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19 Apr 2017
01:07guigs12 hours
01:09guigshey sumo there are a few more questions to follow up on in ios and focus - I am going to commute home and check in again after the ios update finishes.
14:39madalina_we're back on Kitsune folks!
14:40Tonneswelcome back Kitty :)
14:40Tonnesboy did we miss you...
14:41cynthiapereiramadalina_: Is Kitsune back to all languages? I have a redirect issue...
14:42madalina_cynthiapereira it should
14:42madalina_what redirect doesn't work?
14:42Tonnesmain Help page for instance
14:43Tonnesdns ...
14:43cynthiapereiraAccess is redirect to
14:43cynthiapereiraSo, I see 404 error page
14:44TonnesDNS servers need time to update I guess
14:44madalina_yes i think so
14:44madalina_try again cynthiapereira?
14:44madalina_it looks like it is working for me
14:46cynthiapereiramadalina_: Now is working! :)
14:46Tonnesthis feels like a hot tub
14:47madalina_don't get too cozy folks
14:48madalina_unfortunately it is not permanent
14:48Tonnes3 words.
14:48TonnesMake. It. Permanent.
14:49madalina_tonnes we won't be able to without dev resources
14:49madalina_it is the way it is
14:49TonnesI know, so the issue is gettng one available
14:50Tonnesconvincing someone
14:50Tonneswhich reminds me, who is the CEO? I'm eager to send him/her a looong email
14:51Tonnesor just a short one to save my resources
14:57Artistmadalina: would it be possible to make the "important announcement" on top of the kitsune pages more prominent, either by using red font or larger font or a colored box? I think it should stand out a bit more than it does now, just to make sure it is not overlooked
14:58madalina_hmm i don't know, i'll ask vesper
14:59Artistand hey, it feels great to have proper tools again, like the working dashboard :D
14:59Tonneswasn't there a bug for that (which will no longer be worked on since the freeze)?
14:59vesperwe tried HTML and it won't parse properly
14:59Artistok, it was worth a try
14:59vesperso we have an announcement and that's it :-)
15:01elanmadalina_: I'd like to create a list of criteria that is needed by both the Firefox Dev team and the SUMO community before we go back to Lithium
15:01Tonneswhen updating in kitsune now, will these articles be reimported when (or in case ;) ) lith returns?
15:01elanonce we are in the clear this morning, I will file tickets to track
15:01Artistvesper: if the (albeit only temp) rollback would have come a few days earlier, it would have been a real easter present
15:01madalina_elan sounds good
15:18Tonnesagain, will newly updated articles in kitty be reimported?
15:21Tonnesnit: (announcement) lgging into -> logging in to
15:22Tonnesworse: (announcement) text stops at "we have help on standby in" so may be too long
15:24wsmwkTonnes: on what device is chopped?
15:25wsmwktoo long?
15:25Tonnesoh hold it
15:26Tonnesthis is on fx central
15:26Tonneswas in fact, OK now
15:37Tina5I can't sign in and I didn't get the emails for a password reset, which I really don't need because I have a password and I know it. This is screwed up.
15:38vesperTina5: what's your username?
15:38Tina5I already posted a questions yesterday and can't get back in today. I can't install Thunderbird because it says I need to reboot to completely uninstall a previous install. I did that, many times, and each time it won't install, with the same error.
15:39Tina5User name is Tina5
15:48Noah1Tina5: Hi, we're unable to see that question right now either because of some special changes the site is going thru. My idea to fix this would be to erase the installation directory manually
15:49Tina5What would be the installation directory? I have folders from previous installs that I don't want to lose.
15:51Tonnesthe one the startup shortcut points to, probably
15:51Tina5I already tried deleting the updates folders.
15:51Tonneswhere did y download the new installer from?
15:52Tina5There is no shortcut any more because it is uninstalled. It doesn't show up in programs and features. It is supposed to be gone, but a new install won't work because it says it needs a reboot to completely uninstall, which I already did many times.
15:53Tina5I have downloaded directly from the Mozilla website.
15:53Tonnesah ok.. the default folder should be c:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\ -
15:54Tonnesthere's a similar question in the (current) KB - but not a clear answer
15:55Tonnes(should be valid for TB as well)
15:58Tonnessince it's only 32 bit, there should be one instance, so not in the 64 bit folder -
15:59Tonnesoh well
16:05jhonatasrmHi o/
16:16Tonnesno milk today?
