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20 Apr 2017
00:17TonnesI'm not fond of leaving questions unanswered but do wonder why it's disturbing to leave Bing in if it only displays in the Preferences drop-down. :) - Not sure where it shows up in TB for searches...
00:18Tonnesi.e. is it worth it? :)
00:18Tonnes(I think it is, if only for other users asking the same)
00:24AlanRTonnes: Fair question. For me, I haven't allowed anything Microsoft on my machines for years. I've no idea whether some "next update" turns something on, and suddently starts offloading information to M$. Wouldn't be the 1st time for such shenanigans.
00:28TonnesI tend to think you can rest assure mozilla / TB is not sending data to MS in this case - this is more about a preference to use it (or the search being available) or not
00:28AlanRIn general, seems Mozilla have tried a number of "features" turned on as surprise defaults over the years. Hello, WebRTC, Reader, predictive DNS, etc. "Fine", I say, cuz for all of those, there have been about:config &/or extension options. Even for Search engines, in FF, as mentioned.
00:28Tonnesyou may be interested in reading bug 923656
00:28firebot FIXED, Global search box dropdown options: Having "Search Bing for: foo" web search between local searches
00:28AlanR"Trust, but verify". Tonnes I prefer to err on the side of caution.
00:29Tonnesyeah :)
00:30AlanRTonnes: Well, THAT's an appropriately titled bug. Claims it was "fixed" -- aka REMOVED -- in TB 38. So somebody put it BACK?
00:32Tonneswell, that's about the Global search for messages only IIUC
00:34Tonnes...which used to contain web search options. This is about e.g. right-clicking text anywhere and choosing Search <provider>, right?
00:35Tonnesbut I mentioned it just for the idea of how privacy does matter :)
00:35AlanRTonnes: Honestly, barely understandable to me :-( Why we just can&#39;t turn off external search completely, I dunno. I can copy/paste into FF where I have control, If I need to.
00:38Tonneswell you can after all, hence the question about _where_ you would like to have Bing removed. As far as I know, context menu searches (if that&#39;s what it is all about) only create a search link for Google, Bing, or whatever is chosen to open your default browser.
00:39Tonneseven from web pages opened in a TB tab
00:40Tonnesso I don&#39;t see how TB would be able to leak info to MS
00:41AlanRTonnes: SUre, and I never want that search link to be to a search engine that I&#39;ve not specified, that can be inadvertenly clicked, and launched in a browser. Lots of guessing here, unfortunately. Bottom line is that it&#39;s a series of options that&#39;s hardcoded/force on us, with no control, or option to change it. Easily, anyway. Given that it&#39;s
00:41AlanRdone in FF, I can&#39;t help but wonder why it&#39;s NOT done in TB.
00:42Tonnescan you give an example of how to inadvertedly clic, or rather generate such link to MS if it is not set in Preferences?
00:43Tonnesfor the latter, TB may be a bit behind compared to FF
00:46AlanRSure. I&#39;ve had lots of &#39;updates&#39; to TB &/or, where defaults get mysteriously reset. IN this case, the default appears to be M$/YahOLe. So, after a mystery reset, relaunch the app, and (a) one of those &quot;thanks for upgrading to ...&quot; windows pops up, communicating bach to the vendor, or (b) open an email, click search, and the search link is a rese
00:46AlanRt-to-default link
00:47AlanRNot that it matters; the argument &quot;it rarely happens&quot; is specious. That&#39;s not the point here.
00:49Tonnesfair enough.. if you spot such reset prefs after an update, yo can file a bug, though I have seen prefs changing for necessary reasons. Not for calling MS or other party though. So far
00:51AlanRSure. The &#39;simple&#39; solution is to have the option -- like we&#39;re &quot;supposed to (tm)&quot; have &#39;round here -- to decide what options we do/don&#39;t want. Remove Bing, Add DuckDuckGo problem solved.
00:54Tonnesstill searching :)
00:55AlanRTonnes: Thanks. I suspect you&#39;re spinning your wheels ; though helpfully! :-)
01:07TonnesAlanR: can you copy omni.ja from your tb program folder and open it as a zip?
