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6 Aug 2017
12:44safwanSeburo: Hey
12:47Seburosafwan: Hello!
12:47safwanHow are you doing Seburo
12:47safwanHow is weekend going on?
12:54Seburosafwan: My weekend is going well, very relaxing. Hope yours is okay.
12:55safwanSeburo: Cool. My weekend was Friday and Saturday! :/
13:29SeburoOk, what's with the new logo...?
13:32Caspy7Seburo: it's...well, it's new
13:32SeburoWhat is it the logo for?
13:33Caspy7it helps you know where to aim your mouse when starting Nightly
13:34Seburolol, but seriously, is it a new Nightly logo?
13:34Caspy7see also
13:36SeburoCaspy7: Thanks. I did prefer the old one.
13:36* Seburo tries to figure out how to update Unity.
13:38SeburoUnity refreshed. New icon in place.
13:42SeburoI guess it makes Nightly look a little less scary.
13:48Caspy7Seburo: in that thread someone messed with the image to come up with a release estimate
13:49Caspy7to which Sean Martell actually replied with "Close!"
13:50Seburolol "Sean Martell actually replied" Crumbs.
13:51safwanFirefox logo going to change?
13:51Caspy7it's certainly in the air
13:51Caspy7likely with 57
13:54Artistnew nightly logo looks like firefox got the blues :D
13:56safwanNightly logo remembers me about tor actually
13:57philipphe, it's a cute fox, not an onion :-)
13:58safwanToday morning my younger brother wake me up in morning because he could not find the browser!
13:59safwanThen I noticed the icon has been changed!
13:59safwanHe become confused and thought browser gone away
13:59safwanAnd I could not sleep at morning! :/
13:59Seburo+1 for younger brother using Nightly :-)
13:59safwanWhy kids wake up early!
14:00safwanSeburo: :D As its my computer, he use to use it! and sometime teach me how to use youtube
14:29* Tonnes doesn't like the new logo as it looks like the icon is the only one suffering a purple/blue smearing effect
14:30SeburoIt does kind of fit the style used for Focus.
14:37* Tobbi prefers onion over fox logo. Firefox => logo of onion makes perfect sense to me.
16:22SeburoHeading off now to eat food and watch the athletics. Bye :-)
7 Aug 2017
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