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7 Aug 2017
14:47linuxmoddermorning all
15:04jhonatasrmHello o/
16:30guigsmorning o/
18:15* Seburo dodges tumbleweed
18:19Caspy7Seburo: hey
18:19SeburoCaspy7: hiya
18:19Caspy7how goes thing?
18:21SeburoDoing lots, but also hitting a few brick walls. I was making some real progress, but it is slowing down a bit.
18:26NoahSeburo: what's your current "blocker"? :P
18:29SeburoNoah: Either Marketing or Participation. I think I will focus on either Sync, Fennec or random bug stuff for a while.
18:33SeburoNoah: New Focus beta just released.
18:45NoahSeburo: ah I see. Definitely hate blockers. Do let me know if it's something I might be able to poke the right person on. Sometimes I get lucky :P
18:45Noahand nice. Focus development seems to be moving so fast
18:52SeburoNoah: Thanks. Might just avoid the poke stage and just throwing things at people. Yes, Focus development is moving fast :-|
19:00NoahSeburo: hehe I totally know your feeling there. That's when I usually get the urge to....
19:00Noahfirebot: table flip
19:00firebotNoah: (
19:03NoahI'd love to see a table flipping competition at the All Hands. The winner, aka whoever flipped the table with the most flair, gets to have 5 mandatory meetings with the staff of their choosing ;)
19:10Seburolol If I am fortunate to attend another, I will definitely sign up.
19:33Seburonoah: good bug btw on the top contributors board.
19:37NoahSeburo: thanks!
20:31SeburoI need sleep. Bye :-)
20:39Tyleris there anyone here who is using a non english version of Firefox who can do me a quick favor?
20:39Tylerphilipp: ^^?
20:40philippTyler: hi, sure
20:40Tylerphilipp: can you open Firefox input using the help menu and give me the URL it uses?
20:40Tyler(so, Help, Submit Feedback, copy that url)
20:41guigsfirebot: table flip?
20:41firebotguigs: (
20:41philippredirecting to
20:41Tylerphilipp: great thank you so much!
20:42Tylerphilipp: do you get the english or german version of that page?
20:42philippit's in german
20:42Tylergreat, that's what I thought.
20:43philippTyler: but i think that's defined by the language settings a user has set within options > content
20:43philippif i give english a higher priority there the feedback form shows up in english too
20:44philipp(probably as intended)
20:44Tyleryeah, I just wanted to make sure that was working properly
20:45philippall confirmed working
20:47Tylerphilipp: thank you very much!
21:36Noahguigs: there's probably more goodies like that I've forgotten about ;)
21:38Caspy7firebot: open the pod bay doors
21:38firebotCaspy7: I'm afraid I cant do that
21:38Caspy7guigs: my personal favorite
21:45guigsCaspy7: Space Odyssey, I have not seen that movie in a long time.
21:46Caspy7probably b/c it was a bloody slow movie :)
21:46Caspy7I tried watching in a month or two ago
21:46Caspy7tried watching it again I mean
21:54guigs I will to put it on my list, ty!
22:02Caspy7also the end is trippy
8 Aug 2017
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