01:08Tonnesthere may be a bing.xml in there
01:09Tonnesin fact a searchplugins folder
01:13AlanRBobP: Could you maybe FIX your client to NOW quit/join every couple of seconds?
01:14ZombieManDoes anyone know how to allow unsigned addons? i tried the about:config page, but it still wont work
01:14Tonnesguess he&#39;s suffering a kiwi issue
01:14ZombieManor where to go to find out
01:14TonnesZombieMan: use FF Dev Edition or Nightly
01:15ZombieManok thank you
01:17TonnesAlanR: you should be able to edit the json in that folder, remove bing.xml, put it back in the zip and replace the omni file. That will likely remove it from the list
01:17Tonneswhile at it, you will notice all it does is generate the search link
01:19AlanRTonnes: Finally found your comment amidst the noise .... thanks, I&#39;ll give that a try.
01:20Tonnessorry that took so long - sure i searched for it earlier
01:29AlanRTonnes: That does NOT seem like it
01:29AlanRwill survive an upgrade ...
01:29Tonneshold on
01:30Tonnesyou still see Bing in the list in Preferences?
01:32TonnesAlanR: ^
01:33Tonnesoh you mean it does more?
05:41ZiutekI tried to sync my firefox. Couldnt remember my password. Reset it and now i cant log in with my new passoword
05:50NoahZiutek: Hi, how did you reset it? Thru the reset password page I&#39;m guessing:
05:52ZiutekI just managed to reset it and sign in one new device but bokmarks and history from my old device dont appear on my new one
06:53gaglionHey everyone, since few days cant log in my Firefox Sync account. all the time I get &quot; Your email was just returned&quot; as a response. I also get same response when I try to reset my password. What should I do . Thanks for your help
06:55Caspy7gaglion: would recommend asking in #sync
09:47Jatsuiwhat is going on?
10:45JayJayI have an iPad 2 Air. Two days ago I updated to iOS 10.3.1 and within an hour my Firefox app began to crash. I deleted the app and started over
10:52JayJayWhen I synced with my PC, the app crashed again. I did this 4 times to no effect . It crashes each time and will not stabilize if synced. I am having no trouble with this on my iPhone 5 which also is run10.3.1. Can you hel?p
10:58TonnesJayJay: yes someone could, but maybe not within 30 secs :)
11:37TigermanI am having trouble signing into my Firefox account this morning. Can anyone help me?
12:53jigaraWhat is this Error ?
12:54jigaraanyone AM i at right place ? Mozilla website down ?
12:59ciliasjigara: both and work for me.
13:36Tonnesjigara: using Webex?
13:57Noahvesper: double checking, are your open office hours Tues & Wednesday afternoons or Tues mornings & Wednesday evenings? saw the latter in the sumo forums but wanted to confirm with you :)
14:04vesperthe latter
14:04vesperat least for now
14:04vesperNoah: I&#39;m also thinking of adding times and changing the ones that are there - nobody&#39;s interested for now, so maybe I&#39;m not there when I should be ;]
14:18cynthiapereiraHello people! o/
14:21Tonneshola ;)
14:24cynthiapereiraTonnes: How are you today?
14:25Tonnesbetter, thanks. and you?
14:27cynthiapereiraTonnes: Good to know! I am great. :)
14:30Tonnesgood :)
14:53ciliasAll our old inbox messages are there. Grab em while you can.
15:03Artistcilias: :D
15:03Noahvesper: got it! lol you have built it, so they will come. We just have to spread the word ;)
15:05Noahcilias: lol I was wondering if they were still there. I have wayyyy too many to copy. Too bad there&#39;s no PM export option like on vBulletin forums :P
15:21yashdo you know how can i set my default printing size to A6?
15:21KJhello. i recently refreshed Firefox and now i periodically keep seeing the yellow exclamation mark in the top right of the window, prompting me to sign in to sync. but i&#39;ve done this a few times already (and keep getting emails notifying me that someone has signed in)
15:22NoahKJ: are you on the latest Firefox?