16:16Tonneserr meeting
16:16jhonatasrmomg ...omg ... I can't hear nothing
16:16jhonatasrmall muted :/
16:17jhonatasrmanyone else?
16:18Tonnesuse skype
16:19cynthiapereirajhonatasrm: Yeap, I can't hear the meeting via airmo
16:19jhonatasrmok .. ty
16:20Artistvesper: are you aware that there is no sound on air moz?
16:20vesperArtist: nope, I do not work on air moz, sorry
16:20ArtistVesper: we can see you talking, which is nice, of course, but not hear a single word. Just wanted to let you know
16:21vesperArtist: we're the SUMO team, sorry, we can't fix that right now
16:21NoahI'll fill her in :P
16:21vesperbut thanks for letting us know
16:21tadhey! kitsune is back!
16:22vespertad: lmftfy - "hey! kitsune is temporarily back!"
16:22madalina_tad: temporarily
16:22tadCan we just keep it?
16:22Noahhey we'll still take it!
16:22vespertad: nope, thanks for asking
16:22tad*takes a cached copy*
16:22Noahtad: gotta convince Mark Mayo of that :P
16:23vesperif anyone's interested in the l10n open doors, see you in 22 minutes on vidyo
16:23Noahvesper: right on queue ;)
16:23Noahfirebot lwv
16:23firebotNoah: Live with Vesper! every Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon for 30 mins - Ask all your L10n questions! : Meeting notes:
16:23vesperwhoa! :-)
16:24Noahvesper: ^ that's my intro for you ;)
16:24vesperdaaaamn, now I have to become a professional boxer
16:24tadArtist: air mo sound issues? is that still happening?
16:24vesperwith such a cool intro
16:24vesperthank you
16:24Noahhahaha you're welcome
16:24Artisttad: dead as a dodo ...
16:24Noah"livewithvesper" also works too
16:25tadArtist: no video either?
16:25Noahtad: I checked near the end and it wasn't live streaming. But in AirMo's defense I think 3 meeting were live streaming simultaneously :P
16:26Artisttad: video was fine, could see and hear all of them loud and clear at the beginning, then it turned to be a silent movie :D
16:26Noahah well glad you saw video at least then :)
16:26Tonnessound is useless for live feedback here anyway because of the lag
16:26tadArtist: hope you can lip read!
16:26Artisttad: unfortunately this is not one of my main assets ...
16:28Tonnesso again, if articles are updated now, will they get re-imported when [censored] lith gets back?
16:28Artistalthough it was nice to see Rachel playing with the Fox-Box and madalina and roland chirping, I had hoped to hear what's going on. But never mind, Noah promised to fill me in
16:29madalina_sorry guys
16:29NoahArtist: oh that's right I did. I hope you heard the first few mins at least :P
16:30ArtistNoah: you mean, you have forgotten your promise already? :D hmmmm
16:30Noahhahaha I kind of did for a moment. sorry :P
16:31Artistmadalina: I was not complaining, just thought I let you know
16:32Tonnesobviously nobody sees me so must have been set to ignored
16:33Tonnesfine then
16:33ArtistTonnes: articles which are updated now on kitsune will not get re-imported
16:34Tonneswhy not?
16:34Artistwe should keep a text copy of our edits and after the rollback to Lithium put these in manually. At least this is how I understood it, as long as the sound was on
16:34Tonnesno way..
16:35ArtistTonnes: it also says on the eitherpad: "quote": Content will not be re-migrated, so please keep a list of all your edits for easy copy/pasting into Lithium once we get there again "unquote"
16:36Tonnessolving a mess is is not a localizer task
16:36Tonnesand lith still lacks features, so swithcing doesn't either
16:37TonnesI guess my contributions end here then
16:37Tonnesit was fun while it lasted
16:38vesperWe do not have an option to remigrate the content again, because that would overwrite whatever edits and/or moves happened on Lithium already
16:38ArtistTonnes: don't make a hasty decision on what I wrote here - I have nothing to do with it, just tried to answer your question
16:38vesperso we can only edit locally and then move whatever we want to manually
16:38vesperit's not ideal, it may even suck - but that's what we have
16:39vesperand the extended features for Lithium are on the roadmap once they fix redirects
16:39TonnesArtist: it's not personal and I'm not blaming you
16:39vesperwe are not going back until they do so
16:39Tonnesand not a hasty decision either, at all
16:40Artistvesper: as I said before: I am not complaining about anybody of the SUMO team and I repeat it once again: I appreciate all the hard work you have done over the past year
16:41vesperHey... nobody's saying anybody's complaining about anybody; we are doing what we can and thank you for your support and patience while we do so
16:41vesperI wish I was a magician and/or developer, maybe that'd help; but I'm not, so I can only offer apologies and fix what I can, where I can
16:42Tonneswho's says we have patience?
