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8 Aug 2017
06:41jlazheyo! wondering if any sumo devs might be around?
06:43jlazgiorgos: hey there! around by any chance?
06:49jlazlooks like the redirect issue that i saw has disappeared
06:50jlazwill file a bug in case it resurfaces
07:33Tonnes has dead links
09:08Noahjlaz: curious, what redirect issue? [Non-dev here, just a volunteer]
09:14jlazNoah: for some reason earlier, when trying to load initially, you would hit a 302
09:15jlazit would hit a 302 FOUND and redirect to the correct locale, which for me was
09:16jlazit resolved within a reasonable timeframe and couldnt be reproduced, so maybe some weird transient issue
09:16jlazthought maybe there was some deploy going on and wanted to check in
09:40Noahjlaz: ah I see, thanks! Did nagios or whatever watches our servers throw an error and alert you? Also last ping from me, as I realize it's almost 3am for you. Unless these are your working hours?
10:24NoahTonnes: that's a known issue & being worked on ;)
12:26Tonneshello 55
14:18safwanjlaz: g i o r g o s is in vacation
14:18safwanCan I know your problem?
14:18safwanI may give a answer from dev point of view
15:20FiboHi boys
16:04philipplol, have a user on facebook complaining "I am sick and tired of the inferior products you keep selling us" - should i offer him a refund? :-P
16:06andrewtruongphilipp: oh those people.. Do you think they'd laugh it off if you said that?
16:08philippmaybe a though process sets into motion then :-)
16:08Tylerphilipp: you should offer a 150% refund for the total purchase price of Firefox
16:09philippvery generous of you
16:13philippi will tell them, tyler is personally paying for the excess 50%
16:13Tylerphilipp: if that's the case, offer then 200%!
16:16safwanphilipp: If its in BD, they would charge you for the bandwith they have spend for downloading firefox! ;)
16:21philipphm i need to be more careful then
16:26guigsphilipp maybe not a refund, but ask them where they were asked to pay for firefox
16:26guigsmight be best to not engage
16:26guigsPhilipp are you on telegram?
16:54wsmwkwe don't have access to old posts on lithium, correct? Interested in
17:38Noahwsmwk: It's long gone unfortunately
17:39Noahwsmwk: This person probably has a copy of the replies since it looks like they started the thread
17:43wsmwkNoah: he is the person i am trying to aid
17:48andrewtruongguigs: my last day is on Friday.. hoping I could pick up a couple of webcam covers from you if you're in the office today or something this week?
17:49guigsYep andrewtruong I have alot.
17:49guigsI will be here today wed, thur, and most of fri (half day)
17:50andrewtruongcool, when should I swing by your desk?
17:50guigsandrewtruong: is lunch noon ok?
17:51andrewtruongguigs: np. Thanks!
18:03guigshey Noah can I send you a PM?
18:27Noahguigs: yes!
18:30Noahwsmwk: ah my apologies then. Can I see his reposted question?
18:31j605I see some on pantoon that for SUMO, nearly all translations have been suggested long back but not approved by anyone. Who does the approval?
18:32Noahj605: It's supposed to be by one of the locale leaders of the Pontoon locale group. Can you link me to where you're seeing that? I've had good success with getting one locale to approve a new active contributor to approve her own translations :)
18:33NoahAnd those translations were sitting around collecting dust for a loooooooooong time :P
18:34j605I didn't suggest them but I was looking at why SUMO had such low rate of translation and saw that most of them were not approved
18:36Noahj605: ahhh BuddyUp is a project or component of SUMO's mobile work that was discontinued, unfortunately
18:37j605sadly I am a native speaker but I didn't read the language in school so my skills are limited
18:37j605Noah: I did suggest some translation for testpilot
18:37j605Noah: oh, it was not clear. thanks for clarifying
18:38Noahj605: no worries! Thanks for digging. I do it all the time in the hopes I find something that needs attention ;)
18:39Noahj605: very nice. What locale are you working on?