15:23KJit says version 53. and that it&#39;s up-to-date, so i would think so
15:26Caspy7yash: this is sometimes set by the OS or printing software...I think
15:28NoahKJ: Have you tried logging in then immediately signing out. Then signing in once more? Sounds ridiculous but I&#39;m thinking maybe it could do the trick
15:28KJno but i will try that now, thank you
15:28Noahif not, we have the #fxa room and we ask the devs there what&#39;s up :)
15:28Noah*we can
15:29Noahnp! *fingers crossed* that it works
15:41TonnesJust a thought. I read about some issues with regards to Sync sometimes. I don&#39;t use it, but do suffer total loss of history and session history occasionally for no reason, even without crashes or hangs.
15:42TonnesIf the latter sounds familiar, has anyone come to the thought of Sync issues because of that?
15:43NoahTonnes: you know I always had that sneaking suspicion ever since Sync first came out. That&#39;s why I was against advertising to all our users
15:44Noah*advertising it
15:44Tonnesnot aware of any related bugs
15:45Tonnesbtw did you read back about the Bing issue?
15:45NoahI would imagine Sync being added on a 2nd or later device then erasing all your personal data b/c it thinks the new device is the primary one
15:46Tonnespossibly.. I wouldn&#39;t know
15:46NoahI don&#39;t trust syncing across multiple devices for this reason. One day the data goes poof or becomes damaged
15:47NoahTonnes: same here. I don&#39;t use Sync either but just thinking out loud about it
15:47Noahyeah, saw your Bing answers. Thanks for helping with that :)
15:48Tonnesnp, not entirely clear if it helped tho :/
15:48Tonnesbut sure it works
15:50Tonnestoo bad some users are gone before anyone could answers, or they don&#39;t feed properly
15:50Tonnesfeed back
15:50NoahTonnes: your omni.ja editing method?
15:51Tonnesperhaps we should ask for some small payment that will be refunded after feeding back properly :)
15:52Tonnestb still contains a searchplugins folder in program folder - the profile&#39;s lz4 file is only some dynamic file I guess, so no point of editing it
15:53Noahyup, I feel bad about that too [users leaving without help]. But if only Mozilla would give us less problems to solve, we could solve the more basic ones :)
15:54Noahah nice. TB still has some tricks up it&#39;s sleeve :D
15:55Tonnestrickybird ;)
15:55Noahcould you try my search.json.mozlz4 editing idea just to see if it does anything? It&#39;s basically just erasing &quot;bing&quot;, from this line
15:57Tonnesyou&#39;re joking aren&#39;t you?
16:02NoahTonnes: you think that&#39;s too simple to work? you&#39;re probably right
16:02Noahwas laughing at the trickybird comment :)
16:03Noahfirebot platform
16:03firebotNoah: platform meeting:
16:03Noah^ platform meeting starting up guys & girls
16:03TonnesI think its dynamic, adn gets restored after deletion, at least for FF (
16:03Noahah thanks
16:08madalina_sumo platform meeting :
16:13Tonnesthe only occurrence of &quot;bing&quot; is in that lz4 file allright, but it&#39;s followed by &quot;omni&quot;. There may also be a search.json referring to bing.xml and searchplugins folder (though that file may be obsolete), but the xml itself and the list&#39;s json still reside in the omni at this point
16:18NoahTonnes: understood, thanks for checking!
16:19Tonnesnp :)
17:46AryxHi, SUMO says &quot;If youve registered after February 7th, please register again, as the accounts on the previous site are not on this temporary site.&quot;, but i don&#39;t see a link for that
17:52guigsAyrx click on Sign In on the site
17:52guigsthe Register button is on the Sign In/Sign Up Page
17:54Aryxi don&#39;t see it there
17:56Aryxthis is all i see:
17:56guigsAyrx: Apologies I was thinking of Lithium. There is an option to register in the third step of &quot;Ask a Question&quot; or the second step from signing up as a contributor here:
17:57Aryxguigs: thank you
18:10Tonneshave the (regular) topics/issues in been disabled?
18:11Tonnesguigs: ^
18:12Tonnes(trying to contact a volunteer, not for support)
18:13Tonnesoh it&#39;s th xx apparently
18:38Tonnesguigs: are you able to check recent litium activity for a particular user at this stage?