16:43TonnesI;m not blaming you either but IMO you (staff) should have stand up and reject one of the most stupid decisions Moz ever made
16:43Tonnesthe power of the voice.. and brains
16:44Tonnesvoices that is
16:44Noahoh believe me they did. They just don't want to comment about it publicly. I'm pretty sure there were months of discussion [arguing] in many meetings last year
16:44TonnesI guess
16:45cynthiapereiraTonnes: I understand your concerns and your point of view, I am volunteer and localizer too, but I am not feel comfortable when you talk like that here. Please, could you try a different approach to explain your what you want/wish?
16:46Tonnesok sorry, and I've sais enough in the past. i just want what everybody wants, which is no switch to lithium
16:46vesperI'm in my vidyo room, in case anyone wants to talk live
16:46Tonnesi don't use vidyo
16:47NoahTonnes: but remember my words or my prediction, something will have to give either now, later this year when the huge, revamped Firefox release is planned or farther down the road in a year or two when Lithium either tries to raise their costs or causes even more issues down the road
16:47yalam96much love to madalina_ and vesper <3
16:47vesperfirebot lwv
16:47firebotvesper: Live with Vesper! every Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon for 30 mins - Ask all your L10n questions! : Meeting notes:
16:47Noahand if they can&#39;t build new features, that&#39;s another attractive reason to ditch them
16:48TonnesNoah: hope i&#39;ll live to tell the tail
16:49NoahTonnes: in Mozilla politics, I&#39;ve seen this play out a few times. Build our own thing, destroy it, get angry at weaker replacement, rebuild it ourselves again ;)
16:49Tonnesso true
16:51vesperA gentle reminder
16:51vesperKitsune is still on Github
16:51vesperopen and free
16:51Noahindeed. At times I imagine a Kitsune 2.0 being developed but I&#39;ll try not to jinx that ;)
16:52vesperNoah: not by me, but yeah, I&#39;m quietly hoping someone, somewhere is much smarter than me :-) (not that hard to achieve)
16:52Tonneskitsune is owned by moz
16:52madalina_<3 everyone
16:52Tonnesunlike github, another weird decision
16:52vesperTonnes: the code is open and forkable; I don&#39;t think we have trademarks on the code
16:52vesperhi Seburo
16:52Seburovesper: Hello
16:52Tonnestrue, just meaning it should be used my moz
16:53Seburomadalina_: Hiya o/
16:53madalina_hello hello
16:53Tonnesare you suggesting I should run my own copy?
16:56vesperI am not in a position to suggest anything related to platforms; I&#39;m busy enough as is trying to not go crazy between the switches ;-)
16:56NoahTonnes: nah. He&#39;s just letting you know how free & FOSS it is :)
16:59Tonnesvesper: I&#39;d like to respond but better if i don&#39;t. we may need to have a serious talk some day, but not on vidyo nor now. this channel is logged but regardless
17:00Tonnesotoh I don;t think it will help much
17:00Tonnesafk now
17:00Seburofirebot seen francjp
17:00firebotfrancjp was last seen 62 days and 35 minutes ago, saying &#39;a million thanks :D&#39; in #moc.
17:01Seburolol, thanks firebot
17:06SethFHi, i can&#39;t get firefox to load any websites. It just says &#39;connecting&#39; and has a spinning circle
17:07SethFI&#39;ve alreay rebooted, and reinstalled, checked proxy settings and disabled DNS caching
17:07SethFcan anyone offer some assistance?
