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7 Sep 2017
00:02Noah* "Open link in new tab"
00:04Tonnesgood find. technically the support page should have a note
00:05Tonnesi would expect it to have a back and forward button too
00:16NoahTonnes: Mobile UX people hate backward &buttons. Especially Google/Chrome :P You have to use the Back arrow button at the bottom of the phone to go back
00:17Noah* backward & forward buttons
00:18NoahI see Firefox for Android has the arrows but I'm pretty sure UX is going to get rid of both of them or just the back arrow. That's what it looked like when I saw the new look screenshots :X
00:25TonnesNoah: thanks, interesting
00:46NoahTonnes: I hope I'm wrong. I'll need to double check again but there is a movement towards reducing things in the UI
00:46Noahbut I like my navigation arrows :)
00:47Tonnesmy phone has no forward button..
00:48Noahyou mean backward button right? Forward option is always hidden in some menu
00:51Tonnesyou're right, it's in the menu
00:58Tonnescome to think of it, memory returns... saw bugs, it;s not very user friendly imo
01:31thiagopolicena-MBora galera
11:09philippvesper: this one may be for you - ^^
11:11philippwhat does the string "We LISA na wynos" mean?
12:44* Tonnes would rather remove such a question and the user for obvious reasons
15:05vesper@philipp "take the FOX for takeaway"
15:07vesperphilipp: this is definitely a bit of a joke post, so we can treat it lightly, too
15:32philippoh, i hope it's not advertising cannibalising the fox
16:06madalinasumo platform meeting:
16:52guigshey hostmaster I got your note about the addon tweet in Reply, did you see the add on info from the community meeting this week? That might clear up any confusion I may have caused in any addon threads
17:13hostmasterNo, i dont think i saw it
17:29guigshostmaster: for you :-)
17:29guigsI should send an email to social email, I saw you online and just remembered that thread. I hope you are well!
18:02hostmasterguigs: thanks~
19:21Seburohostmaster: Hello! Thought it was just me and the crickets.
19:40alex_mayorgaSeburo: We are legion... =P
19:42alex_mayorgaguigs: bonjoro bug: the link in your message is not clickable...
19:43hostmasterAnyone else have a theme randomly disappear?
19:44SeburoThere was an issue I reported a while back with themes on Nightly in Linux, but that has been fixed. Which theme/Fx/OS?
19:44alex_mayorgaHhostmaster: I ju,
19:44alex_mayorgahostmaster: Just got a theme 15 or so minutes ago.
19:45Seburoalex_mayorga: Which theme was that?
19:45hostmasterI dont remember the name, but it was orange with a black paw print on the right
19:46alex_mayorgaSeburo: The purpleish with the Nightly logo you posted on #nightly
19:46Seburoalex_mayorga: That is a great theme, I think more people should use it. ;-)
19:46Seburohostmaster: Was it in use, or just in about:addons?
19:47hostmasterIn use
19:47hostmasterAlso im running 56.0b9 on win 10
19:49Seburohostmaster: I recommend replicating it, and if you can, reporting it on BMO.
19:54guigsalex_mayorga: does it work if you copy an paste it?
19:55guigsI am wondering if its the formating of the email or if its an error in bitly
19:55alex_mayorgaguigs: It does, but you think a millennial would do such witchcraft?
19:55guigsalex_mayorga: I am a millennial
19:56alex_mayorgaguigs: Are you?
19:56guigsalex_mayorga: I will be sure to test it in the next one before I send it
19:56alex_mayorgaI think makes it non-active to avoid spam or some such thing...
19:56guigsFor ease
19:57guigsThe subject of the message also sounds spammy - alex_mayorga
19:57alex_mayorgaguigs: Also I just noticed that the SuMo logo at the top center is a sign-up form =O
21:21SeburoAnyone in North America able to quickly check something for me?
21:21guigsSeburo sure
21:22Seburoguigs: Hiya. Does open for you?
21:22guigsSeburo: yes
21:23alex_mayorgaSeburo: Do you count .mx as "North America" or does that start where the wall would be built?
21:23guigsIam using beta
21:23Seburoguigs: Ok, thanks, appreciate it.
21:24alex_mayorgaSeburo: FWIW, it does not for me.
21:24alex_mayorga says it's up though
21:24Seburoalex_mayorga: Ok, thanks.
21:25alex_mayorgaping from a command line says it is but I get 100% packet loss.
21:25alex_mayorgaDo others see a video at ?
21:25Seburoalex_mayorga: Needs Flash
21:26alex_mayorgaSeburo: Yup! Hence me asking others.
21:26alex_mayorgaQuestion at hand is user claims this to work 100% in 54 and broken in 55 and 56.
21:34Noahguigs: hey o/ I think one of our new contributors may be confused. They think Reply is being replaced by Tweetdeck. I thought we were running both programs at the same time alongside each other?
21:35alex_mayorgaNoah: If it were up to me, it will. AFAICT Reply cost money while Tweetdeck is "free as in beer"...
21:45alex_mayorgaForum bug: This URL doesn't link properly[41]
21:51Noahalex_mayorga: hehe yeah. I always love free things but I also like things that work well ;)
21:57alex_mayorgaNoah: Why not both? I.e. Firefox Nightly ;-)
22:18guigsNoah - is that Jeffery?
22:18guigsI have a meeting with him tomorrow if so :{
22:19Noahguigs: lol yeah. I was just worried I missed some announcement :P
23:02NoahTyler: hey o/ Do you know who might be a good contact for figuring out who's behind this survey?
23:03TylerNoah you figured it out :)
23:04Noahsomeone complained about a required question in that survey that breaks the whole thing when none of the choices are something you do
23:04Noahlol! I should've asked sooner then! D'oh!
23:04NoahTyler: take a look at when you can then :D
23:06NoahI remember we used to call you the survey master but then I thought it was only for certain techy / Feedback ones. Should I take this moment to remember that you have a reach on all surveys? Or 90% of them? :P
23:06TylerNoah if we were paying for sample I would probably care. But as is, if it doesn't apply, just close the survey
23:07TylerIt's a low importance survey so we really don't care. We just are validating some assumptions
23:07TylerAnd yeah, im involved in most in-product surveys
23:08Noahcool. I just feel slighty bad now b/c I indicated we'd fix it & I know he's going to check at some point xD Any idea when that survey is set to expire?
23:09Noahawesome. I'll ask you first in the future if survey stuff comes up again :)
23:09TylerI'm going to check response counts tomorrow and take it down if it has enough
23:09TylerI either wrote the survey, or know who did :)
23:09Noah\o/ thanks!
23:10Noahsweet. I'll note you down as the survey king/master :)
23:10TylerNo prob. Thanks for checking
23:12NoahTyler: anytime :D Sorry I didn't trust my gut & notify you sooner, I was thinking I was gonna have to go deep in the Marketing contacts to find someone to deal with it so I put it on the backburner :P
23:51guigsI feel Hey mermi o/
23:52guigs* Hey mermi
8 Sep 2017
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