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20 May 2017
19:44TonnesNoah: hi.. would you happen to know anything about moz using Discourse, or discontinuing it?
19:44Tonnesjust asking because of l10n
19:44Tonnesno rush
19:57NoahTonnes: hey o/ What's happening with l10n? I'm pretty sure Mozilla is still committed to using Discourse. I have some friends who work on it personally. I can ask them to make sure
19:58TonnesNoah: o/ :) - Oh sure, if you would, please do. Just curious.. helping out on l10n for my locale but thought it was a bit quiet there lately so it may be to no avail when no longer used
19:59Tonnesbtw, could you ask what's needed to add a second (informal in addition to formal) language version? If they work on Discourse itself that is, not when on mozilla's end
20:03NoahTonnes: ah you mean to translate all the UI text in Discourse to another language?
20:04Noahcool idea. I will ask :)
20:04Tonnesgreat, thanks :)
21 May 2017
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