portable Firefox does but it covers alot of extra cases that harder or that you might miss
19:39nicholasdipiazzaNoah: yeah that might work. i'm not using it for an actual brower, just back-end headless browser
19:39nicholasdipiazzaso i can probably get away with a really hacked out version
19:40Noahnicholasdipiazza: yeah, it should be fine. But you keep saying you want to include it in your product, mind mentioning what that is? I'm pretty sure as long as you're not charging for Firefox or Portable Firefox or modifying the internal code of the product then you should be fine to share it :)
19:41nicholasdipiazzaright. exaclty
19:41NoahFirefox definitely wants developers using their headless version so if it helps with that, even better :D
19:41nicholasdipiazzajust building it, unzipping it, using it to avoid the customer from having to install their own
19:42nicholasdipiazzait's just an app that has a feature that needs to download web pages. instead of using http directly it needs to process the javascirpt
19:42nicholasdipiazzajavascript* hence the need for firefox
19:42nicholasdipiazzawe use jbrowserdriver + selenium but it sucks
19:43Noahyup, sounds totally legit to me! If anyone tries to report you for that, I guess you could just say "Noah on Mozilla's IRC network advised it would be ok" :P
19:45nicholasdipiazzai'll have a software lawyer dig into it
19:49Noahlol Sorry for all the trouble xD
19:50Noahif the app remains free and doesn't bundle malware or modify any of the firefox code or trademarks, it's cool to use and share. That's what I've always heard for the last 13 years :P
19:57nicholasdipiazzaNoah: yep. can't imagine it will generate any trouble
19:58nicholasdipiazzaNoah: where is the "pref.js" file you were talking about?
19:58Noahthere's 2 of them. One that exists in the main Firefox install & another that gets created once you create a Firefox profile after its first run
20:00nicholasdipiazzai think when selenium runs it, it will completely ignore all the profile shit anyway
20:00nicholasdipiazzaso i'm going to try this standalone zip file here
20:01NoahI think it's advised not to edit the default prefs.js file since an update could change that file. So you can create a custom one to drop in the Firefox profile instead
20:02Noahbut now that I look for that default file looks like they hid it deeper in another file so you have to worry about that one :P The method of drop it in the profile still works though :)
20:03Noahnicholasdipiazza: And in case you're wondering what I mean by profile:
20:03nicholasdipiazzaok. i will see how this works with selenium by itself
20:03nicholasdipiazzaNoah: thank you. reading
20:04Noahawesome, let us know how it goes :)
20:36Noahalex_mayorga: did you even feel the earthquake?
20:48nicholasdipiazzaNoah: selenium runs firefox in a profile agnostic way. totally works
20:48nicholasdipiazzatrying mac/osx now
20:50alex_mayorgaNoah: I did not.
21:52guigsnicholasdipiazza: does selenium run in Firefox headless mode?
21:53NoahHis connection dropped out. I think he'll be back though
21:53Noahguigs: how did your meeting with Jeffrey go? :)
21:54guigsNoah: He had to cancel, but we will try again next week. I was going to email two more people that signed up last night. :-D
21:54guigsNoah: would you like me to cc you in the intro?
21:55guigsI was wondering if there was an interest in an open hour of just showing new people things.
22:10Noahguigs: sure! please do :)
22:24alex_mayorgaSuMo Spanish forum down to 0 unanswered questions now. Yei me! =)
22:24alex_mayorgaYou all have a pleasant weekend =D
22:42cpetersonAre SUMO's 404 pages supposed to be localized to the reader's language? I hit a 404 on SUMO and every time I reload the same page, the page's localization changes to a different random language!
22:54Noahcpeterson: freaky! I see that too but only if I use the F5 key over using the Refresh button in the UI
22:55cpetersonat first, I thought it was an easter egg, showing all the languages SUMO supports..
22:55cpetersonbut then it seemed like a bug. :)
22:56Noahlol yeah. I thought that was kinda cool myself
22:56NoahI'm also wondering what article used to link to that in-product link. And ideas Chris? :P
22:57NoahAnd how did you land on that link? Presumably from somewhere in the Preferences?
22:57firebotBug 1392753 NEW, Create SUMO article to help with and explain Accessibility features/services.
22:57guigsNoah all sent
22:57cpetersonI think the feature just landed in Nightly 57 and the SUMO page is not expected to exist yet.
22:57Noahah :)
22:57guigsalex_mayorga: way to go! btw do you know anyone who migh be interested in social support? we need some more spanish speakers.
22:58guigsAck I always miss him when he is online.
23:00Noahcpeterson: I think I'll file a bug for that revolving 404. It might be an easy fix but we kinda have limited dev resources at the moment so it may take a while to get to :P
23:00Noah*revolving l10n 404 page
23:00cpetersonI expect (hope?) hitting 404 pages is uncommon. :)
23:01Noahexactly. So maybe we could leave it as a fun easter egg ;)
23:01cpetersonthough a user hitting the 404 page will be frustrated that they couldn't find the information they were looking for... and then they get hit with a cryptic error message in a random language.
23:02Noahlol yeah, that would be a double whammy. I'll file it ;)
23:48guigscpeterson: I think this person may be running into the antivirus crashes, do they have to successfully create a crash report?
9 Sep 2017
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