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20 Mar 2017
18:01SeburoHello SUMO
18:38SeburoVesper: Hi. Sorry to bother you so late in the day. I have finished my blog entry. Shall I email it to you, or put it on Discourse first? (or both?) :-)
19:25NoahSeburo: I suggest both ;)
19:26Noahguigs: are you around?
19:26SeburoNoah: Ok, will do.
20:33guigsHey Noah o/
20:36Noahguigs: hola :)
20:37Noahguigs: I was going to ask you about helping onboard a contributor to Respond today aka just sending him a Respond account invite but I ending up emailing you about it :)
20:37Noahonce he gets an account I can show him the ropes
20:49guigsHey Noah, currently we are still evaluating the sign up list for a userlist. However I am happy to reach out as soon as I have more information on adding user accounts.
20:54guigsNoah: can I Pm you to ask you a little bit more about the user ineterested?
21:38SeburoHello again :-)
21:46SeburoHi philipp. There is currently a sync issue about reordering/disappearing bookmarks and folders, and a nightly (on linux) bug about themes causing spinners.
21:54philipphey seburo
21:54Seburophilipp: hiya
21:54philippi guess i'll start making a backup of my profile then^^
21:55Seburophilipp: I got stung by it the other day. Not end of world, but not fun.
21:56SeburoThanks for your tip when I had that bug that involved mozgression (the Nightly Linux theme one). It made it to the "Joy of Codeing" on Air Moz. :-)
21:57philippseeing devs working to fix your bugs must be loads of fun :-
21:59SeburoIt was very awesome. The bug is not fixed yet though and is kinda scary. It has made it into Aurora and is also (rumour has it) visible on Windows.
22:01philippyou've got many good people involved in that bug so i'm optimistic that it will be fixed
22:04SeburoI need to send Mike a thank you note for that and for including SUMO in the recent Nightly blog.
22:21Seburophilipp: Was there a recent .01 for 52?
22:23philippyes, on friday
22:52SeburoI am turning in for the night. Bye :-)
23:14Noahguigs: sure! sorry I was away for a bit :)
23:14guigsNoah: check your email, that should be a good start.
23:15Noahah of course. I always forget to check that :P
23:15guigsNoah: there is a secret message :-)
23:15Noahhaha \o/
21 Mar 2017
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