17:09NoahSethF: you&#39;re gonna hate this especially if you already tried it but have you cleared the disk cache as well? Probably won&#39;t fix it but I&#39;m imagining some corruption there
17:12SethFyes, cache cleared, no help
17:12SethFOther browsers work fine, but I did have a similar issue with Chrome which was solved by reinstalling
17:12Tonnestry new profile
17:14Noahfirebot new profile
17:14firebotNoah: The Profile Manager is a way to easily create, or switch profiles. See:
17:17SethFjust created a new profile, but that did not solve it
17:17SethFstill spinning wheel and connecting
17:21Tonnesalso make sure a system proxy is set properly since ff uses that by default
17:31NoahSethF: ^
17:31SethFI solved the problem by uninstalling again using geek uninstaller (similar to Revo) then reinstalling again. Thanks for your help guys
17:43wsmwkdid I read correctly that we can get access to lithium based articles if we create a new userid? For example I want to get to copy the contents of
18:12ciliasI want to install my own copy of kitsune :)
18:16wsmwkcilias: kick that can :)
18:17wsmwkvesper: ^ is there access to the lithium articles? we have two important articles that are only in lithium
18:18* wsmwk not sure who else to ask
18:21madalina_wsmwk some instructions were posted on the mod forums, people with moderator access should be able to help
18:22Tonneswsmwk: i just sent them to you
18:24wsmwkTonnes: i&#39;m more keen to have the final version, with graphics
18:24Tonnesthey should be final, but ok
18:41safwanNoah: Can you please change the channel topic with correct forum link?
18:41safwancilias: I can help you with that
18:41safwanCome to #sumodev
18:43Noahsafwan: ah missed that one. thanks, I&#39;ll fix it ;)
19:28Topal!seen April
19:47* Seburo is feeling very stressed.
20:17* Noah can relate :P
20:22SeburoNoah: lololol
20:32ggggwhats going on with mozilla&#39;s website ?
20:32Seburogggg: Hi
20:32gggghacked ?
20:32SeburoThe support site...? We are making a few changes whilst we move into our new home. Noting to worry about, we are still here to help.
20:33gggg:) THANK YOU
20:34safwan!seen tobbi
20:34Seburo(I almost said &quot;we believe you&quot;, but did not want to come across all Ghostbusters)
20:34safwanSeburo: You meant me?
20:35Seburosafwan: Hi, no sorry, we had a visitor that has since left. No worries, no problem
20:44Noahfor that excellent reply to the concerned user ;)
20:45Seburo:-) Just telling the truth, nothing more.
20:45SeburoHeading offline for a break, bye :-)
21:24Tonnestruth? ha..
21:52Raineyhaving adobe flash issues\
22:07birdie0322Having nothing but problems lately with my Mozilla browser is someone able to help me out here ?
22:10Noahbirdie0322: possibly. We can sure try our best. What OS are you on & what&#39;s the problem? :)
22:10Noahalso how&#39;d you find this chat? Just curious. I&#39;ve seen more new people than average coming here to ask questions :P
22:11birdie0322I am on Windows 8.1 Mozilla won&#39;t load pages and freezes up all the time alot on facebook and then now even on other websites will say its not responding and then go&#39;s to saying my adobe or even my flash player is slow
22:13Caspy7birdie0322: please try testing in safe mode
22:14birdie0322Found this site through Mozilla pop up , saying I could find help here , when I tried to sign into my Mozilla it won&#39;t let me sign either , so I tried the forgot user name and send me it and it still has not ?
22:21Noahbirdie0322: ah I see! Sorry about that, the site was undergoing some changes today
22:22Noahbirdie0322: please visit that link Caspy7 suggested to you and let us know if the freezing on Facebook goes away or happens less frequently
22:22birdie0322I have been having super big problems for over a week now , totally crashed computor and lost all doc&#39;s and photo&#39;s too !
22:22Noahoh boy! really sorry to hear that!
22:23Caspy7it&#39;s possible you have multiple problems on your computer, and maybe stuff outside firefox affecting it
22:25birdie0322I am chatting to you through my google browser right now and have my mozilla open on another browser ?
22:25Noahthat&#39;s fine. Were you able to get Firefox into its Safe mode?
22:26birdie0322I ended paying money to Avast to help me out and they have done squatt for me really , so hate using Google browser , love mozilla was thinking I might try and uninstall and then re-install it , but don&#39;t if I will loose all my bookamarks ?
22:27birdie0322Kinda nervous to do the safe mode thing ? .....not very sure of what I am doing ?
22:28Noahif you uninstall, it should not remove your bookmarks. A few years ago there was a checkbox offered during the uninstall process that asked if you would like to remove all personal data and that would remove your bookmarks
22:28guigsIn Safe Mode you will not lose your bookmarks imho.