18:39Tonnesor anyone else
18:39Tonnesuser BlackPhantom
18:40guigsTonnes: Providing user information is against terms of privacy, I think it would depend who was asking for the info and what was being asked. But yes, we still have access to the Lithium site.
18:41guigsTonnes: what is happening with the user?
18:41Tonnessupport forum activity?
18:43Tonneswell apparently he offered to contribute so tried google, landed in that forum section and noticed a reported grammar issue. Mozillians profile seems to have disappeared, just wanted to now if he&#39;s been active in lithium
18:43Tonnesno prsonal info
18:43guigsTonnes: Yes, I can help with that, give me one sec to switch over and take a look.
18:45Tonnesof course I could send a PM but was just curious if he had quit beforehand, if that matters
18:46SeburoHappy SUMO Day!
18:46Tonnesu 2 :)
18:47SeburoGreat band!
18:54guigsTonnes: last activity was about 3 weeks ago.
18:55Tonnesguigs: ok, active in topics or just logged in, if I may ask?
18:56Tonnesagain, it&#39;s just out of curiosity since I;d like to know how &quot;Devoted&quot; he is :)
18:58guigsLast post was in December.
18:58guigsThe last post was in December.*
18:59Tonneswas afraid of that.. Ok will PM him. Thanks!
19:00guigsThank you Tonnes
19:00Tonnes(for the record, I missed his offer in PM)
19:28SeburoSorry about that, trying to get the webcam working
19:39guigsSeburo: are you familiar with the drm primetime content decryption module?
19:41Seburoguigs: Its the drm thing that comes installed with Fx...?
19:46Seburoguigs: I cannot see from the info they have provided why that should be a problem.
19:49guigsSeburo, the error message in their description is a documented error code on the netflix site
19:51Seburoguigs: Methinks that they may have to pack up their profile and do a clean resinstall.
19:51guigsSeburo: Good point.
19:52SeburoIt is a bit like smashing the problem with a hammer, but it is only way to be sure.
19:53guigsHappy Sumo day!
19:53Noahbah! I forgot! xD
19:54Seburoguigs: Happy SUMO day. (Wonders if Hallmark do cards....)
19:54Noahdid I miss the music already? :P
19:54Noahhey Seburo o/
19:55guigshey Noah \o
19:55SeburoNoah: hiya. Thanks for your help and support last night, really appreciate it.
19:56NoahI thought there was going to be a party in here! Well when all the Brazilians are present, it definitely feels like one :D
19:56Noahhey Rachel!
19:56NoahSeburo: of course! Anytime, my friend
19:56SeburoThere are currently three of us on Vidyo. Me, myself and I!
19:57NoahI&#39;m there too! But in a ominpresent fashion :P
19:57Noahmaybe even ghost in the shell-like :D
19:58cynthiapereiraNoah: Oh yeah! We will participate, but many of us only in the end of day :)
19:58Noahcynthiapereira: come on over! I&#39;ll buy pizza for everyone! ;)
19:58cynthiapereiraNoah: Pizza!!! Do you say pizza???
19:59NoahI&#39;ll actually do it one day. Just need to figure out how to get to Brazil. Maybe paypal? :)
19:59cynthiapereiraI&#39;m on my way, hahahah
19:59Seburocynthiapereira: He also said &quot;I&#39;ll buy pizza&quot;. That is the bit to focus on. Free food!
19:59Noahlol I did!
20:00* Noah checks currency conversion rate real quick :P
20:00cynthiapereiraSeburo: Wow, is true!
20:01Noahcynthiapereira: is your currency BRL &quot;Real&quot;?
20:01cynthiapereiraNoah: Yes!
20:01Noahsays my 50 USD equals 155.811 BRL there. Is that good? :P
20:03cynthiapereiraYeah, definitely!
20:03cynthiapereiraapprox. 50 pizzas!
20:06cynthiapereiraNoah: I am going to spread the words, is time to freak out!
20:08jhonatasrmNoah: someone said pizza ??
20:12guigsSeburo: hammer it is.
20:14* Tonnes smells pizza
20:15* Seburo add MC Hammer track to SUMO playlist.
