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19 Mar 2017
03:11timcHi Noah :)
03:12Noahhey timc o/
03:33Noahhello wxie :D
03:35Caspy7Noah: btw, I filed bug 1348610
03:35firebot NEW, The Stub installer is installing 32 bit Firefox on 64 bit Windows.
03:35Caspy7in case it pops up
03:35Caspy7the download page now has a 64 bit download option
03:36Caspy7but it doesn't work
03:37Noahthanks, nice catch
03:37Caspy7had multiple reports on reddit
03:43Caspy7so, I'm talking w/ someone in #firefox who is constantly clearing cookies in order to get better performance for pages loading
03:44Caspy7I said that's not really a big deal nowadays
03:44Caspy7and they point to where clearing cookies is step #2
03:45Caspy7most of the issues I encounter with users is not caused by cookies
03:46Caspy7seems like safe mode would be more commonly helpful and even less destructive of user data
03:54NoahCaspy7: hmm could be. but are cookies not shown in safe mode? Often there can be hundreds in there from ad & tracking companies
03:54Noahso at least they're getting some protection there when they clear them
03:54Caspy7Noah: safe mode does not affect cookies.
03:55Caspy7protection? eh, but the question is about performance in this case, either way, that page is not about security or protection
03:56Caspy7it's possible that *one* page is not performing right. Clearing that page's cookies may fix the issue.
03:56Caspy7more often than not, in my experience, it's an addon
03:56Noahtrue. but yeah that does seem annoying. Although most people save their logins and passwords so resetting those cookies wouldn't be more than a click or two
03:56Noahyeah, I would tend to agree with that too
03:57Caspy7I would rather find out it's one of my addons *before* I lose all my logins :P
03:57Noahhehe true that. I'll see how we can edit that article
03:59Caspy7I'm willing to have a dialog on the topic, but most people who I deal with having issues are not resolving them by clearing cookies
04:05NoahCaspy7: understood. It's a pretty good point actually :)
06:26hostmasterhey Noah
06:27hostmasterhow long should the email about me signing up for social media take to get to me?
16:28Noahhostmaster: hey o/
16:29NoahThat form is being checked by 2 people but it might be down to 1 person approving
16:30NoahPM me your email that you used to signup and I'll see if I can get you approved on monday since your eager to contribute :)
20 Mar 2017
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