22:28Noahbut they have since removed that checkbox and by default do not erase your personal data b/c they expect you to reinstall Firefox
22:29NoahSafe mode also will not erase your bookmarks
22:29Noahbut to be safe, you can export your bookmarks into a backup file to somewhere you believe is safe on your hard drive. Maybe the My Documents folder or somewhere you know is good
22:30Noahsee this article for that:
22:31birdie0322Now the guy tranferred all my bookmarks over to google from Mozilla , so if I uninstall they won&#39;t be gone from the google browser will they ?
22:36birdie0322Now if I do a re- install , am I am going to do plug-in&#39;s again as well , I have no clue of all this stuff ? .......sorry I am such a ditz when it comes to all this stuff ,lol
22:37brawksterre-install of what irc
22:38birdie0322no re-install of mozilla firefox browser ?
22:39birdie0322Was going to re-install firefox , but don&#39;t know if I have to do plug-ins as well ?
22:40birdie0322but for some reason it is running so much more smoothly already , before I came here I found the update section in the help section so maybe that helped who knows , all a guessing game to me ?
22:42brawksterif you sign in on the menu tab on the right hand side when you hit sync it should reload all your add ons. Are you running firefox developer?
22:46birdie0322Ok I did sync thing , its sending me to my yahoo mail , thinking maybe I hadn&#39;t done that yet , thanks sooo much for all the help in here , totally lost when it comes to all this stuff ?
22:47birdie0322K now I am on my laptop , so should have opened that in my ipad ?
22:48birdie0322have always wanted to get mozilla for my ipad and be able to access my bookmarks from it ?
22:59birdie0322OMG , How do I sync my IPad ,lol
23:03birdie0322I go to the app store and it just says open but does not download it ? how do I do that ?
23:10Caspy7birdie0322: have you installed Firefox for iOS?
23:12birdie0322nope, I don&#39;t think so , when I clicked open on it I looked for the download button and was none and thought well maybe when I clicked open that downloaded , but wouldn&#39;t there be a an icon showing Mozilla on my ipad , like all my other apps ?
23:14Caspy7if you have installed it, it should show up on the home screen
23:14AlanRHi. I installed latest Thunderbird on Linux. How do i remove Bing from search engines, & add others , e.g. DuckDuckGo?
23:15birdie0322Ok , it finally showed up , but it did not sync all my bookmarks to it , wonder how I do that ?
23:17NoahAlanR: have you browsed thru the Options area in Thunderbird for any section mentioning search engines? If you can&#39;t find one you may have to install a addon to remove them or manually edit a file to remove Bing
23:18Caspy7birdie0322: you have to sign in to sync
23:20Caspy7birdie0322: you started with one desktop issue, right? i don&#39;t know why you&#39;re doing this. Just restart in safe mode. There&#39;s no risk at all to your bookmarks. I don&#39;t know why it was brought up
23:24AlanRNoah: Yes, the section in the Options area is the one that lists Bing, amongst others, that can be selected as &#39;Default&#39;. I don&#39;t want Bing &quot;in&quot; my Thunderbird at all, not just deselected. Also there&#39;s no option for adding anything as far as I can tell. I search for Extensions. Unless I missed it there&#39;s none that allows me to edit/change that
23:25NoahAlanR: thanks for confirming. I wasn&#39;t sure if the same Search engine options area from Firefox was in Thunderbird too. I&#39;ll see if there&#39;s a addon for removing search engines completely. But there probably isn&#39;t one
23:26Noahalthough if you don&#39;t mind hand editing a file called search.json.mozlz4 you should be able to delete it completely from Thunderbird
23:27NoahI&#39;d recommend you back up that file though and try deleting the Bing related lines then saving the changes using a text editor
23:27AlanRNoah I can certainly edit that file. Do edits to those files survive upgrades/updates of the app?
23:27Tonneshave a look at
23:27Caspy7is that even a text file though? Isn&#39;t it something else?
23:28AlanRTonnes: THere&#39;s lots of that kind of post out there. IT&#39;s *years* old and doesn&#39;t correlate to today&#39;s version&#39;s options etc.
23:28birdie0322Huh , thats weird only a few of my bookmarks are there ?
23:29AlanRCaspy7: You&#39;re right, it&#39;s not text. Some sort of binary.
23:30Caspy7I don&#39;t remember the details atm, (kinda sleepy) maybe bring it up in #firefox to see if someone has the info on editing
23:30birdie0322Ooops ok I found it all ,lol , can you tell I am not very good at using an ipad ,lol
23:30NoahTonnes: thanks! I really thought they had the answer too
23:31NoahAlanR: you read my mind about the file surviving updates. It should since Firefox does not generally reset files located in the profile folder. Which is where search.json.mozlz4 lives
23:32AlanRNoah: Not sure if it matters, but I&#39;m asking about Thunderbird, not Firefox.