20:18* Noah files a budget request with Reps and Marketing order more pizza
20:19Seburo^ first rule of submitting a budget request...use another teams code.
20:19Noahjhonatasrm: I did! ;)
20:19jhonatasrmNoah:woooooooow :D
20:19guigsSeburo: done
20:19NoahSeburo: Firefox Engineering all the way ;)
20:19Seburo^ second rule of submitting a budget request, do not tell the team that you have used their code.
20:20Noahis there really music playing in the SUMO Vidyo room? :P
20:21SeburoThere is if I play some...hold on....
20:23SeburoCan you hear that?
20:23Noahoh yeah! perfectly!
20:24Noahthis is how SUMO Day should be done from now
20:24Noah*now on
20:30Noahtricky tricky tricky
20:30Noahlove that one
20:31NoahI sometimes forget Run DMC made this :P
20:33SeburoNext one has a Mozilla connection.....
20:34Noahsounds Slick Rick-ish :D
20:34NoahCypress Hill! shoulda known
20:35SeburoAnd the Mozilla connection.....?
20:38Noahlol uhhhh
20:39Noahthat we&#39;re all crazy? :D
20:41SeburoThe video for Insame was filmed in Jamie Zawinski&#39;s (see Code Rush) nightclub
20:44NoahSeburo: whoa! didn&#39;t know that!
20:57Noahguigs: small question - what was the issue with Fx fo iOS? That tabs don&#39;t fully load?
20:58guigsNoah: what I saw in a report that there were reports of tabs missing, I have not been able to find the bug though.
20:58guigsNoah I have the two urls in lithium, I will see if I can find them for more context
21:02guigsAnd this one was too many tabs maybe:
21:03guigsNoah: the first one was because of crashing
21:05guigsNoah and a few reviews on the itunes store include losing tabs after the update
21:06guigsNoah: I am guessing there might be some in the history or recent tabs, however I do not know if they will all of synced if they have a sync account set up.
21:12guigsit is a bug won&#39;t fix
21:12firebotBug 1353367 WONTFIX, Open Tabs deleted on update to Firefox iOS v7.0
21:12guigsbut if we can find more info for 7.1
21:13Noahguigs: thank you!! I&#39;ve been seeing reports on twitter about losing tabs after the update and was going to file a bug
21:13Noahthis makes so much sense now
21:13guigsNoah: I am hesitant to tweet the bug however :-?
21:13Noahyeah, me too. Especially since it&#39;s WONTFIX :P
21:36Seburoguigs: I am going to turn in, got a very busy weekend ahead. I am not seeing any major 53 issues.
21:36SeburoNoah: Stopping the music as I need to get some sleep before a busy weekend. Catch up next week, bye :-)
21:37guigsSeburo: have a nice weekend!!
21:38Seburoguigs: Will do, you too!
21:38guigsSeburo: it is the big marathon?
21:38Seburoguigs: Yes
21:39guigsSeburo: Excellent, can&#39;t wait to hear about it! ttyl
21:40Seburoguigs: no worries, bye!
21:55guigsThis started to play on the sumo mix: The Final Countdown
21:55guigswrong link^ correct link >
22:11Noahguigs: haha perfect timing. It&#39;s like the playlist has a mind of its own :)
22:45guigsNoah did you catch this as well:
22:45firebotBug 1332714 REOPENED, IDN Phishing using whole-script confusables on Windows and Linux
22:45guigsI am wondering if we need to add it to the FAQs in social?
23:01Noahguigs: ooooh! that might be a good idea
23:48cynthiapereiraNoah: Hey, I already started! :)
23:50Noahcynthiapereira: oh you are too awesome! I&#39;m also very jealous right now :P
23:53Noahand hungry
23:53cynthiapereiraNoah: Is portuguese pizza! ;)
23:54Noahcynthiapereira: it looks pretty fancy. Are those pimentos or grapes? ;)
23:54Noahprobably olives
23:55Noahgrapes on a pizza sounds weird :P
23:55cynthiapereiraNoah: Yeah olives!
23:56cynthiapereiraHere we have pizza of all flavors...
21 Apr 2017
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