18:42Noahyup, I know Tamil ;) The abbreviation, not how to read the language lol :P
19:17philippjhonatasrm: are you online?
19:17jhonatasrmphilipp: o/
19:17philippif yes could you ask the user in to test if he can reproduce the issue with 56 beta?
19:18philippit's not officially released yet but he can snatch an early version from
19:19philippi suspect it's bug
19:19firebotBug 1388370 NEW, No pages are rendered / Shutdownhang crashes with aetpkss1.dll PKCS#11 module in Firefox 55
19:23philippjhonatasrm: devs are suspecting in the bug that they had fixed this with a patch that has landed in version56 (bug 1370890) and i'm trying to confirm if that's the case
19:23firebot FIXED, Upgrade Firefox 56 to NSS 3.32
19:24jhonatasrmphilipp: ok, thank you ! :D
19:25philippsame if you see brazilian users on any other channel complaining that they can't load pages anymore after the update
19:25philippplease ping me if anybody can confirm that 56 fixes it - we're going to hold automatic updates right now until there's more clarity about this issue. thanks!
19:55Tonneshas anyone seen the "Unhandled promise rejection Error: Transform 'preferenceValue' is not defined." error in Browser Console lately? (in 54)
20:02Tonnes is a dupe of (remove/notify user?)
20:13Caspy7if anyone's hurting for activity /r/firefox is *quite* active today with several questions coming up
20:13Caspy7*support questions
20:48jhonatasrmphilipp: sure ! Thank you Philipp :D
21:52SeburoNew version of Flash released for Ubuntu.
21:53SeburoNow has less Ming the Merciless.
22:31NoahCaspy7: cool. I should get an account there. Is it possible to change your username after you've created it? I'm feeling undecisive these days when registering new accounts :P
22:32Caspy7Noah: sorry no, can't change the username after creation.
22:32Caspy7you could always create a new one if you needed
22:33Noahah got it, thanks. True. I'll just choose it carefully based on what's not already taken
22:34NoahCaspy7: btw who's the current "support dream team" on r/firefox? Besides yourself of course :P
22:35Caspy7uh, my mind doesn't work like a Rolodex for that type of thing :) I'd have to start looking through posts and copying/pasting users who I've upvoted a lot
22:38andrewtruongbeware of the reddit titans ;)
22:45Caspy7Noah: basically, I marked all the users who I know are Moz devs as "friends" so they're highlighted and easy to identify :) so that's my friends list.
22:45Caspy7RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) keeps track of up and downvotes, so the ones that have high numbers are usually the super stars...of sorts
22:46Caspy7RES has several handy tricks
22:46Caspy7including a dark mode
22:58NoahCaspy7: awesome. Definitely have to grab RES now
22:59Noahbtw is friends list private? I tried to see if it was exposed in your profile but nope :P
23:00Caspy7Noah: yes, I think it is
23:11Caspy7Noah: do you hang out in #nightly ?
23:16NoahCaspy7: I do. Under my SolidSnake bouncer nick. Did I miss anything of importance? I have been slacking a bit in following that channel
23:18Caspy7Noah: dunno, had just forgotten if you knew of it
23:19* Noah nods
23:51NoahCaspy7: also I just used Edge for the first time ever. Since the very first version they released which I hardly clicked around in, possibly browsed a single page, said 'meh' then closed it. And I must say: Wow
23:51NoahI was not expecting to the see the amount of features and customizations they had put into it
23:51Caspy7what performance? Yeah, i've heard good things.
23:51Caspy7hadn't played with it
23:52Noahyeah, I was testing it on a Office Depot display model All-in-One PC hehe
23:52NoahI refuse to try it on my own PC :P
23:54Caspy7kickass_turing is a big helper on the channel, though his fanboyism can be excessive at times
23:55Caspy7and I'm quite sure he runs
23:56Caspy7sorry, half asleep, was referring to r/firefox
9 Aug 2017
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