23:32Noahbut after reading a bug on this, editing that file may be no picnic. But I feel like it should still be doable
23:33birdie0322No problem , just want to thank everyone for all the amazing help in here , such a great bunch of people , have bookmarked the page for future help , have a great night all :)
23:33NoahAlanR: Firefox and Thunderbird share some files like this, so the methods would apply to both products
23:33Noahbirdie0322: thank you! And you&#39;re welcome :)
23:34AlanRNoah: Okay. I thought they&#39;d been separated and that Thunderbird was moving to some other company.
23:36NoahAlanR: technically that is true but for now, the code is still the same and operates in a close shared fashion in Firefox. At least when it comes to files used in the user&#39;s Firefox/Thunderbird profile
23:36NoahI don&#39;t imagine that will change for years
23:37NoahAlanR: look at bug 1236498 for potential problems editing the search.json.mozlz4 file
23:37firebot WONTFIX, Unable to replace user added search engine icon by editing search.json(.mozlz4) or xml file
23:37AlanRNoah: Okay, thanks. I ended up in here because I couldn&#39;t find any information on where Thunderbird was supposed to be moving. Is there some news I can read about that?
23:37AlanRThanks for the link
23:38NoahAlanR: on the bright side, thanks to that bug, I did find this addon to help you install other search engines:
23:39Tonnesor :)
23:40NoahI still believe Bing can be edited it out but it will take some understanding of the json format to properly take it out. But usually I never give up on things like this until trying to do it myself. I&#39;d repeatedly edit the file until I found some combo that worked
23:42AlanRNoah: That&#39;s addon&#39;s unfortunately only for FF. There&#39;s one called &quot;OpenSearch&quot; that shows up in the TBird list, but (1) it&#39;s not been updated since 2011, and (2) it&#39;s a broken linke anyway. Tonnes THanks, that may take care of the ADDING ... I&#39;ll give it a try.
23:43AlanRnope? nope, what?
23:43Tonnesoh ignore that
23:43NoahI was angry when they switched the file from search.json to search.json.sqlite - the former file was easier to edit
23:44Tonnesthere was a recent change is searchpluging causing an easy editable text file (in program files folder) to be removed
23:44AlanRYou&#39;d kinda think this wouldn&#39;t require &quot;rocket science&quot; to get done. M$ probably paid somebody to make it impossible ...
23:44Noahbut it looks like this file can be edited too so it might not take much to remove Bing
23:44Tonneshowever there&#39;s some Bing references to prefs in about:config you could fiddle with - searching
23:44Tonnesnothing is impossible in mozilla land :)
23:45AlanRPretty simple in FF: &#39;Add&#39; & &#39;Remove&#39; options in s &quot;Search&quot; tab ...
23:45Tonnesabout:config = Config Editor in Preferences
23:45Noahyeah, I blame certain devs for switching from editable file formats to ones non-friendly to our customizations. They may claim it makes Firefox load the search engines faster but this is not the Firefox I&#39;m used to
23:46NoahTonnes: true. That&#39;s what love about Mozilla
23:47AlanRNoah: A technicality, but it ain&#39;t very fast loading the search engines I want ...
23:48NoahAlanR: In search.json.mozlz4, the first few lines are readable before you see some long Base64 image url and other unreadable code. If you remove the Bing entry from this line, it could be enough to remove it
23:48TonnesAlanR: back to the original issue: do yo want to get rid of Bing in TB and if so, where, or entirely?
23:49Noahbut like Tonnes said, you might be able to disable it using just about:config - it&#39;ll will take some digging though to be sure
23:49Tonnesthe about:config prefs may no longer work btw)
23:50NoahI opened this file just using Notepad btw
23:53AlanRTonnes Yes, ideally, entirely. Looking in ConfigEditor --- there&#39;s two search engines listed in there Bing & Yahoo, but there are 6 in Preferences -- and no traces of the others in the ConfigEditor. Digging around on the web for more info.
23:54Tonnesif I type &quot;bing&quot; in about:config, I see 4 entries but they seem to be ignored
23:55AlanRTonnes: Yep, same here
23:56Tonnestracing some search plugin related bugs...
20 Apr 2017
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