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21 Apr 2017
00:07BruceAJohnsonOn Sumo Kitsune, after resetting my password, I still cannot log in.
16:44TylerNoah, Caspy7 can you guys check that report that was causing trouble? Does it load now?
16:49Caspy7Tyler: I switched it to "yesterday" and waited a couple minutes and the answer is "not so far"
16:50TylerCaspy7: hmmmmm
16:50Tylerit loaded for me yesterday, SG is changing some knobs on their side...
16:53Caspy7Tyler: so, who all can I share results with (assuming we can get it working)? I was going to share with ehsan, but guessing you'd prefer not with all of #flow
16:54TylerCaspy7: that's fine :)
16:57Caspy7Tyler: sorry, I just woke and am an explicit computer, what's fine? Which?
16:58TylerCaspy7: sharing with ehsan is fine, let's keep it on an individual sharing basis right now though.
19:32Noahnice find on the 404'ing link in the nytimes article
19:38NoahTyler: Hey o/ The reports are saying "Checking for new responses..." while ironically saying "This should only take a few seconds..." - I'll check again tomorrow and let you know if it starts working again. Or monday, since it's no big deal :)
19:39NoahWeirdly enough the Happy reports link is completely dead. Shows "We couldn't find that survey."
19:41Caspy7I didn't even check for Happy
20:09NoahCaspy7: lol that's my natural instinct too xD
20:09Caspy7Noah: well, it's surely not going to be very common nor especially helpful I expect
20:10Caspy7probably noisy enough to the point of uselessness
20:10Caspy7b/c there's not going to be common points of praise for the most part - and what are we going to do with that info anyway
20:11Caspy7while there's much more likely to be common points of complaints
20:14Noahtrue although it's nice to balance out the hate with some love :)
20:15Caspy7Noah: apparently "love" doesn't make for very good data :)
22 Apr 2017
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